Giya Kancheli

Giya Kancheli (1935–2019)
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18 miniatures for viola and piano (2019)
Angels of Sorrow for violin, violoncello, children s choir and chamber orchestra (2013)
Concerto for Orchestra. 1961
Helesa (2005)
Little Imber, for tenor, mixed choir and chamber ensemble, poem (2003)
Morning Prayers` for alto flute, small orchestra and phonogram (1990)
Quintet for wind instruments (1961)
Symphony No. 1 (1967)
Symphony No. 2 `Chants` (1970)
Symphony No. 3 (1973)
Symphony No. 4 `In Memory of Michelangelo` (1974)
Symphony No. 5 (1977)
Symphony No. 6 (1978-80, ed. 1981)
Symphony No. 7 `Epilogue` (1986)
Warzone (2002)
`...à la Duduki` for brass quintet and orchestra (1995)
`Abii ne viderem` for alto flute and small orchestra (1992)
`Amao Omi`, for mixed choir and saxophone quartet (2005)
`And farewell goes out sighing` (1999)
`Bridges to Bach` for violin and small orchestra (2010)
`Broken Chant` for oboe, violin and orchestra (2007)
`Caris Mere` for soprano and viola (1994)
`Chiaroscuro` for string quartet (2010)
`Childhood Revisited` for oboe and small orchestra (1998)
`Day of Anger` music for the film (1985)
`Day Prayers` for children`s voice, clarinet and small orchestra (1991)
`Diplipito` for countertenor, cello and small orchestra (1996-97)
`Dixi` for mixed choir and large orchestra (2009)
`Do not worry!` motion picture soundtreck (1968)
`Don`t Grieve`, vocal-symphonic suite for baritone and large orchestra (2001)
`Eine Kleine Daneliade` for violin, piano, percussion (ad libitum) and string orchestra (2000)
`Evening Prayers` for 8 contralto and small orchestra (1992)
`Ex Contrario` for 2 violins and small orchestra (2006)
`Exil` for soprano, alto flute, strings and synthesizer (1993-94)
`Ilori` for saxophone quartet and orchestra (2011)
`Instead of a Tango` for violin, double bass, piano and bandoneon (1996)
`Kàpote` for accordion and small orchestra (2006)
`Kin-Dza-Dza!` motion picture soundtreck (1968)
`Lament`, concert in memory of Luigi Nono for soprano, violin and large orchestra (1994)
`Letters to Friends` for clarinet and symphony orchestra (2019)
`Light Sorrow` for 2 children`s voices, children`s choir and large orchestra (1984-85)
`Lingering` for large orchestra (2012)
`Lonesome` for violin and large orchestra (2002)
`Lulling the Sun` for mixed choir and percussion (2008)
`Magnum ignotum` for brass, double bass and 3 phonograms (1994)
`Mourned by the Wind`, Liturgy for solo viola and orchestra (1989)
`Music for the Living`, opera in 2 acts (1982-84, ed. 1999)
`Nach dem Weinen` for solo cello (1994)
`Night Prayers` for string quartet and phonogram (1992). The 4th part of the cycle `Life without Christmas`.
`Ninna Nanna` for flute and string quartet (2008)
`Nu.Mu.Zu` for large orchestra (2015)
`Passport` motion picture soundtreck (1990)
`Psalm 23` for soprano and small orchestra (1993)
`Rag-Gidon-Time` for violin and piano (1995)
`Rag-Gidon-Time` for violin and piano (1995)
`Silent Prayer` for violin, cello, small orchestra and phonogram (2007)
`Simi` - Bleak reflections for cello & orchestra (1995)
`Sio` (Breeze), for Piano, String orchestra and Timpani (1998)
`Styx` for mixed choir, viola and orchestra (1999)
`Time... and Again` for violin and piano (1996)
`Twilight` for 2 violins and small orchestra (2004)
`V & V (Violin and Voice)` for violin, recording of Hamlet Gonavili`s voice and string orchestra
`Valse Boston` for piano and string orchestra (1996)
`With a Smile for Slava` for cello and piano (1997)

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