Mauricio Kagel

MAURICIO KAGEL (1931–2008)
Mauricio Kagel (conductor)

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A Deux Mains, Impromptu for piano (1995)
Acustica, for experimental sound-producers and loud-speakers (1968/1970)
An Tasten (On Keys): Piano etude
Anagrama, for four soloists, speaking chorus, and chamber ensemble (1957/1958).
Auftakte for piano and two percussionists (1996)
`Black` Madrigal, for chorus and instruments (1998/99)
Hippocratic Oath, for Piano Three Hands (1984)
Der mündliche Verrat / La Trahison orale (1983)
Die Erschöpfung der Welt, musical theatre (1978)
Die Stücke der Windrose (Südwesten - Norden - Westen) (1993-94)
Die Stücke der Windrose - Nordosten (1990)
Die Stücke der Windrose - Nordwesten (1991)
Die Stücke der Windrose - Osten (1989)
Die Stücke der Windrose - Süden (1989)
Die Stücke der Windrose - Südosten (1991)
Duodramen for voices and orchestra (1998)
Episoden, Figuren, for solo accordion (1993)
Exotica (1970-1971)
Fürst Igor, Strawinsky, for Bass and Ensemble (1978-82)
Improvisation Ajoutee
Kantrimiusik, pastorale for voices and instruments (1973-1975)
Klangwolfe (Sound Wolves) for violin and piano
Les Idees fixes, Rondo for Orchestra (1988/1989).
Ludvig van (1970)
Mare Nostrum, musical theatre (1973-75)
Match (1966)
Metapiece (Mimetics), for piano (1961)
Mitternachtsstuk, for four soloists, mixed chorus and ensemble (three text from the diaries of Robert Schumann) (1980)
MM 51, piece for piano and metronome (1976)
Music for Renaissance Instruments (1965/1966)
Pan for piccolo and string quartet (1985)
Passe Compose, rhapsody for piano (1992/1993)
Phantasiestück for flute and piano
Phonophonie, four melodramas for 2 voices and other sounds sources
Playback Play - News from the music fair, radio play (1997)
Ragtime aus `Westen` (Die Stücke der Windrose) (1993)
Recitativaria for singing harpsichordist (1971-1972)
Repertoire aus Staatstheater, a stage concert piece (1971)
Rrrr..., Four Songs for voice and accompaniment (1982)
Rrrrr..., five jazz pieces for ensemble (1981-82, rev. 1986)
Rrrrrr..., six pieces for two percussions (1982)
Rrrrrrr ..., Seven Pieces for mixed choir and piano ad libitum (1981-82)
Rrrrrrrr..., eight organ pieces (1981/1982)
Rrrrrrrrrrrr..., eleven pieces for wind instruments, basses and percussion (1981-82)
Sonant, for ensemble (1960)
Staatstheater (1971)
Szenario for strings and tape (1982)
Tactil (1970)
Tantz-Schul, ballet d`action
Transición (1958-1960)
Transición II for piano, percussion and two tape recorders (1959)
Zehn Märsche um den Sieg zu verfehlen, for brass and percussion
Two ballads of Guillaume de Machaut, arr. for voices and ensemble (1983)
Das Konzert for solo flute, harp, percussion and strings (2002)
Aus Deutschland, opera (1981)
Serenade for three players (1995)
String Quartet 1 (1965-67)
String Quartet 2 (1965-67)
String Quartet 3 (1986-87)
String Quartet 4 (1993)
String Sextet (1953/57)
Trio in Three Movements for violin, violoncello and piano
Etudes for Orchestra (1992-96)