KOMITAS (1869–1935)
Komitas (voice)

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14 pieces on Armenian folk themes for string quartet in the processing of S. Aslamazyan
Four Dances for Piano
Five treatments of medieval spiritual songs (by St. Sahak I Partev, Barsegh Chong, St. Nerses the IV)
Six songs
Six dances for piano
An Apricot Tree
Prayer for the Catholicos
Amen. The Holy Father
Armenian Folk Songs and Dance Tunes, Vol.1
Armenian Folk Songs and Dance Tunes, Vol.2
Armenian Folk Songs and Dance Tunes, Vol.3
Armenian Folk Songs and Dance Tunes, Vol.4
Armenian Folk Songs and Dance Tunes, Vol.5
Armenian Folk Songs and Dance Tunes, Vol.6
Armenian Wedding Songs - Vol.1
Armenian Wedding Songs - Vol.2
Akh Maral jan
Virgin heavenly (spiritual song)
Would have been cool
I Carry a Lunch in the Field
On this night, moonlit night (Armenian folk song)
You Would Go Back from the Field and then Go into the Village
Climb up, Climb up
I Took a Pitcher
Beloved Sona
You are blessed, Lord
Remember in the Night
Lord, Have Mercy
God Save the Armenians!
Lord adorned with wondrous glory
Let cool, lovely mountains
The Rain Drizzles Down
As long as we remain silent? (patriotic song)
A Crane
Over the Hill Fires Fume
Zar, zyng (Armenian folk comic song)
Why have you entered the river Bingel? (Armenian folk song)
Spring comes in vain
Keler tsoler
Chosen (excerpt from the Liturgy)
When nature wakes up
Shout it out a crane !
Who is like unto the Lord (spiritual song)
Le, le, Yaman (mournful, solo song)
Fly, Fly My Quail
Loru Gutanerg
The Moon is Tender
The moon is under the Mountain
Fine rain (Armenian folk song)
My Slender Beloved
Nanik, nananik
Chem Grna Khagha
The sky was covered with clouds
Ov zarmanali
Oh, what a sweet (comic song)
Oh, miraculous mystery (spiritual song)
Oh, my Nazan
Tsayn door ov dzovag
Father, this is Your Motherland
Children`s Our Father
Papuri (Dance tune)
Songs of Divination
Songs, sacred songs
Chants for Blessing of the Waters
Chants by washing of the feet
Song of the Plowman
Song of the Homeless
Warrior Song
Song of Threshing
Song of the Patriot
Propolka Song
Song of Stupa, Armenian folk song
Dance, Anush
Come and Look
I have Five Goats Grazing
Streamlet runs (Armenian folk song)
Holy, holy
Aisor dzainen
Sirt im sasani
Old Armenian Hymn
Stand and do not Call
Dances for Piano
Dances for Piano
Bless thee (spiritual chanting)
Marmin terunakan
Tremble, O My Heart
You are sycamore, do not bowned
Get Out
Adorned with a wonderful new crown
Sleep, Adino
Aravot lusaber
Good Light to Morning
Out through the Mountains
Walked, Shined
Brave men of Sipan
Shahkr-shuhkr (comic song)
Sweetheart Shogher
I fell in love
I was returning from the mountains
I have heard a sweet voice