Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler (1860–1911)
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5 Rückert Songs
Blumine (part not included to the 1-st symphony)
Cantata `Das klagende Lied` for soloists, chorus and orchestra
Lieder und Gesänge
Opera `Three Pintos` (completed version of sketches by K. M. von Weber) (1821-24 / 1887-88)
Parts of Works and Cycles
Quartet for piano, violin, viola and cello in A minor (1876-1878)
Song Cycle `Des Knaben Wunderhorn` (1887-90)
Song Cycle `Des Knaben Wunderhorn` (excerpts)
Song Cycle `Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen`
Song of the Earth (version Schoenberg-Rhin)
Songs and ballads
Suite from the Orchestral Works of Johann Sebastian Bach (1909)
Symphonic poem `Totenfeier` (1888)
Symphony No. 6 in a-moll `Tragische` (1903/04, 1906)
Symphony No. 8 `Symphonie der Tausend` in Es-dur for 3 sopranos, 2 contralto, tenor, bass, boy`s choir, 2 mixed choirs, organ and orchestra
Symphony No.10 in F sharp major (unfinished)
Symphony 1 in D-dur `Titan`
Symphony 2 `Auferstehung` in c-moll for Soprano, Contralto, Mixed Chorus and Orchestra
Symphony 3 in d-moll for alto, women`s chorus and orchestra
Symphony 4 in G-dur (1899/1900, 1901-10)
Symphony 5 in cis-moll
Symphony 7 in e-moll `Lied von der Nacht` (1904/05)
Symphony 9 in D-dur
Symphony-cantata `Das Lied von der Erde` a for tenor, alto/baritone and orchestra (1910)
Transcription of F. Schubert`s String Quartet No.14 `Der Tod und das Mädchen` for string orchestra
Transcription of Symphony No.3 in d-moll by A.Bruckner for Piano Four-Hands
`Kindertotenlieder`, a song cycle (1901-04)
`Trumpeter from Säckingen`, music to Scheffel`s poem for orchestra (fragment) (1884)

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