Alan Hovhaness

ALAN HOVHANESS (1911–2000)
Alan Hovhaness (piano, conductor)

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Alleluia & Fugue for Strings, op.40 (1940)
And God Created Great Whales, op.229 (1970)
Armenian Rhapsody No. 1 [Op. 45]
Armenian Rhapsody No. 2 [Op. 51]
Armenian Rhapsody No. 3 [Op. 189]
Artik, Concerto for Horn & String Orchestra
Celestial Fantasy, op.44 (1935)
Child in the Garden
Concerto for Harp and string orchestra [Op. 267]
Concerto No. 2 for Violin and String Orchestra, Op. 89a
Dark River and Distant Bell, for harpsichord, Op. 212
Fantasy of Japanese Woodprints
Farewell to the Mountains (1946)
Fra Angelico
Hymn to a Celestial Musician
Invocations to Vahakn (1945)
Jhala (1951)
Lament op. 25 (1935)
Lousadzak (1944)
Love Song Vanishing into Sounds of Crickets (1979)
Macedonian Mountain Dance (1937)
Meditation on Zeami [Op. 207]
Mihr (1945)
Mountains and Rivers without End
Ode To The Temple Of Sound [Op. 216]
Pastorale No. 1
Saxophone Concerto [Op. 344]
Shepherd of Israel (six parts)
Song Of The Sea
String Quartet No. 1 [Spirit Murmur] [Op. 8]
Symphony No. 1 [Exile] [Op. 17]
Symphony No. 2 [Mysterious Mountain] [Op. 132]
Symphony No. 3 [Op. 148]
Symphony No. 7 [Nanga Parvat] [Op. 178]
Symphony No. 9 [St. Vartan] [Op. 80]
Symphony No. 10 [Vahaken] [Op. 184]
Symphony No. 14 [Ararat] [Op. 194]
Symphony No. 20 [Three Journeys to a Holy Mountain] [Op. 223]
Symphony No. 23 [Ani] [Op. 249]
Symphony No. 29 [Op. 289]
Symphony No. 50 [Mount St. Helens] [Op. 360]
Symphony No. 53 [Star Dawn] [Op. 378]
Symphony No. 60 [To the Appalachian Mountains] [Op. 396]
Symphony No. 63 [Loon Lake] [Op. 411]
The Garden of Adonis [Op. 245]
Three Haikus (1965)
Twelve Armenian Folk Songs
Two Ghazals
Visionary Landscapes
The October Mountain, for drum sextet
Armenian Rhapsody No.1
Armenian Rhapsody No.2
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, op.17
Symphony 22 "City of Light", Op.236
Sonata for Guitar No. 1
Sonata for Guitar No. 2
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