Nikolay Medtner

Nikolay Medtner (1879–1951)
2 Märchen op.20
4 Märchen op.26
6 Märchen (1928) op.51
8 paintings-sentiment op. 1
Concerto for piano and orchestra 1 in C minor op.33
Concerto for piano and orchestra 2 in C minor op.50
Concerto for piano and orchestra 3 in E minor op.60
Das Veilchen op.18
Eight Poems by Tiutchev and Fet (1911) op.24
Five Poems op.37
Forgotten Melodies op.38
Forgotten Melodies op.39
Forgotten Melodies op.40
Forgotten Melodies: 1.Sonata-reminiscenza op.38/1
Forgotten Melodies: 6.Canzona serenata op.38/6
Four Lyrical Fragments op.23
Four pieces op. 4
Four poems op.45
Four tales op.35
Four tales (1916 -1917) op.34
Mailied op. 6
Parts of compositions
Piano Quintet in C-dur (1904-1948) op.posth
Piano Sonatina g-moll (1898)
Romantic Sketches for the Young op.54
Seven Poems by A, Pushkin (1913) op.29
Seven Poems by Fet, Tiutchev, and Briusov (1913) op.28
Seven Romances op.61
Seven Songs (1922―1924) op.46
Seven Songs on Poems by Pushkin op.52
Six Poems by Pushkin (1914) op.32
Six poems of Pushkin for voice and piano op.36
Sonata a-moll op.30
Sonata f-moll op. 5
Sonata for piano in g-moll op.22
Sonata for violin and piano No.1 in h-moll (1904-1910) op.21
Sonata for violin and piano No.2 in G-dur op.44
Sonata for violin and piano No.3 in e-moll `Epic` op.57
Sonata Triad op.11
Sonata `Night Wind` e-moll op.25/2
Sonata `Romantic b-moll op.53/1
Sonata `Storm` f-moll op.53/2
Sonata-Ballade F-sharp major (1912 -14) op.27
Sonata-idyll G-dur op.56
Sonata-Tale c-moll op.25/1
Sonata-Vocalise op.41/1
Song `Angel` op. 1bis
Suite-Vocalise op.41/2
The second improvisation op.47
Theme and Variations op.55
Three arabesque (1901-1904) op. 7
Three dithyramb op.10
Three Fantastic Improvisations op. 2
Three hymn Labor op.49
Three nocturnes op.16
Three novels op.17
Three pieces op.31
Three Romances on poems of Lermontov, Pushkin, and Fet from Goethe op. 3
Three Tales op.42
Three Tales op. 9
Twelve Songs of Goethe (Goethelieder) (1905-1907) op.15
Two Canzonas with Dancing op.43
Two Elegies op.59
Two pieces for two pianos op.58
Two Poems op.13
Two tales op.14
Two tales op. 8
Two tales op.48