Nikolay Medtner

Nikolay Medtner (1879–1951)
op. 1 8 paintings-sentiment
op. 2 Three Fantastic Improvisations
op. 3 Three Romances on poems of Lermontov, Pushkin, and Fet from Goethe
op. 4 Four pieces
op. 5 Sonata f-moll
op. 6 Mailied
op. 7 Three arabesque (1901-1904)
op. 8 Two tales
op. 9 Three Tales
op.10 Three dithyramb
op.11 Sonata Triad
op.13 Two Poems
op.14 Two tales
op.15 Twelve Songs of Goethe (1905-1907)
op.16 Three nocturnes
op.17 Three novels
op.18 Das Veilchen
op.20 Two tales
op.21 Sonata for violin and piano No.1 in h-moll (1904-1910)
op.22 Sonata for piano in g-moll
op.23 Four Lyrical Fragments
op.24 Eight Poems by Tiutchev and Fet (1911)
op.25 N1 Sonata-Tale c-moll
op.25 N2 Sonata `Night Wind` e-moll
op.26 Four tales
op.27 Sonata-Ballade F-sharp major (1912 -14)
op.28 Seven Poems by Fet, Tiutchev, and Briusov (1913)
op.29 Seven Poems by A, Pushkin (1913)
op.30 Sonata a-moll
op.31 Three pieces
op.31 N1 The first improvisation
op.32 Six poems of Pushkin
op.33 Concerto for piano and orchestra 1 in C minor
op.34 Four tales (1916 -1917)
op.35 Four tales
op.36 Six poems of Pushkin for voice and piano
op.37 Five Poems
op.38 Forgotten Melodies
op.39 Forgotten Melodies
op.40 Forgotten Melodies
op.411 Sonata-Vocalise
op.412 Suite-Vocalise Op.41 2
op.42 Three Tales
op.43 Two Canzonas with Dancing
op.44 Sonata for violin and piano No.2 in G-dur
op.45 Four poems
op.46 Seven Songs (1922―1924)
op.47 The second improvisation
op.48 Two tales
op.49 Three hymn Labor
op.50 Concerto for piano and orchestra 2 in C minor
op.51 Six Tales (1928)
op.52 Seven Songs on Poems by Pushkin
op.53 N1 Sonata `Romantic b-moll
op.53 N2 Sonata `Storm` f-moll
op.54 Romantic Sketches for the Young
op.55 Theme and Variations
op.56 Sonata-idyll G-dur
op.57 Sonata for violin and piano No.3 in e-moll `Epic`
op.58 Two pieces for two pianos
op.59 Two Elegies
op.60 Concerto for piano and orchestra 3 in E minor
op.posth Piano Quintet in C major. 1904-1948
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