Edewede Oriwoh

Edewede Oriwoh (Born 19??)
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A-lle-lu-ia for chorus (2015)
Agnus Dei for chorus (2015)
All Majesty and Glory to Jesus Christ we bring for chorus
As I feel Your Presence, Hymn for chorus, piano (2016)
Ave Maria No.1 for soprano, alto, tenor, flute, piano (2015)
Ave Maria No.2 for boy soprano, chorus, flute (2016)
Born on Christmas Day for chorus
Bread of the Angels for chorus (2016)
Bread of the Angels in F major for chorus (2016)
Cast the First Stone for chorus (2015)
Christ is Living for chorus (2016)
Come, Lord Jesus, Come for chorus (2016)
Credo for 5 voices, violin, piano (2016)
Deo Gratias for 4 tenors, flute, trumpet (C), piano
Ebialenma Tohan Malen for chorus
Eyen Erong for chorus (SATB), flute (2015)
From Mouths of Babies for 4 or 5 voices, flute (2016)
Gloria in G-flat major for chorus, flute, piano (2016)
Gloria! Pax! for chorus (2015)
Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken for chorus (2016)
God`s Love o`er All is Excelling for chorus, piano (2016)
Hail, The Redeemer, King Divine for 5 voices
Hallelujah in C major for chorus and piano
Here in This Place, Gathered Together for female chorus
Holy, Holy for chorus (SATB), piano (2015)
Hope In Jesus for 2-3 voices (2016)
Hosanna in Excelsis for 7 voices (2016)
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen for chorus
It is Your Presence for chorus (2016)
Ite in Pace for 2 voices
Kyrie eleison in G major for 4 voices, flute (2015)
Kyrie Eleison No.1 in C major for 4 voices (2015)
Kyrie Eleison No.2 in C major for 3 voices (2015)
Kyrie in C major for chorus
Little Baby Jesus for voices (2015)
Lord for the Poor for chorus
Lord have Mercy in C major for chorus, piano
Lord have Mercy in C-sharp major for 4 voices
Lord Jesus Answer for chorus and piano
Ondu menyi alo for 4 voices, flute (2015)
Osanna In Excelsis for chorus, flute, violin
Our humble hands have worked the land for chorus
Pange Lingua, Gloriosi for chorus
Praises, O Praises to God for chorus
Protect the Little Ones for chorus (2016)
Quotiescumque for soprano, alto, tenor
Risen Saviour, Prince of Peace for chorus and piano
Sanctus for soprano, chorus, piano
Sanctus in B major for chorus, flute, piano
Sanctus in C minor for chorus
Sanctus in D minor for chorus and piano
Small Mass in E-flat major for chorus
Sons and Daughters of God for chorus and piano
There is a City Far Away for chorus
This Poor Man at Christmas for chorus, piano
This Temple for chorus
Ubangiji, Hear our Prayers for 4 voices
Yah Dan Tunkiya No.2 for chorus, piano
Yah Ubangiji in C major for chorus, flute (2016)
Yah Ubanji, Ka Yi Mana Jin Kai for chorus


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