Mykola Lysenko

Mykola Lysenko (1842–1912)
1st Rhapsody on Ukrainian National Themes (1875) op. 8
2nd Rhapsody for piano on Ukrainian National Themes (1877), Op.18 op. 18
3 esquisses for piano (1899-1902) op. posth
A Minute of Despair, piece for piano (1901) . 40/1
Barcarolle (1873) op. 15
Brilliant Waltz
By the Sea at Night (On the Waves), lullaby for piano (1888)
Byut porogi, cantata (1878)
Chernomorets, opera (1872)
Cherubic (Kheruvimskaya)
Christmas Night , Opera (1882)
Cradle, for piano (1895) op. 33
Dream on the subject of folk song `On the sweet honey` for piano (1876) op.12
Elegiac capriccio for violin and piano (1894) op. 32
Elegy in Memory of T.Shevchenko for violin and piano (1912)
Esquisse in modo dorien for piano (1899?)
Fantasy on 2 Ukrainian Themes for violin and piano (1873) op. 21
Impromptu in G-sharp minor in the style of Chopin (1900) op. 38
Kant of Crucifixion, for mixed choir
Koza-Dereza, Children`s Opera (1888)
Kozak-Shumka, symphonic fantasia (1872)
May Night, or the Drowned, opera (1883)
Melancholic Waltz for Piano (1874) op. 17/1
Natalka Poltavka, opera arias
Ne spivaite, pivni. Processing of the Ukrainian folk song
Nocturne in B-Flat Minor (1874) op. 9
Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor (1877) op. 19
On the eternal memory of Kotliarevsky, cantata for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1895)
Pan Kotsky, Children`s Opera (1891)
Prayer for Ukraine (God, the great, keep Ukraine) (1885)
Psalm `Immaculate Virgin, mother of Russian Land` for mixed choir
Raduisya, niva nepolitaya, cantata (1883)
Romance for violin and piano (1896) op. 27
Sonata in f-moll (1875) op. 16
Song without words No. 1 for piano (1876) op. 10/1
Song without words No. 2 for piano (1876) op. 10/2
Songs, ballads
Spiritual Choir (1909)
Suite on Ukrainian themes op. 2
Taras Bulba, opera (1880-90)
The opera `Natalka-Poltavka`
Three pieces from `Summer album of 1901` op. 39
Three pieces from `The Summer Album 1900` op. 37
Toccata for Piano (1880s?)
Ukrainian Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra op. 34
Valse brillante for piano (1875) op. 6
Valse `Le separation`
Waltz for Piano in E Minor (1868)
Youth Symphony in C Major (1869), Edited by. M. Skorik
Zapirozhski March