Irina Manukian

Irina Manukian (1948–2004)
Bagatelle, suite for piano 4 hands in 3 movements, 1974 op.10
Chamber cantata for soprano, mezzo-soprano, two pianos, and percussion op.12
Concert No. 2 for piano, prepared piano and string orchestra op.29
Concerto amoroso for piano, harp, cello and chamber orchestra op.36
Concerto for piano and symphony orchestra, in 3 parts, 1982 op.20
Lyrics, a vocal cycle with recitatives to verses by English poets for soprano, mezzo-soprano, reciter and piano. 1986 op.24
Old-style chamber cantata for soprano, mezzo-soprano, piano, harpsichord and string orchestra, in 4 parts (to the 300th anniversary of I.S.Bach) op.23
Pathetic cantata on poems by E. Charents for soloist, mixed choir and grand symphony. orchestra (in 6 parts) 1981 op.18
Piano Sonata, in 3 movements, 1973 op. 9
Romantic Sonata for Cello and Piano
Serenade quartet for 2 mandolins, mandolas and guitar, 1994 op.34
Symphonic studies, for large symphony orchestra, in 4 movements, 2000-01 op.38
Symphony No. 2 `ECCE HOMO`for soloists,choir and chamber orchestra, in 5 parts op.33
Symphony No. 1 for String and Percussion Instruments op.25
Symphony No. 3 (32 variations on descending bass) op.35
Tragicomic cantata on verses by Kozma Prutkov for tenor, chorus, piano and percussion (in 6 parts), 2002 op.39
`Impressionen` (impressions), suite for large symphony orchestra, in 4 movements, 1998 op.37
`Impressions`, suite for 2 pianos in 4 parts op.37bis
`Movements`, suite for two pianos in 4 parts, 2001 op.38bis
`Songs of Love`, vocal cycle on poems by N. Kuchak for soprano and piano, 5 parts, 1973 op. 8
`The Fallen and the Living`, an oratorio on poems by A. Tvardovsky for soloists, chorus and large symphony orchestra (in 5 parts), 1984 op.21
`The path of the comets`, vocal cycle on poems by M. Tsvetaeva for mezzo-soprano and piano, 1978 op.16
`Wreath of Preludes` for piano (15 pieces), 1987 op.27