Hubert Parry

HUBERT PARRY (1848–1918)

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12 Short Pieces for Violin and piano
14 Chorale Preludes for organ (1911-12, 1915)
2 Intermezzi for string trio (1886)
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1873) op. 12
3 Chorale Fantasias for organ
5 Romantic Pieces for piano
6 Modern Lyrics for Mixed chorus (SATB) (1897)
8 Four-Part Songs
Elegy for Brahms (1897)
Love is a Bable, Op. 152
Magnificat for Soprano + mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1897)
Te Deum laudamus for Soprano, bass, chorus SATB, orchestra (1900)
Te Deum laudamus in D major for chorus and orchestra (1911)
Who Can Dwell with Greatness for SSATB voices (1899)
Agamemnon, Incidental music after Aeschylus (1900)
England, Hymn for Unison chorus and orchestra
The Acharnians, Incidental music after Aristophanes (1913-14)
God is Our Hope, Anthem for double choir, bass solo and orchestra
In Praise of Song, part-song
A Garland of Shakespearean and other Old-Fashioned Songs for vocal and piano (1874) op. 21
The Vision of Life, A Symphonic Poem for Soloists (SB), mixed chorus (SATB) and orchestra (1907)
War and Peace, A Symphonic Ode for Soli (SATB), mixed chorus (SATB) and orchestra (1903)
The Pied Piper of Hamelin, set to music after Robert Browning (1905)
Jerusalem, Hymn for unison voices (optional solo) and organ
The Soul`s Ransom, Sinfonia sacra for Soprano, bass + mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1906)
Eton, Ode for Mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1891)
Blest Pair of Sirens, ode for chorus and orchestra (1887)
The Love that Casteth out Fear, Sinfonia sacra for AB soloists + SATB semi-chorus and chorus Orchestra (1904)
The Clouds, Incidental music after Aristophanes (1904-05)
Prometheus Unbound, Scenes from Shelley for SATB soloists, SATB chorus, orchestra (1880)
A Song of Darkness and Light for Soprano + mixed chorus (SATB) Orchestra (1898)
Beyond These Voices There is Peace for Soloists (SB), mixed chorus (SATB) and orchestra (1908)
The Lotos-Eaters, song for Soprano Solo, Chorus & Orchestra (1892)
Invocation to Music, Ode for Soprano, tenor, bass soloists, chorus, orchestra (1895)
Hands Across the Centuries: Suite for Pianoforte (1916-18)
The Chivalry of the Sea, Ode for chorus and orchestra (1916)
7 Ages of Mind, seven pieces for piano
The Glories of Our Blood and State for Mixed chorus and orchestra (1883)
Tranquilly, piece for piano
Shulbrede Tunes, 10 pieces for piano
I was Glad, Anthemfor choir and organ (1902/1911)
An English Suite for String Orchestra (1914)
Duo for 2 Pianos in E minor
Eton Memorial Ode for Mixed semi-chorus (SATB), mixed chorus (SATB) and orchestra (1908)
L`Allegro ed il Pensieroso, cantata (1890)
The Birds, Cantata after Aristophanes
Piano Concerto in Fis-dur
Conzertstuck in g-moll
Melody in B-flat major for Organ
Voces Clamantium, Motet for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra (1903)
An Ode Invocation to Music
Ode to Music for 2 Sopranos, alto, tenor, bass + mixed chorus (SATB) Orchestra (1901)
Ode on St. Cecilia`s Day Soprano, baritone + mixed chorus (SATB) Orchestra (1889)
Ode on the Nativity for Soprano solo, mixed chorus (SATB) and orchestra (1912)
King Saul, opera (1894)
Job, oratorio (1892)
Judith, oratorio (1887-88)
Partita in D minor for Violin and piano
De Profundis, Psalm for Soprano, mixed chorus and orchestra (1891)
Symphonic Poem From Death to Life
Symphonic Variations
Symphonic Variations for Orchestra (1897)
Symphony 1 in G-dur
Symphony 2 in F-dur The Cambridge
Symphony 3 in C-dur The English
Symphony 4 in e-moll
Symphony 5 in h-moll Symphonic Fantasia 1912
Scherzo in F major for piano (1876?)
Sonata for Cello and Piano in A-dur (1879-80)
Piano Sonata No.1 in F major (1873?)
Piano Sonata No.2 `To Tora` (1876-77)
String Quartet No. 1 in g-moll
String Quartet No. 2 in C-dur
Suite in D major for violin and piano
Lady Radnor`s Suite for String Orchestra (1894)
Theme and 19 Variations for piano
Toccata and Fugue `The Wanderer` for organ
Overture to an Unwritten Tragedy for Orchestra (1893)
Fantasia and Fugue in G major op.188
Piano Trio in 1 in e-moll (1878?/1880)
Piano Trio 2 in h-moll (1884?)
Piano Trio 3 in G-dur
Piano Quartet in A-flat major
Elegy for organ (1913)
Elegie for organ (1918)