Sigfrid Karg Elert

Sigfrid Karg Elert (1877–1933)
10 Characteristic Pieces for organ op. 86
12 Impressions for Harmonium op.102
13 little preludes
14 Interludes in Different Keys for organ (1911) W 13
2 Piano Pieces op. 22
2 Tone Poems for Harmonium op. 70
20 Prae- und Postludien for organ op. 78
3 Compositions for Organ (1923) op.108
3 Impressions for Organ op. 72
3 Pastels for organ op. 92
3 Sinfonische Kanzonen for organ op. 85
3 Sonatinas for Harmonium (1906) op. 14
3 Sonatinas for Piano op. 67
3 Symphonic Chorals for Voice, Violin, Organ op. 87
30 Caprices for Flute Solo op.107
33 Portraits for harmonium op.101
4 Piano Pieces (1903) op. 23
5 Aquarellen for Harmonium (1905) op. 27
6 Romantic Pieces for Harmonium (1915) op.103
6 Sketches for Harmonium op. 10
7 Characteristic Pieces for piano (1903) op. 32
7 Idyllen for Harmonium (1914) op.104
7 Pastels from the Lake of Constance for organ (1923) op. 96
A Cycle of Eight Short Pieces for Organ op.154
Aphorismen, 17 pieces for piano op. 51
Arabeske for piano op. 5
Aus meiner Schwabenheimat, 8 piano pieces op. 38
Bolero for Chant and piano (1905) op. 19
Burleske for piano op. 17/5
Cathedral Windows, 6 pieces for organ op.106
Chaconne and Fugue Trilogy for organ op. 73
Chorale Improvisations for Organ op. 65
Clair de lune op. 72
Compositions for Kunstharmonium op. 26
Consolations, 8 songs for harmonium, voice ad lib. and harmonium op. 47
Dekameron, Suite for piano op. 69
Easy Duets for Harmonium and Piano
Easy Pedal Studies for Organ op. 83
Ein Maientag, song for Voice, harmonium (1909) W 10
Es muss ein Wunderbares sein, song for Voice, harmonium (1893) W 1
Etudes School for Oboe op. 41
Exotische Rhapsodie for piano (1917) op.118
From the north, 6 piano pieces (1903) op. 18
Funerale and 3 Chorale Improvisation for organ op. 75
Funerale for Harmonium (1912)
Graduale for Harmonium
Gradus ad Parnassum Book 1: 24 Etudes for Beginners in the Harmonium Game (1913) op. 95/1
Gradus ad Parnassum Book 2: Book 2: 20 Easier Etudes for Harmonium Etudes for the Advanced (1913) op. 95/2
Gradus ad Parnassum Book 3: The First Studies in the Polyphonic Game for Harmonium (1913) op. 95/3
Gradus ad Parnassum Book 4: 25 Etudes to prepare for the high school for Harmonium (1913) op. 95/4
Gradus ad Parnassum Book 5: 38 studies on higher education in harmonium (1913) op. 95/5
Gradus ad Parnassum Book 6: 38 studies on higher education in harmonium (1913) op. 95/6
Harmonie du soir op. 72
Harmonium Sonata No.1 op. 36
Harmonium Sonata No.2 (1909-11) op. 46
Heathland Pictures for piano (1921) op.127
Herzlich tut mich verlangen op. 65/16
Hexameron, 6 piano pieces op. 97
Homage to Händel, 54 Studies in Variation Form for Organ (1922) op. 75b
Impressions and Poems for voice, piano (1907-08) op. 63
Impressions exotiques for Flute and piano op.134
Impromptu for Piano op. 17/4
Improvisation for Harmonium op. 34
Improvisation on `Nearer, My God, to Thee` for organ W 17
Inner Voices, 8 pieces for Harmonium (1918-19) op. 58
Intarsien, 15 pieces for Harmonium op. 76
I`m standing by your crib here, song for chant and instruments (1905) op. 66/3
Jugend (Youth) for flute, clarinet, horn and piano (1919) op.139
Kaleidoscope (1930) op.144
La Nuit op. 72
Lobet den errn mit Pauken und Zimbeln schon
Monologe, 5 Pieces for Harmonium op. 33
Music for Organ op.145
Music of the spheres. song for Chant, violin and organ (1905) op. 66/2
Nearer, My God, to Thee, hymn for SAB voices, mixed chorus, flute (or violin), orchestra op. 81
Nun danket alle Gott op. 65
Organ Sonatina op. 74
Partita for Harmonium op. 37
Partita for organ op.100
Partita for piano op.113
Partita No.1 for Solo Violin op. 89
Partita retrospettiva III for organ op.151
Passacaglia and Fugue on the name B-A-C-H op.150
Passacaglia for Harmonium (1903-05) op. 25
Patina, 10 piano pieces op. 64
Pax vobiscum (Tranquillamente) op. 86
Pax vobiscum (Tranquillamente) op. 86
Phantasie und Fuge for organ (1905) op. 39
Piano Sonata No.1 op. 50
Piano Sonata No.3 (1914) op.105
Poesien, 5 Duos for Harmonium and Piano (1906-07) op. 35
Poetische Bagatellen, 10 pieces for piano op. 77
Preambulum festivum for organ op. 64
Romanze of Reger for Piano and Harmonium
Rondo alla Campanella (1931) op.156
Scandinavian Wise, 7 piano pieces (1907) op. 28
Sempre Semplice, 12 pieces for organ op.142
Sequenz No.1 for organ (1908)
Sequenz No.2 for organ (1910)
Seven Pastels from the Lake of Constance (1921), nr.1 op. 96
Seven Pastels from the Lake of Constance (1921), nr.2 op. 96
Seven Pastels from the Lake of Constance (1921), nr.3 op. 96
Seven Pastels from the Lake of Constance (1921), nr.4 op. 96
Seven Pastels from the Lake of Constance (1921), nr.5 op. 96
Seven Pastels from the Lake of Constance (1921), nr.6 op. 96
Seven Pastels from the Lake of Constance (1921), nr.7 op. 96
Sonata for Clarinet solo (1925) op.110
Sonata for Flute and Piano in B flat Major op.121
Sonata for Solo Clarinet op.110
Sonata No.1 for cello and piano op. 71
Sonata No.1 for Solo Violin op. 88
Suite after Bizet`s `Jeux d`enfants` for Orchestra (1902) op. 21
Suite pointillistique for Flute, piano (1919) op.135
Symphonic Canzona for Flute and Piano (1917) op.114
Three Impressions op. 72
Travel Pictures, Suite for piano op. 7
Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and English Horn op. 49/1
Triptych for organ op.141
Völlige Hingabe, song for Chant and organ (1905) op. 66/1
Von Himmel Hoch, da komm ich Herr
Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme op. 65/33
Waltz Caprices for Piano 4 hands op. 16
Waltz scenes for piano op. 45
Wind Quintet op. 30