Alexander Mosolov

Alexander Mosolov (1900–1973)
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4 newspaper announcements for voice and piano op.21
4 pieces for bassoon and piano
4 Pieces for Oboe and Piano
Concerto for cello and orchestra 2 (1937-1945) op.34
Concerto for piano and small orchestra 1, op.14 (1926-1927) op.14
Dam, opera (1928) op.35
Dance Suite (1934) op.40
Dance Suite for Harp, 1947
Dance, op.23b op.23b
Donbass! Donbass!, a vocal and symphonic poem (1942)
Elegiac Poem for cello and orchestra (1961)
Evening Bells, a piece for orchestra of Russian folk instruments
Holiday In The Park, Suite for Orchestra (1952)
Ledend for Cello and Piano (1924) op. 5
Lullaby (lyrics by S. Esenin)
Masquerade, opera. 1941-44, based on M. Lermontov`s novel
Sonata for Piano 1, op. 3 op. 3
Sonata for Piano 4, op. 11 op.11
Sonata for Piano 2 op. 4
Sonata for Piano 5, op.12 op.12
String Quartet No. 1, op. 24 op.24
String Quartet 2 `On Patriotic Themes Of 1812`
Suite for Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments
Symphonic poem for choir and orchestra
Symphony in E-dur (1944)
The Villain with the Label/Zlodeika s nakleikoi, The music for the animated film (1954)
Three children`s scenes for soprano and chamber ensemble op.18
Three pieces, op 23a op.23a
Three Songs for Voice and Orchestra (1933) op.33
Tractor`s arrival at the Kolkhoz
Turkmen lullaby for chorus op.33b op.33b
Turkmen night for piano
Two nocturnes, op.15 (1926) op.15
`Factory. Music Machines`. Version for chamber composition. Ensemble `Studio New Music`.
`Factory` uncompleted fragment of the ballet `Steel` op.19

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