Ignaz Moscheles

Ignaz Moscheles (1794–1870)
12 characteristic studies for Piano op. 95
24 Etudes for piano (1825-26) op. 70
3 Allegri di Bravura for piano (1821) op. 51
3 Charakterstücke for Piano Duet op.142
4 Fantasias for piano op. 72
4 Grandes Etudes de Concert op.111
50 Preludes for piano op. 73
6 Valses for piano 4 hands op. 33
A child`s tale, piece for piano 4 hands
Allegro di Bravura for piano (1824) op. 77
Bonbonnière musicale, piece for piano op. 55
Concertante in F-dur for flute, oboe and orchestra
Der Tanz for piano (1858) op.129
Echoes of Scotland, Great Fantasy op. 75
Family Life, 12 pieces for piano 4 hands (1866) op.140
Fantaisie à la Paganini for piano
Fantaisie Dramatique for piano op. 86b
Fantaisie dramatique sur une Cavatine de l`Opera `Anna Bolena`, Souvenir de Rubini (1832) op. 86b
Fantaisie héroïque for piano (1812) op. 13
Fantasia brillante on Benedict`s Opera `The Bride of Venice` for piano
Fantasia Drammatica for piano op. 71a
Fantasia on `Potem Mitzwo!` for piano (1904)
Fantasia sur `I Lombardi` by Verdi for piano
Fantasia sur `Nabucodonosor` by Verdi for piano
Fantasie, Variationen und Finale über das böhmische Volkslied `To gsau kone` for Piano, Violin, Clarinet and Cello op. 46
Grand duo concertant for Piano and Guitar op. 20
Grand Septuor for Piano, Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Horn, Cello and Double bass op. 88
Grand Sextuor for Piano, Violin, Flute, 2 Horn and Cello (1815) op. 35
Grande Etude de Concert for piano op.126
Grande sonate concertante for Cello and piano in B-dur (1814) op. 34
Grande Sonate Es - dur op. 47
Grande Sonate Symphonique No. 2 in B minor for Piano Four-Hands (1845) op.112
Grandes variations sur une mélodie nationale autrichienne for piano and strings op. 42
Grosse Sonate fur das Pianoforte (1816) op. 31
Humoristische Variationen, Scherzo und Festmarsch for piano (1856) op.128
Impromptu for Piano (1834) op. 89
Introduction et rondeau écossais for Horn (or Cello or Violin) and Piano op. 63
Introduction et Variations concertantes for piano trio op. 17
Jean d`Arc, overture for orchestra (after F. von Schiller) op. 91
La Petite Babillarde, Rondo brillant for piano op. 66
La Tenerezza, Rondeau for piano op. 52
Les Charmes de Paris, Rondo brillant for Piano (1822) op. 54
Melodic-Contrapuntal Studies for 2 Pianos 4 Hands op.137b
Memories of Danemarc, piecce for Piano and Orchestra (1830) op. 83
Nocturne for Piano (1826) op. 71
Piano Concerto No.1 F-dur op. 45
Piano Concerto No.2 in Es-dur (1825) op. 56
Piano Concerto No.3 g-moll (1820) op. 58
Piano Concerto No.4 E-dur (1823) op. 64
Piano Concerto No.5 C-dur (1832) op. 87
Piano Concerto No.6 B-dur `Fantastique` (1834) op. 90
Piano Concerto No.7 c-moll `Pathetique` op. 93
Piano Concerto No.8 in D-dur `Pastorale` op. 96
Piano Sonata in D major op. 22
Piano Sonata in E-dur op. 41
Piano Sonatina op. 4
Piano Trio in C minor op. 84
Polonaise for Piano op. 3
Polonaise for Piano op. 53
Prélude et fugue for piano
Recollections of Ireland op. 69
Reverie melodique, for Piano (1850) op.130
Rondino à la Hongroise for piano
Rondo Brillant for Piano Four-Hands op. 30
Rondo Espagnol for piano op. 24
Rondo sentimental for Piano (1829) op. 82a
Rondoletto for piano op. 61
Sonata for cello and piano in E-dur (1850) op.121
Sonata melancolique fis-moll for Piano (1814) op. 49
Sonate Caractéristique in B-dur for Piano op. 27
Souvenir of the Opera, Fantasia dramatique for piano op. 87a
Souvenirs de Belisaire, 2 Fantaisies for piano
Symphony in C-dur (1828) op. 81
The beautiful union, Rondeau brillant for piano 4 hands op. 76
The charms of London, Rondeau brillant for piano op. 74
The gaiety, piece for piano op. 85
The Viennese in Berlin, 3 Rondeaux for piano op. 67
Triumph Entry of the Allied Powers in Paris, piece for piano op. 26
Two Etudes for Piano op. 98
Two Etudes for Piano op.105
Variations de Concert for piano and violin op. 36
Variations on a Theme by Weigl for piano op. 5
Variations on Alexander`s March (1815)
Variations on Au Clair de la Lune for Piano and Orchestra (1821)
Variations sur un thème de Händel for piano op. 29
`Hommage à Händel` - Grand Duo for 2 Pianos op. 92
`Hommage à Weber` - Grand Duo for Piano Four-Hands sur des motifs `d`Euryanthe` et `d`Oberon` op.102