Franz Hunten

Franz Hunten (1792–1878)
12 Études mélodiques for piano op. 81
2 Airs variés for piano op. 77
2 Bluettes musicales for piano op. 82
2 Rondeaux for piano op.110
2 Rondeaux on favorite themes for piano 4 hands op. 55
2 Rondeaux on Rossini motifs for piano op. 42
3 Airs variés for piano op.119
3 Bagatelles Piano op. 52
3 Cavatines italiennes for piano 4 hands op. 97
3 Mélodies élégantes for piano op. 51
4 Rondeaux faciles for piano (or piano duo) op. 30
4 Rondinos for piano op. 21
Air russe for piano op.108
At the whim of the waves, Fantasy-barcarolle on a French theme for piano op.195
Brilliant fantasy about Verdi`s opera `Nabucodonosor` for piano op.127
Brilliant Variations on a Meyerbeer Cavatine for piano op. 41
Emeralds, 2 pieces for piano op.128
Famous Melodies, Variations for piano op.113
Fantaisie arabe for piano op.136
Fantasy on `The Donna del Lago` Rossini for piano op. 24
First quadrille of varied contredanses for piano op. 63
Graceful Melodies, 3 Rondos; 3 Variations for piano op. 78
Les italiennes, 2 Fantaisies de salon for piano op.157
Les topazes, Grande valse brillante for piano op.129
Melodic triad, 3 impromptus for piano op.224
Mosella,Valse for piano 4 hands op.180
Pearls, 3 pieces for piano op.117
Piano Pieces op. 48
Piano Trio in E-flat major op. 14
Rondo-schottisch on a favorite theme of `Marco Spada` by Auber for piano op.186
Rondoletto for piano op. 15
Stradella et Martha, Two rondinos on the themes of Flotow for piano op.168
Switzerland and Tyrol, 2 pieces for piano op. 89
The banks of the Rhine, Grande Valse Brillante for piano op.120
The characters, 3 Airs variés for piano op.118
The desire of the country, Varied German Air for Piano op.147
The return to the cottage, Varie for piano op.144
Virelay and martial round for piano op.100
Young companions, 3 quadrilles for piano op. 95

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