Louis James Alfred Lefebure-Wely

Louis James Alfred Lefebure`Wely (1817–1869)
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12 Études de salon for piano
12 Musical Thoughts for harmonium op. 28
2 Preludes in B-flat major for organ
24 Etudes for piano op. 23
3 Cantiques for 2 sopranos, bass, organ
6 Offertoires for Organ op. 35
6 Offertoires for Organ or harmonium op. 34
6 Organ Pieces op. 38
A Dream in Rome, Mélodie for harmonium op.164
A soul in heaven, Mélodie religieuse for piano op.142
After the hunt, Caprice pour le Piano op.130
Andante in F major for Harmonium
Andante religioso for Harmonium or organ
Bénédiction for organ
Benediction in C major for organ
Blondette, Mélodie-valse pour piano op.144
Boléro de concert for organ op.166
Caprice for 2 harmonichords op.120
En avant marche, Grand galop for piano op.147
Evening songs, 8 pieces for harmonium op. 50
Evenings of the Organist, 20 fantaisies de salon for harmonium
Fantaisie sur Guillaume Tell Rossini for Harmonium op. 29
Fantaisie sur La sonnambula de Bellini for Harmonium op. 40
Fireside Harmonies, 6 pieces for Pedal Harmonium or Organ (1867)
Grand galop brillant for piano op. 62
Hop!, Caprice brillant pour piano op.186
Hymn to the Virgin, Méditation religieuse for Violin, cello, harmonicord
Impromptu for organ
In the meadow, Scherzo pour piano op.145
Intimate Thoughts, 3 pieces for piano op. 91
La retraite militaire, Caprice de genre for piano op. 65
La Sérénade du Gondolier, Nocturne for piano op. 88
Les caquets du couvent, Esquisse symphonique pour Orgue-harmonium
L`Organiste moderne, 34 pieces for organ
Marche for Piano 4 hands op. 85
Marche pour procession for Organ or harmonium
Methodical Lessons for Organ-Melodium op. 19
Montagnarde, Danse for Harmonium
Morning anthem for Organ or harmonium
Neapolitan Nights, 6 Morceaux de Salon for harmonium op.183
O Salutaris, sacred song for Voice and organ
Offertory in D major for Organ or harmonium
Offertory in G major for Organ or harmonium
Offertory in G minor for organ
Opening Voluntary for Organ or harmonium
Polonaise for Piano op.106
Postlude in A major for organ
Postlude in E-flat major for organ
Prelude in A major for organ
Prelude in A minor for organ
Prelude in A-flat major for Organ
Prelude in E major for organ
Prelude in E-flat major for organ
Prelude in F major for organ
Prelude in F major for organ or harmonium
Prière in D-flat major for organ
Processional in D minor for organ
Processional in E-flat major for organ
Qui s`y frotte s`y pique, Caprice de salon for piano op.178
Résignation, Piece for organ or harmonium
Rêverie for piano op. 77
Religious meditations for organ op.122
Romance de opera `Mignon` by Thomas for violin, organ, piano
Romance sans paroles for harmonium op. 92
Romance sans paroles for piano op.141
Rondo for piano (1830) op. 1
Saltarelle for piano op. 57
Scherzo and Sortie for organ
Sonate dramatique for violin or cello and piano op.157
Sortie in A major for organ or harmonium
Steeple-chase, piece caractéristique for piano op.107
Suite de morceaux de salon for harmonicorde op.104
Suite de morceaux for harmonicorde op.123
Suite No.2 de morceaux de salon for harmonicorde
Swallows on the way back, Nocturne pour piano op.146
Symphony No.1 for 2 pianos op.163
The Basques Wedding, Caprice de genre pour harmonicorde ou harmonium op.139
The bell of the shepherd, Nocturne for piano op.102
The bells of the monastery, Nocturne for piano op. 54a
The Catholic Office, 120 pieces for organ or harmonium op.148
The dream of Graziella, piece for piano op.113
The Fife of the Regiment, Fantaisie-polka for piano op.143
The Golden Butterflies, nocturne brillant for piano op. 81
The Hour of Prayer, Nocturne for piano op. 54b
The Rising Guard, Caprice de genre for piano op. 71
The swan song, Romance sans paroles for Harmonium op.190
The wedding in the village, piece for piano
Titania, Fantaisie de concert for piano op.170
Two small salon pieces for piano
Vade-mecum de lorganiste, Piece for organ or harmonium op.187
Venite adoremus, Christmas song for Harmonium
Waltz on a theme by Luigi Venzano for piano


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