Bruno Maderna

BRUNO MADERNA (1920–1973)
Bruno Maderna (conductor, composer)

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Ages. Radioinvention for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1972)
Aura for orchestra (1972)
Ausstrahlung, for flute, mezzo-soprano, oboe and orchestra (1971)
Biogramma for orchestra (1972)
Cadenza for string quartet, from ``Amanda``
Continuo for tape (1958)
Dialodia - for two clarinets (1972)
Dialodia for string quartet (1971)
Dimensioni II, Invention for voice and tape (1960)
Fantasia e fuga for two pianos (1949)
Giardino Religioso for orchestra (1972)
Grande aulodia for Flute, Oboe and Orchestra (1970)
Honeyreves for Flute and Piano
Juilliard Serenade (Tempo libero II) for instruments and tape (1971)
Music of Gaiety
Music in two dimensions for flute and magnetic tape (1958)
Music in two dimensions for flute, percussion instruments and magnetic tape (1952)
Notturno for tape (1956)
Piece pour Ivry for violin (1971)
Quadrivium (1969)
Quartetto per archi (1946)
Quartetto per archi in due tempi (1955)
Requiem (1946)
Serenata III for tape (1961)
Serenata per un satellite, for ensemble ad libitum (1969)
Solo for musette, oboe, oboe d`amore, english horn (1972)
Ständchen für Tini for violin and viola (1972)
Stele per Diotima (1966)
Studies for Kafka`s `Der Prozess`, for speaker, soprano solo and orchestra (1950)
Syntaxis for tape (1957)
Venetian Journal for tenore, orchrestra and tape (1972)
Viola for viola or viola d`amore (1971)
Widmung for violin (1967)
Hyperion, the lyrics in the form of the performance with the texts and phonemes by F.Gelderlin and G.Helms (1964)
Don Perlimplin or triumph of love and imagination, the Radio Opera after the play by F.Garsia Lorca (1962)
Improvisation 1 for orchestra (1952)
Improvisation 2 for orchestra (1953)
Composizione in tre tempi, 1954
Composition 1 for Orchestra (1948-49)
Composition 2 for Orchestra (1950)
Concerto for piano and orchestra (1959-1960)
Piano Concerto 1942 (1942)
Concerto for two Pianos and a group of instruments (1948)
Violin Concerto (1969)
Concerto No. 1 for Oboe and Chamber Ensemble (1962-63)
Oboe Concerto No. 2 (1967)
Oboe Concerto No. 3 (1973)
Satyricon (1973)
Serenade 2 (1954)