Friedrich Kalkbrenner

Friedrich Kalkbrenner (1785–1849)
2 Airs du ballet chinois `Chao-Kang` for piano op.128
24 Etudes for piano ( op. 20
24 Preludes for piano op. 88
25 Grandes Etudes for piano op.143
3 Fleeting Thoughts for piano op.138
3 Nocturnes for piano op.187
3 Piano Sonatas op. 1
3 Piano Sonatas op. 4
3 Pieces for Piano four-hands op. 35b
3 Romances sans paroles for Piano op.189
4 Toccatas for piano op.182
Adagio ed Allegro di bravura for piano and orchestra op.102
Bravura Variations on `God Save the King` for piano op. 99
Brilliant Variations on a Theme of Chopin Mazurkas op.120
Capriccio for Piano op.104
Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra op.125
Duo et variations sur des motifs de Robert le Diable for Violin, Piano op.111
Duo for Cello and Piano op. 11
Duo for Violin and Piano op. 49
Duo for Violin and Piano on Motifs from `La juive` for violin, piano op.164
Elegie harmonique for piano op. 36
Fantaisie sur l`air `Pria ch`io l`impegno` for piano op. 6
Fantaisie sur `La barcarolle` for piano op.176
Fantaisie sur `La ci darem la mano` for piano op. 33
Fantaisie sur `La Reine de Chypre` for piano op.157
Fantaisie sur `La Sirène` for piano op.180
Fantaisie sur `Le fil de la Vierge` for piano op.170
Fantaisie sur `Le val d`Andorre` for piano op.186
Fantaisie sur `Les mousquetaires de la Reine` for piano op.181
Fantasia No. 3 for piano op. 8
Fantasia No. 8 for piano op 37
Fantasia No.10 for piano op. 50
Fantasia on Charles VI for Piano op.165
Fantasy for the Piano on the famous air Auld Robin Gray op.178
Fuga a tre soggetti for piano or organ op. 41
Grand Duo for Flute or Cello or Viola and Piano
Grand Quintet (1816) op. 30
Grand Quintetto (1827) op. 81
Grande fantaisie for piano and orchestra ad lib. op.113
Grande fantaisie sur l`air écossais `Robin Adair` for piano op. 21
Grande Fantaisie `Effusio Musica` for piano op. 68
Grande Marche for piano and strings op. 93
Grande sonate brillante for piano op.177
Grandes variations brilliantes on a theme by Rossini for piano op. 83
Introduction et polonaise brillante for piano op.141
Introduction et Rondino for piano op. 78
La Brigantine, Fantaisie for piano op.103
Les charmes de Carlsbad, Grand rondo brillant for piano op.174
Les Nationalités musicales for piano op.184
L`Ange déchu, Grande fantaisie for piano op.144
Mélange on themes from Meyerbeer`s `Crociato` for piano op. 77
Marche et air russe varié for piano
Nocturne for horn in F (or cello), piano op. 95
Nocturne In A Flat Major op.121/1
Piano Concerto No.1 in d-moll (1823) op. 61
Piano Concerto No.2 in e-moll (1826) op. 85
Piano Concerto No.3 in a-moll (1829) op.107
Piano Concerto No.4 in As-dur (1835) op.127
Piano Fantasy on the Scottish Air `We`re A Noddin` op. 60
Piano Quartet op. 2
Piano Septet in A-dur op.132
Piano Sextet in G-dur op. 58
Piano Sonata op. 28
Piano Sonata op. 35
Piano Sonata in a-moll (1820) op. 48
Piano sonata in As-dur op.177
Piano Sonata in As-dur (1818) op. 40
Piano Sonata in f-moll (1821) op. 56
Piano Sonata in g-moll (1813) op. 13
Piano Trio No.1 op. 7
Piano Trio No.2 op. 14
Piano Trio No.3 op. 26
Piano Trio No.4 op. 84
Pianoforte-Schule op.108
Polonaise for Piano op. 55
Quintet for Clarinet, Horn, Cello, Double Bass & Piano in a-moll op. 81
Romance et Rondo brillant for piano op. 96
Rondo brillant for piano op.130
Rondo brillant for piano op.162
Rondo for piano op. 52
Rondo for piano op. 65
Rondo pastorale for piano op. 59
Rondoletto Brillant for piano op.150
Septet op.132
Sonata for Piano and Flute or Violin op. 22
Sonata for Piano Four-Hands op. 3
Sonata for Piano Four-Hands op. 79
Souvenir de `Guido et Ginevra` de Halevy for piano op.142
Souvenirs de `Zanetta` for piano op.145
Taleo!, Rondeau for piano op. 43
Thême favori de la `Norma` de Bellini varié for piano op.122
The Madman, Scène dramatique for piano op.136
The Sailor`s Wife, Nocturne for piano op.139
The Sighs, 2 Nocturnes for piano
The Sighs, 2 romances for piano op.121
Treaty of Harmony of the Pianist op.185
Variations Brillantes on a Mazurka of Chopin for piano op.120
Variations brillantes sur la marche de `Moïse` for Piano 4 hands op. 94
Variations brillantes sur un air irlandaise for piano op. 25
Variations brilliant on different themes from the `Freischütz` for piano op. 71
Variations on an air of `Count Ory` for piano 4 hands op. 92
Young girl talk for piano op.128/3