Carl Nielsen

Carl Nielsen (1865–1931)
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10 Little Danish Songs for voice, piano (1923-26) FS114
12 Danish Songs for vocal and piano (1914-15) FS 70
2 Character Pieces for Piano (1881-83) CNW 73
2 Preludes for organ (1931) CNW 98
2 School Songs for mixed chorus (SATB) (1929) FS138
2 Spiritual Songs for Voice and piano (1917-19) FS 92
2 Two-part Fugues for piano or organ
20 Folk Melodies for voice(s), piano (1917-21) FS 95
29 Short Preludes for Organ op. 51
3 Piano Pieces (1928) CNW 90
3 Pieces for Langeleik (1918) CNW 71
4 Folk Melodies for voice, piano (1922) FS101
4 Jutlandish Songs for voice, piano CNW272-275
5 Three part fugues for violin, viola, cello
6 Humoresque-Bagatelles for piano op. 11
A Dream about Silent Night, Christmas lullaby for piano FS 34
A Dream about `Silent Night` for piano (1905) CNW 85
A fair and lovely land, song for voice, piano (1923-24) CNW351
A Fantasy Journey to the Faroes, Rhapsody Overture (1927) FS123
A Little Piano Piece (1930-31) CNW 94
A silent file will reach, song for voice, piano (1929) CNW333
Afholdssangen, song for voice and piano (with text) (1909) CNW290
Ah, Bethlehem, your Christmas snow, song for soprano, mens choir (TTBB) (1914) CNW362
Aladdin op. 34
Aldrig hans Ord kan jeg glemme!, song for voice and piano (1893) CNW286
Alle de voksende Skygger, song for voice and piano (1887-89) CNW282
Allegretto in C major for 2 descant or tenor recorders (1931) CNW 72
Allegretto in G minor for piano CNW 78
Allegro in F major for String Quartet (1887-88) CNW 50
Allegro in G minor for String Quartet Add.12
Allegro moderato in F major for String Quartet CNW 52
Allegro molto in F major for String Quartet (1887-88) CNW 51
Amor and Poet, Music for Sophus Michaëlis`s Play (1930) CNW 23
Amor og digteren op. 54
An old smallholder at his ground, song for voice and piano (1926) CNW401
Andante in F major for piano (1884-86) CNW 75
Andante sostenuto in F-sharp minor for String Quartet CNW 54
Andante tranquillo e scherzo for string orchestra (1887) CNW 31
Andantino in F major for piano (1929) CNW 91
Anxiety, song for voice and piano (1888) CNW283
Apostles convened in Jerusalem, song for voice and piano (1928) CNW328
Are you discouraged, dearest friend, song for voice, piano (1915) CNW300
Ariel`s Song for voice and piano (1916) CNW302
As dew on grassy acre, song for voice, piano (1915) CNW299
At the Bier of a Young Artist for string orchestra (1910) CNW 36
Atalanta, song for voice and glass harmonica (1901) CNW 6
Autumn`s near, song for voice and piano (1929) CNW335
Ballad for Jóhan Sigurjónsson`s Play for voice, harp (1917-18) CNW 16
Ballad of the Bearfor voice and piano (1923) op. 47
Banner, we hail thee! for mens choir (TTBB) (1915) CNW363
Bohemian-Danish Folksong for string orchestra (1928) CNW 40
Bonnie Ann, song for voice, piano (1886-88) CNW278
By Flame you were bred for mixed chorus (SSATB) (1931) CNW354
Byd mig at leve for mens choir (TTBB) (1886-88) CNW355
Byg paa Sletten, ej paa Tinden, song for voice and piano (1923-24) CNW385
Cantata for the Annual University Commemoration (1908) op. 24
Cantata for the Centenary of the Chamber of Commerce (1917) op. 31
Cantata for the Centenary of the Polytechnic College for reciter, mens chorus (TTBB) and Orchestra (1929) CNW112
