Anton Lubchenko

Anton Lubchenko (Born 1985)
A Poem Without A Hero, Music to the First Part of Anna Akhmatova`s Poem for a Reader and Piano, (2003) op. 32
Anna Karenina , a dramatic poem for large symphony orchestra. 2010 op. 75
Ballet `Dzambuling`, for the Buryat authentic instruments and throat singing. 2011 op. 80
Capriccio for piano and orchestra in a-moll. 2004 op. 33
Concerto grosso (Auschwitz), for viola, clarinet, piano and chamber orchestra. 2010 op. 74
Confession. Concerto for Orchestra and Solo Viola (2006) op. 59
Die Festlische Chorale-Toccata for four pianos and copper (2014) op. 90
Doctor Zhivago , a historical musical drama in 15 scenes. 2014 op. 71
Eligent Life, Suite for chamber ensemble, Music for film op.104-a
Fanfare for the Chernikhov Award Ceremony Call of Time (2008)
Festive Music for Dresden 2 (Dance Suite for a large symphony orchestra) (2017) op.101
Festive Music for Dresden, for a Large Symphony Orchestra (2015) Op. 94 op. 94
Festive Overture and the Great Dresden Waltz for Symphony Orchestra (2018) op.105
Four Russian Pieces for Piano (2008) op. 66
Last Song for small orchestra (2014) Op.89 op. 89
Little Prayer for Martyrs of St. Frol and Laurus (Quintet for men) in the canonical text (2011) op. 84
Little Revocation for chamber orchestra (1997-2004) op. 40
Nevsky Prospekt, opera, (after N. Gogol). 2005 op. 57
Piano Concerto No. 1 in c-moll. 2001 op. 7
Piano Concerto No. 2 in g-moll. 2002 op. 14
Piano Concerto 4 ,in C-dur (2010) op. 73
Piano Trio in A minor (2002) op. 27
Prayer Song (Chamber Concerto for piano and orchestra in d-moll) 2006 op. 58
Quartet No. 6. 2005 op. 56
Quartet 4 for 2 violins, viola and cello in E Flat Minor, op.34 (2004) op. 34
Quartet 7, In memory of Tchaikovsky for 2 violins, viola and cello in h-moll. 2006 op. 61
Rakushka/Shell, music for the film. 2006
Requiem for the text of the 85th Psalm of David for chorus, soloists, brass, percussion and harp (2004-2006) op. 41
Requiem-Concerto for Choir, Orchestra and Four Soloists. 2007 op. 68
Rhapsody without a theme of Paganini for piano, wind instruments, percussion and basses (2013) op. 67-a
Simple Llines, for voice, clarinet and piano on the poems of N. Aseyev (2012) op. 88
Small Concert Music for Piano and Orchestra (2004) op. 43
Son of Man, based on stories by R. Kipling, opera op. 60
Sonata for cello & Piano in G minor (2001) op. 15
Sonata for Piano No. 3 in es-moll (2002) op. 23
Sonata No. 5 (Murals) for piano in es-moll (2007) op. 63
Sonata 4 for piano in C-dur (2004) op. 51
Song of Stenka Razin, (2014) OP. 91
Souvenir de Bach, for chamber orchestra. 2011 op. 78
Souvenir Italiano, for viola and chamber orchestra op. 79
String Sextet in G minor `Souvenir de Leonardo` (2019) op.106
Suite from the music for the film `A.L.ZH.I.R.` for Chamber Ensemble (2017) op.100
Sumerki/Twilight, music for the film. 2008
Symphony No. 3. 2007 op. 64
Symphony No. 5 (Nine Variations) in C-dur. 2008 op. 69
Symphony No. 7 (Orthodox Russia) in f-moll (1012) op. 87
Symphony No. 9 for small orchestra in C Minor (2017) op. 97
Symphony No.8 `Here` (Symphonic novel in 5 chapters) for Large Orchestra in G Sharp Minor (2016) op. 96
Symphony 6 in E major op. 65
The Challenge of Time, three graphic-dance portrait for viola, saxophone, piano and percussion. 2008 op. 70
The epigraph and four poems (Sonata 3) for viola and piano. 2002 op. 28
The Exclamation, for mixed choir at the text of M. Lomonosov, Cantata. 2011 op. 83
The Liturgy of St.. John Chrysostom for mixed choir. 2002 op. 26
Three Days Before the Spring, Suite from the Music to the Film (2016) op. 95-bis
Three fragments from the ballet `The Fisherman and His Soul` (based on the story of O. Wilde). 2007 op. 67-b
Towards Franz Schubert, for orchestra (2016) op. 95-a, N.2
Towards Kurt Weill, for orchestra (2016) op. 95-a, N.1
Troparion for the Glory of the Found Port Arthur Icon of the Blessed Virgin, for the Female Choir (2016) op. 96a
Two Cadenzas for K.459 Concerto 19 in F -dur by W. A. Mozart (2010)
`Children unite the world! `Festive Symphony march for large orchestra (2009)
`Hunting for a singer`, suite from the music for the film by A. Kasatkin (2019) op.108-a
`Leningrad Diary`, oratorio-novel in 3 volumes (9 chapters) for choir, soloists, reader, boys` chorus and symphony orchestra on texts by Olga Berggolts (2019) op.107
`Simple Songs` for soprano, bass and small symphonic orchestra (2017) op.102
`Solemn Song of Sochi` to its own text for choir, soloists and orchestra (2020) op.110