Michail Ippolitov-Ivanov

Michail Ippolitov-Ivanov (1859–1935)
2 Kakhetian Lezginka for piano
2 Kirghiz Songs for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano (ad libitum)
3 Biblical Poems for mixed chorus, ten flutes, two harps and tuba (1904) op. 40
4 Romances for vocal and piano (1882) op. 5
4 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1901) op. 31
5 Characteristic Pictures for vocal and orchestra (1897) op. 18
5 Little Piano Pieces (1885) op. 7
5 Poems of Apollon Maykov for chorus and piano (1901) op. 32
5 Romances for vocal and piano (1899) op. 28
7 Romances for vocal and piano (1897) op. 22
7 Songs for Voice and Piano
All-Night Vigil op. 43a
Alsatian Ballad for the Choir a cappella op. 15a,b
An Episode from the Life of Franz Schubert: Symphonic Picture for Tenor and large orchestra (1928) op. 61
An Evening in Georgia, for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and harp (. 1922) p. 71
Anthem-March 1812 for children`s choir and orchestra
Armenian Rhapsody on National Themes (1909) op. 48
Asya, opera (1900) op. 30
Bacchic Song for 4-part male chorus (TTBB) with piano (ad libitum) (1925) op. 72
Bless the Lord, my soul
Caucasian Sketches, Suite No. 1 (1894) op. 10
Caucasian Sketches, Suite No. 2, Iveria (1895) op. 42
Caucasian War March
Fanfare for 10 pipes, In Honor of S. N. Vasilenko to mark the 25th anniversary of the glorious composer`s activity
Fifteen Children`s Choirs op. 51
Five four-voiced choruses for mixed voices a cappella op. 17
Five Japanese Poems (1928) op. 60
Five three-voiced choruses for women`s voices a cappella (1896) op. 17a
Four Poems by R. Tagor (1935) op. 68
Four Songs for Voice, Cello, Violin and Piano. Poems by V. Soloviev (1933) op. 63
Four Songs from Provence (after Paul Verlaine tr. Larin) for voice and piano (1916) op. 53
Hymn to Labor for mixed chorus, brass band, orchestra (1927) op. 59
In the Manger (Traditional Slavic Christmas Music)
Jubilee March ded. Voroshilov - for the 15th anniversary of the 1917 Revolution, for large orchestra (1932) op. 67
Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom op. 37
Mtzyri, symphonic poem after M.Lermontov for soprano and orchestra (1923-24) op. 54
Music for the play `Ermak` Goncharova (c. 1901)
Musical Pictures of Uzbekistan, Suite for Orchestra No. 5 (1935) op. 69
Now Bless the Lord
Ole from the Northland, opera (1915) op. 53
On the Volga, Tableau musical for orchestra op. 50
On the White Swan. The Novgorod Epic for the choir a cappella (folk words) op. 24
Piano Quartet in A-flat major op. 9
Pythagoreans Hymn to the Rising Sun, for choir, 10 flutes, two harps and organ (1901) op. 39
Quiet Night, a Choir a cappella, words of unknown poet (1913)
Ruth, opera (1883-86) op. 6
Selected Prayers from the All-Night Vigil (1900?) op. 43
Seven songs (after Pushkin and Lermontov) (1881) op. 4
Six Romances for Voice and Piano, 1897, poems by Daniil Rathaus op. 21
Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major (1887) op. 8
Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov (1908), music of film
Spanish Serenade for viola and piano
String Quartet No.1 in A minor op. 13
Suite for voice and piano (1885) op. 11
Symphonic Scherzo for large orchestra (1881) op. 2
Symphony No. 1 in E minor (1907) op. 46
Ten sonnets of W. Shakespeare, translation of N. Gerbel, for voice and piano (1913) op. 45
The Marriage, opera (1931) op. 70
Three Moorish Melodies (1897) op. 23
Three Songs for voice and piano (1896) op. 15
Treason, opera (1908-09) op. 43
Turkish Fragments - Orchestral Suite No. 3 (1930) op. 62
Turkish March (1926) op. 55
Twelve Georgian Folk-Songs for voice and piano (1895) op. 14
Variations for violin, cello, piano (1932)
Welcome cantata for the coronation of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna for children`s choir and orchestra (1896) op. 12
`Romantic ballad`, suite for Violin and Piano (1898) op. 20
`Songs of Ossian`, 3 musical pictures for large orchestra (1925) op. 56
`Yar-Khmel`, Spring Overture (1881) op. 1
In the Steppes of Turkmenistan, Suite for Orchestra No. 4 (1935) op. 65