Cantata for the Commemoration of P.S. Krøyer for reciter, soprano, baritone, male chorus (TTBB), piano (1909) CNW108
Cantata for the Commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the Storming of Copenhagen (1909) CNW106
Cantata for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Society for the Education of Young Merchants (1930) CNW114
Cantata for the Inauguration of the Student Union Building (1901) CNW104
Cantata for the Opening Ceremony of the National Exhibition in Aarhus 1909 (1908-09) CNW107
Canto serioso for horn and piano (1913) CNW 67
Catholic Song of Youth for voice, piano (1913) CNW294
Chaconne for Piano op. 32
Child Welfare Day Song (1911) CNW293
Children`s Song for voice and piano /women`s or children`s choir (SA) (1915) CNW301
Christianshavn, song for voice and piano (1918) CNW306
Christmas Carol for voice, piano (1923) CNW312
Christmas Carol for voice, piano (1923) CNW313
Clarinet Concerto (1928) op. 57
Come, glistering sun for chorus (1901) CNW374
Come, God`s angel, silent death for mixed chorus (SATB) (1907) CNW350
Commotio for organ op. 58
Cosmus, 2 songs for Einar Christiansen`s Play for tenor, mixed chorus (SSATTBB) (1921) CNW 19
Country to come!, song for voice, piano (1929)
Danish Patriotic Song (1906) CNW288
Danish Weather, song for voice and piano (1927) CNW325
Danmark, song for voice and piano (1917-19) CNW307
Dannebrog, flag in flutter, song for voice and piano (1926) CNW404
Dawn, song for voice, piano CNW308
Den trænger ud til hvert et sted, song for voice, piano (1928) CNW326
Denmark, now slumbers the Northern night for voice and piano or female chorus (1929) CNW336
Duet for Violins (1880-83) CNW 48
Easter Lily (The Daffodil) for men`s choir (TTBB) (1910) CNW361
Evening for mens choir (TTBB) (1908) CNW359
Fantasy Piece for Clarinet and Piano (1880) CNW 66
Fantasy Piece for clarinet and piano in g-moll FS 3h
Fantasy Pieces for Oboe and Piano (1889) op. 2
Fest-praeludium `Ved Aarhundredskiftet` (Turn of the Century) FS 24
Festival Prelude for the New Century for piano (1900) CNW 84
Five Piano Pieces op. 3
Flower Lay, song for vocal and piano (1917) CNW305
Flute Concerto (1926) FS119
Franz Neruda in memoriam for reciter & Orchestra (1915) CNW109
Free language of our mother, song for voice, piano (1914) CNW311
God`s peace is more than angel guard for unison voices (1914-19) CNW393
Grasshopper for womens choir (SA) (1898) CNW372
Halloge`s Song for vocal and piano (1910) CNW292
Helios overture for orchestra (1903) op. 17
Homecoming, song for voice, piano (1929) CNW332
Homely Noël, splendently near! for voice, piano (1923) CNW314
Hr. Oluf han rider, Incidental music (1906) CNW 7
Hymn for the Commemoration of the Niels W. Gade Centenary for mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1917) CNW110
Hymn to Art for soprano, tenor; mixed chorus (SSATB) and Orchestra (1929) CNW113
Hymn to Life for boy`s choir (SSA) (1921) CNW376
Hymnus Amoris op. 12
I Love My Jean for mens choir (TTBB) (1887) CNW356
I truly like your easy gait, song for voice, piano (1906) CNW289
Icelandic, song for reciter, piano (1928-29) CNW338
In shadows so bracing, song for voice, piano (1926) CNW399
Købmands-Vise, song for Voice, piano (1917) CNW225
Lay of the Nordic Harp for mens choir (TTBB) (1931) CNW365
Let people, just a few, be right, song for voice, piano (1924) CNW378
Little Suite for strings FS 6
