Viacheslav Kruglik

Viacheslav Kruglik (Born 1977)
About a Horse`, a song cycle for baritone and piano
Burlesque for small domra with the orchestra of Russian folk instruments (2018)
Concertino for prima balalaika and orchestra of Russian folk instruments (2016)
Concerto for Trombone and String Orchestra (2013)
Concerto for Trumpet and Strings (2004)
Dawn over Petersburg, Symphonic Picture for Brass Band (2018)
Duel of Small Pianists, a piece for two pianos and orchestra
Gerda, Overture for Symphonic Orchestra (2015)
Harmoniums, for Electroharp and Drums (2016)
Humoresque for xylophone and brass band
Humoresque for Xylophone and Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments
In a Cowboy Hat, a piece for mandolin and piano (2012)
Letter of the Soldier
Magic Ring, Suite from the ballet
Mashenka and Bears, Suite for soloists and orchestra of Russian folk instruments (2017)
Opyat dvoika, Ballet Scene
Oriental Gardens of the Imperial Palace (2014)
Princess Olga, overture for orchestra
Quartet No. 1 for two violins, viola and cello, 1999
Quartet 2 for two violins, viola and cello (2010)
Romance for Domra and Orchestra (2011)
SEEK GOD! The Cycle for the mixed choir a`capella on the words of various authors (2013)
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
Sonata for Flute and Piano. 2002
Sonata for Little Domra and Piano (2016)
Speculator, opera
Three Cypresses, song cycle for soprano and piano (2001)
Three Pieces for Piano, Op. 8
Time to Live and Time to Die (after reading E. M. Remarque), suite for symphony orchestra
University Overture (2018)
Violin Concerto (2017)
`Mashenka and Bears`, Suite for Soloists and Brass Band
`The Tempest`, a musical picture based on the same poem by A. S. Pushkin for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2019)
`Where the crayfish spend the winter` - a piece for piccolo flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2018)
`Winnie the Pooh and Bees` poem for bass trombone and eleven trombones