Bela Keler

BELA KELER (1820–1882)

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3 Hungarian Idylls for violin and piano op.134
3 Hungarian Dances for piano op. 1
Dallam négyes, Quadrille for piano or orchestra op. 51
Heimath Sehnen, piece for piano
Litfaß Annoncier-Polka for orchestra op. 14
The Berliner, Polka-Mazur op. 15
The goddess of fortune, Polka Francaise for orchestra op. 99
Posy, Csárdás for orchestra op. 40
Memory of Hermannsstadt, Csárdás op.123
Memory of Debrecen, Csárdás for piano op. 26
Remembering Eisenstadt, piece for piano op. 4
Goodbye Polka for Orchestra op. 41
The Dove of Peace, Polka-Mazurka for orchestra op. 80
Ladies Polka for orchestra op. 29
Welcome to My Country, Csárdás for piano op. 56
Friendship Call, piece for piano
How my heart palpitates, song-valse for Voice and Piano op. 61
Kimo Kaimo Galopp for piano op. 84
Komet Csardas for piano op. 49
Rays of memory, Csárdás
A love gift, polka for Orchestra op. 92
Between Calais and Dover, Galop for orchestra op.105
My hope, piece for piano
Tempelweihe, Fest-Ouverture for Orchestra op. 95
The beautiful English girl, Polka Mazurka for orchestra op.109
The beautiful horsewoman, Galopp for orchetra op.102
Farewell, piece for piano op. 6
Aelpler`s Lust, Danse Styrienne for piano op. 96
Rheinlust, Polka for orchestra op. 85
Good night for male chorus (TTBB)
Tokay drops, Csárdás for piano op. 54
Native echo, piece for piano op. 3
Austria-Hungary Waltz for Orchestra op. 91
Aria for bass and piano in Italian style
Butterfly Hunt, Ballet op.133
Grand Galop infernale for orchestra op. 60
The bubblers, Walzer for piano (or orchestra) op. 65
Berlin Children, Walzer for orchestra op. 77
Golden dreams waltz, Walzer for orchestra op. 72
Peace Palms, Walzer for orchestra op. 27
On the Banks of the Thames, Walzer for orchestra op.104
From the Rhine to the Danube, Walzer for orchestra op.138
Polemische Takte, Walzer for orchestra op.124
The Last Happiness, Waltze for orchestra op.100
Hymens Flower Donation, valse for Orchestra op.122
I commemorate the beautiful Rhine, Waltz for orchestra (1869) op. 83
Hungarian Concert Overture for Orchestra op.136
Hungarian National March for piano op. 5
Hungarian dance for piano
Hungarian dance for piano op. 7
Serenata Veneziana for Orchestra op. 98
Werböczy-Csárdás for Orchestra op. 46
Vilma-Csárdás for piano op. 2
Diana Galop for Orchestra op.107
Spanish Comedy Overture for Orchestra op.137
Italian drama Overture for orchestra op.131
Comedy Overture for Orchestra op. 73
Ouverture comique for orchestra op. 74
Conference Quadrille for Orchestra op. 28
Courier-Galopp for piano op. 19
Moon song for Voice and Piano
Mazzuchelli Marsch for orchestra (1862?) op. 22
Mazur przemyślski for orchestra op. 97
Mercur Galopp for Orchestra op. 86
Always growing Galopp for Orchestra op.119
German Emotions Waltz for orchestra op. 88
Árva lány haj a suvegem bokrétája, song for Voice and Piano op. 38
A sound from your throat, song for vocal and piano op. 9
Without you!, song for voice and piano
Evening Prayer, song for Voice and Piano
Illusion, song for Voice and Piano
Oh! Dearest, when I am praying, song for voice and piano op.103
Look into the dear eye, song for Voice and Piano op.136
I`ll stay yours, song for Voice and Piano
The song of Count O`Donnell for vocal and piano
Wanderlied for Voice and Piano op. 23
Fest-Ouverture for Orchestra op. 73
Rákóczy-Ouverture for orchestra op. 76
Rauenthaler Berglied for vocal and piano
Ouverture romantique for Orchestra op. 75
Slumber Song for vocal and piano op. 10
French Comedy Ouverture for orchestra op.111
Memory of Bartfeld Csárdás for orchestra op. 31
Csokonay-Ouverture for orchestra op.139
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