Alberto Nepomuceno

Alberto Nepomuceno (1864–1920)
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2 Ballade for vocal and piano (1901)
2 Poemas de Tagore for voice and piano (1908)
2 Poesias for voice and piano (1903)
2 Poesias for voice and piano (1904)
3 Poesies de Piazza for voice and piano (1895)
4 piano pieces for children
4 Pieces lyricas for piano (1894)
5 Little Pieces for the Left Hand Piano (1906)
6 Albumblätter for piano (1891)
6 Valses humoristiques for piano (1902)
A Cigarra, operetta (1911)
A jangada, song for voice, piano (1920)
Abul, opera (1913) SN12.4
Anthem of the State of Ceará for voices (unison), wind band?
Brasileira, piece for piano
Christmas bells, piece for piano (1915)
Conselho, song for voice and piano (1918)
Der wunde Ritter, song for voice and piano (1893)
Devaneio, piece for piano (1904)
Epithalamio for baritone, piano (or orchestra) (1897)
Garatuja, opera (1904)
Garatuja, Prelude from the unfinished opera
Hymno á Alsacia-Lorena for voice, choir, piano (1914)
Hymno da Proclamação for chorus, orchestra (1889)
Improviso for piano in D minor (1904)
Le miracle de la semence for voice (ms or bar), piano or orchestra (1916)
Mass for in D minor female chorus (SSAA), organ (1914)
Mazurka No.1 for piano (1887)
Melodia for piano
Nocturne for piano (1904)
Nocturne No.1 for the Left Hand alone (1910)
Nossa velhice, song for voice, piano (1909)
Parts of Works
Philomèle, song for voice, piano (or orchestra) (1899)
Piano Sonata in F minor (1893)
Préce for violin and piano (1887)
Prayer to the Devil, song for voice, piano (1899)
Razão e amor, song for voice and piano (1911)
River song for voice and piano (1917)
Romance et tarantella for cello and piano (1889/1899)
Serenata for strings (1902)
Song `Sad Heart`, op.18 No. 1
String Quartet No.3 `Brazilian` (1891)
Suite antique for piano (1893)
Suite brézilienne for orchestra (1891)
Symphony in G minor (1893/1900)
Thème et variations for piano (1902)
Une fleur, Romance for piano (1887)
Valse-Impromptu for piano (1893)
Variations sur un thème original for piano (1902)

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