Helmut Lachenmann


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...zwei Gefuhle..., Musik mit Leonardo for voice and 22 instruments (1992)
Accanto for Clarinet, Symphony Orchestra and Recording (1975-76)
Air (1969) for percussion solo and large orchestra
Allegro sostenuto for clarinet, cello and piano (1986-88)
Ausklang, for piano and orchestra (1984-85)
Concertini for large ensemble (2005)
Consolation II for 16 voices (1968)
Dal Niente (Interieur III) for clarinet (1970)
Echo Andante for piano (1961-62)
Ein Kinderspiel, seven little pieces for piano (1980)
Fassade for large orchestra (1973)
Guero, piano study (1970)
Harmonica (1983) for tuba and large orchestra
Interieur I for one percussionist (1966)
Klangschatten - mein Saitsenspiel for three concert pianos and string ensemble (1972)
Kontrakadenz for large orchestra (1970-71)
Marche fatale (2017)
Mouvement for chamber orchestra (1982)
Notturno for small orchestra and solo cello (1966/67)
Nun for flute, trombone, male choir and orchestra (1999)
Pression for cello (1969-70)
Salut fur Caudwell, for two guitarists (1977)
Scenario for tape (1965)
Schreiben for orchestra (2003)
Schwankungen am Rand, for sheet metal and chamber orchestra (1974-75)
Serynade for piano (1998)
Tableau for orchestra (1988)
Tanzsuite mit Deutschlandlied for orchestra and string quartet (197980)
temA, for Flute, Voice, and Cello (1968)
Trio fluido for clarinet, viola and percusion (1966/68)
Wiegenmusik for piano (1963)
`Child`s Play` (1980)
`My Melodies`, Musik für acht Hörner und Orchester (2018)
Staub, for Orchestra (1985-87)
The Little Match Girl, opera (1988-96)
Five Variations on Schubert`s theme (Walzer cis-moll, D643) for Piano (1956)
Streichtrio for violin, viola and cello (1965)
Gran Torso for string quartet (1972)
String Quartet No. 2, `Reigen Seliger Geister` (1989)
String Quartet No. 3, `Grido` (2001)
Toccatina for Violin (1986)