Franz Paul Lachner

Franz Paul Lachner (1803–1890)
12 Songs for 4 Voices op.110
3 choirs for male voices (TTBB) op.114
3 German Songs for voice, cello, piano op. 36
3 Poems by Heinrich Heine for Voice, Cello (or violin/flute in nos.1 and 3; or horn in no.2) & Piano op. 34
3 Poems for male choir op. 94
3 Poems for male chorus and wind band (or piano) op. 93
3 Scherzos for piano in 4-hands op. 26
3 Songs for female chorus and Piano op.105
3 songs for male chorus op. 66
3 songs for male chorus op. 71
3 songs for male chorus op.128
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano op. 78
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano op.101
4 Song for Voice, Cello and Piano op. 27
4 Songs for male choir op.141
4 Songs for male choir op. 79
4 Songs for Vocal and Piano op. 81
4 Songs for Vocal and Piano op.116
5 Lieder for Voice, Cello and Piano (1851)
6 Deutsche Gesänge mit Begleitung des Piano Forte op. 49
6 Duets for a Soprano and Alto with piano op.106
6 Piano Pieces op.109
6 Piano Pieces (1872) op.172
6 Songs for Vocal and Piano op.134
6 Songs for Vocal and Piano op.152
6 Songs for women`s choir op.187
7 Songs for Voice and Piano op. 84
9 Songs for female choir and piano op. 80
9 Songs for mixed choir op.169
Abendfriede for male chorus (TTBB) and orchestra op.140
An die Nacht for male chorus (TTBB) op.136/2
Andante for Brass Instruments in A-flat major (1833)
Andante in D major for Orchestra (1837?)
Auf Flügeln des Gesanges
Ave Maria, Hymn for alto and organ (or alto and string quintet) op.133
Ave Maria, Hymn for soprano; mixed chorus (SATB) string orchestra (or organ or harmonium) op.162
Ball-Suite in D-dur, op.170 op.170
Catharina Cornaro, Grand opera (1840-41) op. 71
Der Sturm for male chorus (TTBB) and piano (optional) op. 60
Die stille Nacht, song for Voice and piano
Elegy for 5 cellos in C sharp minor (1834) op.160
Fantasie in F-sharp minor for Piano (1877)
Federal song for male chorus (TTBB) and Brass Band op.118
Festival Choir to Mozart`s Secular Celebration for male chorus (TTBBB) Brass Band (1856) op.103
Festival hymn to the unveiling of King Ludwig`s monument for male chorus (TTBB?) and Wind Band (1862)
Festival March for Brass Instruments op.143
Festival Song for male chorus (TTBB) and Wind Band: op.123
Flute concerto in d-moll
Forest sounds, 3 songs op. 28
Frühlingsnähe, song for voice and piano
Fugue for organ in e-moll
Fugue for organ in F-dur
Gypsy Song for bass + male chorus (TTBB) and piano op.136/1
Hornes sounds for male chorus (TTBB) 2 bassoons, 4 horns (E♭), trumpet (E♭) op.179
Introduction and variations on a favorite theme Switzerland for horn (or cello) and piano op. 12
Introduction et variations brillantes pour le piano-forte sur un thême original op. 15
Introduction und Fuge for organ (or piano) in 4-hands op. 62
Listen! The Vespers Hymn Sounds, song for 2 male choruses (TTBB, TTBB) op.153
March in E-flat major for Piano
Martini Kirchweihe for baritone + male chorus (TTBB) op.180
Mass in E-flat major for 2 sopranos (or equal voices) and organ op. 92
Momento capriccioso for piano 4 hands op. 3
Nocturne No.1 on a French theme for piano 4-hands op. 21
Nocturne No.2 on favorite themes of Oberon for piano 4-hands op. 22
Nonet in F-dur for winds and strings
Octet in B-dur for winds and double bass ad.lib., Op. 156 op.156
Past, song for vocal and piano op. 62
Piano Quintet in C minor op.139
Piano Quintet No.2 in A minor (1869) op.145
Piano Sonata in F major op. 25
Piano Sonata in F-sharp minor (1825) op. 2
Piano Suite in C minor op.142
Praeludium in A minor for Piano
Prelude and Fugue for organ in e-moll
Prelude and Fugue for organ in h-moll (1856)
Psalm 133 for female chorus (SSSA) a cappella op. 91
Psalm 150 for male chorus (TTBB soli and tutti) and Orchestra op.117
Psalm 26 for bass solo and Orchestra op.163
Psalm 42 for mixed chorus (SATB) (1837)
Psalm 63 for female chorus (SSAA) and piano (or harp) op. 85
Requiem in f-moll op.146 op.146
Rondeau brillant for Piano op. 1
Rondeau brillant for Piano op. 8
Rondeau brillant for Piano op. 17
Sängerfahrt, vocal cycle for voice and piano op. 96
Schneeglöckchens Trauergeläute, song for voice and piano
Seebild, song for voice and piano
Seit ich ihn gesehen
Septet in Es-dur
Serenade for 4 Cellos (1829) op. 29
Sonata for Cello and Piano in A Major (1826) op. 14
Sonata for organ in C-dur op.176
Sonata for organ No.1 in f-moll op.175
Sonata for organ No.3 in e-moll op.177
Sonata for Piano Four-Hands in C minor op. 20
Sonata for Piano Four-Hands in F major op. 39
Song Cycle `Saengerfahrt` (1831-32) op. 33
Song `Der Schmied`
Songs after Rellstab for Voice, Cello (or Horn) & Piano op. 30
Spiritual Song for soprano 2 violas, 2 cellos, double bass (or organ or melodium) (ca. 1868) op.137
String Quartet No. 1 in H minor op. 75
String Quartet No. 2 in A major op. 76
String Quartet No. 3 in Es -dur op. 77
String Quartet No. 4 in D minor op.120
String Quartet No. 5 in G major op.169
String Quartet No. 6 in E minor op.173
String Quintet in C minor op.121
Sturmesmythe for male chorus (TTBB) and Orchestra op.112
Suite for Piano and Violin in A minor (1869) op.140
Suite No.1 in D minor (1861) op.113
Suite No.2 in E minor op.115
Suite No.3 in F minor op.122
Suite No.4 in E-flat major for Orcherstra op.129
Suite No.6 in C major (1871) op.150
Symphony No.1 in Es-dur, op. 32 op. 32
Symphony No.3 in D minor (1833) op. 41
Symphony No.5 `Passionata` in c-moll op. 52
Symphony No.6 in D major (1837) op. 56
Symphony No.8 in g-moll, op.100 op.100
The cycle of songs `Love and the life of a woman` (1839) op. 82
The Four Ages, Cantate op. 31
The laying of the foundation stone of K. Maximilaneum for male chorus (TTBB) and Wind Band (1857)
The singer on the Rhine, 6 songs for voice and piano op. 59
The Star Wreath for male chorus (TTBB) op. 40
Variations for piano 4-hands op.138
Victory Song from `Hermannsschlacht` for male chorus (TTBB) and Wind band (1856) op.104
Warrior`s Prayer for male chorus (TTBB) and Military Band op. 89
Wind Quintet 2 in Es-dur
Zwölf deutsche Gesänge op. 35

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