Helmut Lachenmann

Helmut Lachenmann (Born 1935)
...zwei Gefuhle..., Musik mit Leonardo for voice and 22 instruments (1992)
Accanto for Clarinet, Symphony Orchestra and Recording (1975-76)
Air (1969) for percussion solo and large orchestra
Allegro sostenuto for clarinet, cello and piano (1986-88)
Ausklang, for piano and orchestra (1984-85)
Concertini for large ensemble (2005)
Consolation II for 16 voices (1968)
Dal Niente (Interieur III) for clarinet (1970)
Echo Andante for piano (1961-62)
Ein Kinderspiel, seven little pieces for piano (1980)
Fassade for large orchestra (1973)
Five Variations on Schubert`s theme (Walzer cis-moll, D643) for Piano (1956)
Gran Torso for string quartet (1972)
Guero, piano study (1970)
Harmonica (1983) for tuba and large orchestra
Interieur I for one percussionist (1966)
Klangschatten - mein Saitsenspiel for three concert pianos and string ensemble (1972)
Kontrakadenz for large orchestra (1970-71)
Marche fatale (2017)
Mouvement for chamber orchestra (1982)
My Melodies, für acht Hörner und Orchester (2018)
Notturno for small orchestra and solo cello (1966/67)
Nun for flute, trombone, male choir and orchestra (1999)
Pression for cello (1969-70)
Salut fur Caudwell, for two guitarists (1977)
Scenario for tape (1965)
Schreiben for orchestra (2003)
Schwankungen am Rand, for sheet metal and chamber orchestra (1974-75)
Serynade for piano (1998)
Staub, for Orchestra (1985-87)
Streichtrio for violin, viola and cello (1965)
String Quartet No. 2, `Reigen Seliger Geister` (1989)
String Quartet No. 3, `Grido` (2001)
Tableau for orchestra (1988)
Tanzsuite mit Deutschlandlied for orchestra and string quartet (197980)
temA, for Flute, Voice, and Cello (1968)
The Little Match Girl, opera (1988-96)
Toccatina for Violin (1986)
Trio fluido for clarinet, viola and percusion (1966/68)
Wiegenmusik for piano (1963)