Look! the sun is red, mum, song for voice, piano (1923-24) CNW263
Lorenz Frølich Celebration Cantata for voice, piano (1900) CNW103
Lullaby for voice solo (1879-80) CNW390
Maskerade, opera op. 39
Melodi for organ (1929) CNW 97
Mighty realms that rend earth asunder, song for voice, piano (1923-24) CNW387
Minuet for piano CNW 80
Morning cock again did crow, song for voice, piano (1926) CNW395
Morten Børup`s Song of May for womens choir (SSA) (1906) CNW375
Music for a Easter Evening for reciter, choir and Orchestra (1931) CNW 24
Music for Adam Oehlenschläger`s Play (1910) CNW 12
Music for Adam Oehlenschläger`s Play (1913) CNW 13
Music for Andreas Munch`s Play (1889-90) CNW 3
Music for Einar Christiansen`s Play (1915-16) CNW 14
Music for Harald Bergstedt`s Open-Air Play for voices, orchestra (1925) CNW 21
Music for Helge Rode`s Play (1920-21) op. 41
Music for Helge Rode`s Prologue (1916) CNW 15
Music for Jeppe Aakjær`s Play (1909) CNW 11
Music for Lauritz Christian Nielsen`s Play (1907-08) CNW 8
Music for Ludvig Holstein`s Play (1907-08) CNW 10
Music for Otto Benzon`s Play for piano (1908) CNW 9
Music for Play of Hans Hartvig Seedorff Pedersen`s (1920) CNW 20
My soul is dark, song for voice, piano (1886-88) CNW279
My welcome, little lark for voice solo (1928) CNW408
Nearer My God to Thee for Wind Band (1912) CNW 37
Nigh to Noël, how very sad, song for voice, piano (1926) CNW396
Norwegian Folk Dance for piano CNW 74
Now, did the rake get its latter prong, song for voice, piano (1926) CNW407
Oh, how glad I am today!, song for voice, piano (1923-24) CNW270
On moorland barren, level, gymn for voice and piano (1913) CNW154
On straw and on feather the brooding call for female chorus (SA) (1926-27) CNW389
Out in the fields I was watching the sheep, song for voice, piano (1928) CNW327
Pan & Syrinx, Symphonic poem op. 49
Peasant Dance (Polka) for piano (1896-97) CNW 77
Piano music for Young and Old, 1st book op. 53/1
Piano music for Young and Old, 2nd book op. 53/2
Piano Piece CNW 79
Piano Piece CNW 89
Piano Piece (1888-91) CNW 76
Piano Piece (1930-31) CNW 95
Piano Piece in C Major FS159
Piano Trio (1880) CNW 68
Piece for Keyboard Instrument CNW 93
Pieces for `Danske Korsange` for mixed chorus (SATB) (1913) FS 54
Poetry in Song and Music for the Inauguration of the Public Swimming Baths for reciter, mens chorus (TTBB) and orchestra (1930) CNW115
Polka for violin solo (1883 ?) CNW 44
Prelude, Theme and Variations for violin solo (1922-23) op. 48
Preludio e presto for violin solo (1927-28) op. 52
Preserve your soil, each Danish man!, song for voice, piano and mens choir (1914) CNW295
Retrospect, song for voice, piano (1930) CNW337
Rhapsody Overture for Orchestra (1927) CNW 39
River of Gold, song for voice, piano (1928) CNW329
Romance in D major for violin, piano CNW 61
Romance in G major for violin, piano (1888) CNW 60
Saga-Dream for Orchestra (1908-09) op. 39
Saul and David, Opera CNW 1
Serenade for mixed chorus (SATB) (1907) CNW349
Serenade for voice, piano (1886-88) CNW277
Serenata for clarinet, bassoon, horn, cello, double bass (1914) CNW 69
Serenata in vano (1914)
Silent as a stream`s meander, song for vocal and piano (1923-24) CNW264
Siskin Song for mixed chorus (SSAT) (1906) CNW348
Six Songs to Texts by Ludvig Holstein op. 10
Skylark wings I used to carry for female chorus (SA) (1926-27) CNW377
Sleep for chorus, orchestra (1903-04) op. 18
