Gustav Theodore Holst

Gustav Theodore Holst (1874–1934)
12 Humbert Wolfe Songs for voice, piano (1929) op.48
12 Welsh Folk Songs for mixed chorus a cappella (1930-31): 9 `My Sweetheart`s Like Venus (Mae `nghariad i`n Fenws) H183, 9
2 Carols for mixed chorus, oboe and cello (1907): 1 `A Welcome Song` H 91, 1
2 Carols for mixed chorus, oboe and cello (1907): 2 `Terly, Terlow` H 91, 2
2 Eastern pictures H 112 (1911) for female choir and harp (text of Kalidasa) H112
3 Carols for chorus (SATB), keyboard (1917) H133
3 Festival Choruses for mixed chorus (SATB), orchestra (1916) op.36a/H134
4 Old English Carols for mixed chorus and piano (1907): 3 `Jesu, Thou the Virgin-born` op.20b, 3
6 Choral Folk Songs (1916): 1 `I Sowed the Seeds of Love` op.36b, 1
6 Choral Folk Songs (1916): 2 `There Was a Tree` op.36b, 2
6 Choral Folk Songs (1916): 3 `Matthew, Mark, Luke and John` op.36b, 3
6 Choral Folk Songs (1916): 4 `The Song of the Blacksmith` op.36b, 4
6 Choral Folk Songs (1916): 5 `I Love My Love` op.36b, 5
6 Choral Folk Songs (1916): 6 `Swansea Town` op.36b, 6
6 Choral Folk-Songs (arr.) H136
6 Choruses op.53/H186
8 Canons H187
A Choral Fantasia op.51
A Dream of Christmas for female chorus (SS), piano (or strings) (1917) H139
A Fugal Concerto for Flute and Oboe with orchestra (1923) op.40 2 H152
A Fugal Overture for orchestra (1922) op.40 1
A Moorside Suite for orchestra (1928) H173
All People that on Earth do Dwell for chorus and orchestra
At the Boars Head op.42/H156
Ave Maria for female choir (1900) op. 9b
Beni Mora, Suite op.29 1 H114
Brook Green Suite (1933) H190
Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda op.26
Choral Symphony op.41
Chrissemas Day in the Morning for piano (1926) H165
Christmas Day, Choral Fantasy on Old Carols (1910) H109
Dirge and Hymeneal for female chorus (SSA), piano (1915) H124
Double Concerto for two violins op.49c
Duet for trombone and organ
Egdon Heath for orchestra (1927) op.47
Evening Watch op.43/1
First Suite for Military Band in E flat op.28 1 H105
Four Songs for Voice and Violin op.35
Hammersmith, Prelude and Scherzo for orchestra (1930) op.52
Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead H 81
Hymn to Dionysus for female choir and orchestra (1913) op.31/2
I vow to thee, my country for chorus, orchestra (1918) H148
In the Bleak Midwinter, carol for chorus, organ (1905) H 73/1
In Youth Is Pleasure H 76
Indra op.13
Invocation for cello and orchestra
Japanese Suite (1915) op.33
King Estmere, Old English Ballad for chorus and orchestra (1903) op.17
Lyric Movement, for viola and little orchestra. 1933 H191
Memorial Service for two veterans for choir, brass and percussion (1914) H121
Night Song, for violin and orchestra. 1905 op.19/1
Nunc Dimittis H127
Ode to Death [1919] op.38
Planets, Symphonic Suite, (1914-1916) op.32
Savitri, (Chamber Opera in One Act) op.25
Scherzo for orchestra (for an unfinished symphony)
Second Suite for Military Band in F op.28, 2
Seven Part-Songs (1925 - 26) op.44
Short Festival Te Deum H145
Short Piano Trio in E-dur (1894)
Somerset Rhapsody 2 (1907) op.21 2
Songs from `The Princess` for female chorus a capella (1905): 1 `Sweet and Low` op.20a, 1
Songs from `The Princess` for female chorus a capella (1905): 2 `The Splendour Falls` op.20a, 2
Songs from `The Princess` for female chorus a capella (1905): 3 `Tears, Idle Tears` op.20a, 3
Songs from `The Princess` for female chorus a capella (1905): 4 `O Swallow, Swallow` op.20a, 4
Songs from `The Princess` for female chorus a capella (1905): 5 `Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal` op.20a, 5
St Paul`s Suite op.29 2
Suite de ballet in E-flat major for orchestra (1899 rev. 1912) op.10
Symphony in F Major, `Cotswolds` op. 8
The Golden Goose op.45
The Heart Worships, song for voice, piano
The Homecoming H120
The Hymn of Jesus for 2 choirs, female semichorus and orchestra (1917) op.37
The Idea, Humorous Operetta for Children (1896) H 21
The Mystic Trumpeter op.18
The Perfect Fool Ballet Music op.39
The wandering scholar op.50
Two Psalms for mixed chorus (SATB), strings, organ (1912) H117
Two Songs without Words (1906) op.22
Vedic Hymns 1st Group op.24/H90
Walt Whitman, Overture (1899) op. 7
Wind Quintet op.14
`Diverus and Lazarus` for mixed chorus a cappella H137
`Light Leaves Whisper` for mixed chorus a cappella (1896) H 20
`O Spiritual Pilgrim` for soprano and mixed chorus a cappella (1933) H188
`-` , (1913) op.30
1 `This have I done for my true love` op.34, 1
2 `Lullay my liking` op.34, 2
3 `Of One That Is So Fair and Bright` op.34, 3
4 `Bring Us in Good Ale` op.34, 4

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