John Ireland

John Ireland (1879–1962)
(J. S. Bach) Transcription of `Meine Seele`, BWV 648
2 Pieces for Piano (1921)
2 Pieces for Piano (1929-30)
A Downland Suite (1932)
A London Overture (1936)
Alla Marcia
Bagatelle for Violin and Piano (1911)
Ballade (1929)
Ballade of London Nights (1930)
Berceuse for Violin & Piano (1902)
Capriccio for Organ in C-dur
Cavatina for Violin & Piano (1904)
Cello Sonata in g-moll (1923)
Communion service in C
Elegiac Romance (1903/1958)
Epich March (1942)
Evening Service in F major
Evening Service in major
Ex ore innocentium
Fantasy-Sonata for Clarinet & Piano (1943)
First Rhapsody for Piano in fis-moll (1906)
Five Poems by Thomas Hardy (1926)
Five Sixteenth Century Poems (1938)
Five Sixteenth Century Poems (1938)
Full Fathom Five
Hymn `My song is love unknown`
Jubilate Deo in C major
Leaves from a Child`s Sketchbook (1918)
Legend - for Piano and Orchestra (1933)
London Pieces (1917-20)
Mai-Dun (1921)
Meditation on John Keble`s Rogation Hymn for Organ
Merry Andrew (1919)
Miniature Suite for Organ (1904)
Month`s Mind (1935)
Motet `Greater Love Hath No Man`
My True Love Hath my Heart
Overture `Satyricon` (1946)
Pastoral (1896)
Piano Concerto in E-flat Dur (1930)
Piano Sonata in e-moll (1918-20)
Piano Sonatina (1926-27)
Piano Trio (Phantasie) 1 in a-moll (1906)
Piano Trio 2 in e-moll (1917)
Piano Trio 3 in E-dur (1936)
Prelude for Piano in Es-dur (1924)
Preludes for Piano (1913)
Rhapsody for Piano in a-moll (1915)
Sextet for Clarinet, Horn & String Quartet (1898)
Soliloquy (1922)
Song cycle `Mother and Child` (1918)
Song Cycle `Songs of a Wayfarer` (1912)
Song Cycle `Songs Sacred and Profane` (1929-31)
Song Cycle `The Land of Lost Content` (1920-21)
Song Cycle `We`ll to the woods no more` (1928)
Song `Bed in summer`
Song `Earth`s Call` (1918)
Song `Great things`
Song `Hawthorne Time` (1919)
Song `Hope the Hornblower` (1912)
Song `I Have 12 Oxen` (1918)
Song `If There were Dreams to Sell` (1918)
Song `If we must part` (1929)
Song `Love is a Sickness Full of Woes` (1921)
Song `Remember`
Song `Santa Chiara (Palm Sunday, Naples)`
Song `Sea Fever` (1913)
Song `Spring Sorrow` (1917)
Song `The East Riding`
Song `The journey` (1920)
Song `The merry month of May`
Song `The Sacred Flame`
Song `The Three Ravens` (1920)
Song `The Vagabond` (1920)
Song `Tutto è Sciolto`
Song `What Are You Thinking Of?` (1924)
Song `When I Am Dead, My Dearest` (1924)
Song `When lights go rolling round the sky`
String Quartet 1 in d-moll (1897)
String Quartet 2 in -moll (1897)
Sursum Corda
Te Deum in F major
The Cost, songs (1916)
The Forgotten Rite (1913)
The Heart`s Desire
The Holy Boy: A Carol of the Nativity - version for Choir
The Holy Boy: A Carol of the Nativity for String Quartet (arr. 1941)
The Holy Boy: A Carol of the Nativity transcription for cello and orchestra (by C. Palmer)
The Lent Lily
The Soldier
The Towing Path (1918)
There is a Garden in Her Face
These Things Shall Be (1937)
Three Dances for Piano (1913)
Three Pastels (1941)
Three Songs (1926)
Three Songs (Arthur Symons, 191819)
Three Songs to Poems by Thomas Hardy (1925)
Tritons, Symphonic Prelude
Two Pieces for Piano (1925)
Two Songs (1920)
Two Songs (1928)
Two Songs (Rupert Brooke, 191718): 2. `Blow Out You Bugles`
Two Symphonic Studies (arr. Geoffrey Bush)
Variations on folk song `Cadet Rousselle`
Violin Sonata No.1 in d-moll (1908-1909)
Violin Sonata No.2 in a-moll (1915-17)
`A New Year Carol` for Chorus
`A Sea Idyll` (1920)
`Adam lay ybounden` for Chorus
`Christ the Lord is risen today (Sampford)`
`Columbine` (1949)
`Decorations` (1912-13)
`Equinox` (1922)
`Green ways` - Three Lyric Pieces (1937)
`In Those Days` (1895)
`Island Praise` for Chorus
`Marigold` - Impressions for Voice & Piano
`New Prince, New Pomp` for Chorus
`On a Birthday Morning` (1922)
`Sarnia: An Island Sequence` (1940-41)
`Spring Will Not Wait` for Piano
`Summer Evening` (1920)
`The Almond Tree` for Piano (1913)
`The Darkened Valley` for Piano (1920)

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