Sleep sweetly, little Sonja!, song for voice, piano (1922) CNW309
Snefrid, Music for Holger Drachmann`s Melodrama (1893/1899) CNW 4
So dear my native land, the name so sweet, song for voice, piano (1923-24) CNW380
Sonata for Violin and Piano in G-dur (1881) CNW 62 (FS 3b)
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1 (1895) op. 9
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2 op. 35
Song for Danish Labour for vocal and piano (1923) CNW310
Song for Helge Rode`s Play for voice, piano (1901) CNW 5
Song for Vilhelm Bartrumsen`s Play for tenor (Hans), mens chorus (TB) and Orchestra (1929) CNW 22
Song of the Young (1909) CNW291
Songs and Verses by J.P. Jacobsen for voice, piano (1893) op. 6
Songs and Verses for Voice, Piano (1891) op. 6
Songs for voice and piano (1891) op. 4
Springtime on Funen, 5 movements (1921) op. 42
Springtime, springtime breaking through for mixed chorus (SATB) (1926) CNW353
Springtime, springtime breaking through for voice solo (1921) CNW394
String Quartet in D minor (1883) CNW 49
String Quartet in Es-dur (1898) op. 14
String Quartet in F-dur (1906) op. 44
String Quartet in f-moll (1890) op. 5
String Quartet in g-moll (1888) op. 13
String Quintet in G-dur CNW 59
Strophic Songs, Op.21 op. 21
Student Thoughts in the Gymnasium for unison voices (1911) CNW392
Study on Nature for voice, piano (1916) CNW303
Suite for piano `Den Luciferiske` (the Luciferan) op. 45
Suite for String Orchestra (1888) op. 1
Symphonic rhapsody for orchestra (1888) CNW 33
Symphonic Suite for Piano op. 8
Symphony No.1 in g-moll (1889-94) op. 7
Symphony No.2 `Four Temperaments` (1901-02) op. 16
Symphony No.3 `Sinfonia espansiva`(1910-11) op. 27
Symphony No.4 `Inextinguishable` (1914-16) op. 29
Symphony No.5 (1920-22) op. 50
Symphony No.6 `Sinfonia semplice` (1924-25) CNW 30
The ancient woodland road I like well, song for voice and piano (1886-88) CNW281
The Danish bread, it grows on plains, song for voice and piano (1921) CNW252
The fiddler is playing his fiddle, song for voice and piano (1931) CNW266
The Realm of Dreams, song for voice, piano (1891) CNW285
The Song of the Guide for voice, piano (1886-88) CNW280
The South I`m leaving for unison voices (1914) CNW304
The Spider`s Song for women`s choir (1899) FS 27
The Spider`s Song from `Aladdin` for children`s or women`s choir (SSA) (1899) CNW373
Theme and Variations for Piano op. 40
This we know that since the poison, song for voice, piano (1923-24) CNW316
Three Latin Motets op. 55
Three Piano Pieces op. 59
To Asali for mens choir (TTBB) (1886-88) CNW358
To My Native Island for mens choir (TTBB) (1929) CNW364
To the Queen of my Heart, song for voice, piano (1886-88) CNW276
To the Schnapps in `Bel Canto` for mens choir (TTBB) (1909) CNW360
Trauermarsch for 2 violins, viola, cello CNW 53
Violin Concerto (1911) op. 33
Vocalise-Étude for voice, piano (1927) CNW317
We sov`reign Nordic nation for unison voices (1908) CNW386
When babies whimper before the candle, song for voice, piano (1923-24) CNW267
Wind Quintet op. 43
You and I, everyone must qualify, song for voice, piano (1926) CNW402
You suffer throughout an age of pain for mens choir (TTBB) (1887) CNW357
Zealand Singers for chorus (1924) CNW352
`At the Bier of a Young Artist` for string quartet & double bass FS 58

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