Arthur Honegger

Arthur Honegger (conductor)

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3 Chansons de la Petite Sirène (1926) H 63
Three pieces: a prelude, dedication Ravel, Dance (1919) H 23
Seven Pieces (1919-20) H 25
Allegretto for Orchestra H221
Antigone for oboe, cor anglais and harp
LARGO pour orchestre a cordes (H.105) H105
BLUES DE ROSES DE METAL for Orchestra H 66
VIVACE (Dance) for Orchestra H220
Intrada H193
Les Miserables, Music for the movie (1934)
Regain, Music for the movie (1937)
`Souvenir de Chopin (pieces de Un Ami viendra ce soir)`, for Piano (1947)
Le Grand Barrage, for Orchestra H. 162 (1942) H162
Matamor, for piano (1943) H. 166B H166b
Amusement Park for the Paris Exhibition, for piano (1937)
Song of Nigamona (1917) H 16
Dedication to Albert Roussel, for piano (1928) H 69
Christmas Cantata (1953) H212
Suite archaique for orchestra in e-moll, H. 203 (1950-51) H203
Le dit des jeux du monde, Ballet (1918) H 19
Ballet from the operetta `The Adventures of King Pazolya` H 76
Sémiramis, ballet-pantomime de Paul Valery, H.85 (1933-34) H 85
Ballet-Pantomime `Fantasia `(1922) H.46 H 46
Two sketches in the notation of Obukhov (1943)
La mort de Sainte Almeenne, Interlude of opera (1918) H. 20a H 20a
Chamber Concerto for flute, English horn and strings (1948) H196
Lullaby, for Piano (1935)
Cello Concerto in C-dur (1929) H 72
Concertino for Piano and Orchestra (1924) H 55
Pastorale d`ete (1920) H 31
Petite Suite for flute, cor anglais and piano H 89
Amphion, 1929, Melodrama-ballet H 71
Horace Victorieux, Mimic Symphony (1921) H 38
Monopartita for Orchestra H204
`La Redemption de Francois Villon, musique pour une evocation radiophonique de Jose Bruyr`, for Orchestra (1951) H. 209 H209
Phaedre H 61
Le Demon De L`himalaya, 1935. Music from the film
Le Deserteur, music for film (1938-39) H134
L`Idee. 1937. Music from the film H 87
Napoleon, 1927. Music from the film H 64
Les Miserables, 1934, Music for the film H 88
Crime Et Chatiment, 1935. Music from the film
Regain. 1937. Music from the film
L imperatrice aux rochers, 1926. Music from the play H 60
Nocturne, for orchestra H102
Antigone, 1927. H 65, opera-oratory H 65
Oratorio `Jeanne d`Arc au bucher` H 99
Cris du monde 1931 H 77
Nicolas de Flue, Dramatic Legend in Three Acts (in the words of D. de Rougemont) for Mixed Choir, Children`s Choir, Narrator and Orchestra (1939) H135
Danse des Morts, dramatic oratorio H131
Le roi David, 1923 H 37, oratorio H 37
Oratorio Judith H 57
Prlude pour Aglavaine et Selysette, after M. Maeterlinck (1916)
Partita for two Pianos, H.139 (1940) H139
Prelude to `The Tempest` (1923) H 48a
Prélude, arioso, and fughetta on the name BACH H 81
Prélude, fugue, postlude, for orchestra (extracted from Amphion), H. 71a H 71a
Piece .213 H213
Pomance (1953) H211
`Lalbum Les six`, for Piano (1920) H 26
Symphonic fragment N1 Pacific 231` (1923) H 53
Symphonic fragment N2 Rugby` (1928) H 67
Symphonic fragment N3 H 83
Symphony N1 (1930) H 75
Symphony N2 for string orchestra and pipes (1941) H153
Symphony N 3 Liturgical` (1946) H186
Symphony N4 Basel pleasure` (1946) H191
Symphony N5 Symphony `Di tre re` (1950) H202
Sonata for Viola and Piano H 28
Sonata for Violin Solo in d-moll (1940) H143
Sonatina for Two Violins (1920) H 29
Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano H 42
Sonatina for Violin and Cello in e-moll (1932) H 80
String Quartet No. 1 H 15
String Quartet No. 2 H103
String Quartet No. 3 H114
Suite After the Storm, the music to Shakespeare`s play (1923) H. 48 H 48
"Dance of the Goat", a piece for flute solo
Toccata and Variations for Piano (1916) H 8
Overture from the operetta "The Kings Pazolya Adventure"
Farinet Ou L`Or Dans La Montagne, Suite (1938)
Skating Rink, ballet (1921) H 40
Swiss Book, for piano (1921-23)