Klaus Lang

Klaus Lang (Born 1971)
berge. träume., for cello and choir (2003)
capital. interview. for chamber orchestra (2009)
Cetvs Candidvs, for ensemble (1996)
der dünne wal. for oboe and ensemble (2012)
der fette hirte und das weiße kaninchen, for two flutes and percussions (2001)
Der Herr Der Insel, for flute solo (1999)
Der Weg des Prinzen I (Die sieben Boten), Funeral music for chamber ensemble (1996)
Der Wind und Das Meer (1992) funeral music for viola solo
Die drei Spiegel der schönen Karin, for double bass solo (1998)
die goldenen tiere., for flute, French horn, violin, viola and two performers (1999)
die hässliche blume. for viola and piano (2012)
drei goldene tiger. (2006) for piano quintet
einfalt. stille. (2007)
geschrieben in wasser. for piano quartet (2007)
hungrige sterne. for clarinet, horn, viola, violoncello and contrabass
missa beati pauperes spiritu. (2005)
offizium paperum, for ensemble (1999)
origami., for Flute, Cello and Accordion (2011)
sais., for flute, percussion and piano (2006)
schwarzes licht., for Tsitra and Orchestra (2013)
sei jaku., for string quartet (2001)
shirohige no roujin. roppiki no kaeru. for accordion (2008)
siebzehn stufen. for large orchestra (2011)
the book of serenity., for chamber orchestra (2008)
the ocean of yes and no., for ensemble (2008)
The Sea Of Despair, funeral music for string quartet (1995)
The thin tree, for orchestra (2013-14)
the ugly horse, for ensemble (2012)
the whitebearded man. the six frogs., for piano and percussion (2008)
vier linien. zweifaches weiß., for winds, piano and percussion (2011)
weisse schatten., for two clarinets (2009)
zwillingsgipfel., for flute and piano (2003)

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