Arvo Part

Arvo Part (Born 1935)
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(Credo), for choir (1977)
(Summa), for string orchestra (1991)
2 Slawische Psalmen for chorus or soloists (1997)
2 sonatinas, op.1, for piano (1958/1959)
7 Magnificat-Antiphonen for chorus (1991)
Adam`s Lament (for mixed choir and string orchestra) (2009)
After the Victory (Dopo la vittoria), for choir (1996)
Alleluia-Tropus for mixed vocal ensemble or chamber choir and 8 violoncellos ad lib. (2008)
And One of the Pharisees for three voices (1992)
Annum per annum for organ (1980)
Arbos for brass and percussion (1977/1986)
Beatitudes, for mixed choir and organ (1990)
Berlin Mass, for choir and organ or string orchestra (1992)
Blessed Petronius (Beatus Petronius), for mixed choir and 2 organs (1990)
Cantate Domino canticum novum for chorus or soloists and organ (1996)
Cantus (in memory of Benjamin Britten), for string orchestra and bell (1977)
Cecilia, Virgin of Rome (Cecilia, vergine Romana), for choir and orchestra (1999/2002)
Collage on B-A-C-H fuer Streicher, Oboe, Cembalo und Klavier (1964)
Credo for piano, choir and orchestra (1968)
Da pacem Domine, for mixed choir and a cappella soloists (2004)
De profundis for male choir, percussion and organ
Drei Hirtenkinder aus Fátima for mixed choir (2014)
Für Jan van Eyck for choir and organ (2020)
Festina lente for string orchestra and harp (1988)
For Alina (Für Alina), for piano (1976)
Four Easy Dances for piano, `Music for a Children`s Theatre`: (1956/1957)
Fratres for chamber ensemble (1976)
Habitare fratres in unum for mixed choir or vocal ensemble (2012)
How the Doe willingly aspires (Como cierva sedienta) for soprano, chorus and orchestra (1998)
Hymn to a Great City for two pianos (1984)
I am the true vine, for a cappella mixed choir (1996)
If Bach Raised Bees (German: Wenn Bach Bienen gezüchtet hätte), for piano, wind quintet, string orchestra and percussion (1976)
In memory of Lennart (Lennartile / Für Lennart), for string orchestra (2006)
In spe (2010)
Kanon Pokajanen for chorus (1997)
Kleine Litanei for mixed choir (2015)
lamentate. Tribute to A. Kapoor and his sculpture Marsyas, for piano and orchestra (2002)
Let me (Darf ich), for violin, bell in Cis (ad lib.) and string orchestra (1995/1999)
Litany for Soloists, choir and Orchestra (1994)
Little Concerto on B-A-C-H (Concerto piccolo über B-A-C-H), for trumpet, string orchestra, harpsichord and piano (1964)
Littlemore Tractus, for mixed choir and organ (2000)
Magnificat, for choir (1989)
March of Communist Youth (1962-63)
Mirror in a Mirror (German: Spiegel im Spiegel), for violin or cello and piano (1978)
Miserere (Psalm 50), for soloist, choir and ensemble (1989)
Morning Star for mixed choir (2007)
Mozart-Adagio, for violin, cello and piano (1992/1997)
My Heart is in the Highlands for countertenor and organ (2000)
Nekrolog , for orchestra, op.5 (1960)
Nunc Dimittis. Now dismiss your servant. (Luke 2, 29-32). 2001
Ode VII (Memento) from Kanon Pokajanen, 1994
On the Rivers of Babylon (An den Wassern zu Babel), for soloists or choir and organ or ensemble (1976/1984)
Orient and Occident, for string orchestra (2000)
Our Garden (`Meie aed`), cantata for children`s choir and orchestra, op.3 (1959/2003)
Pari intervallo for organ (1980)
Partita, op.2 (1958)
Passacaglia, for violin and piano (2003)
Passio for soloists, vocal ensemble, choir and instrumental ensemble (1982)
Peace upon you, Jerusalem, for women`s choir (2002)
Peaks and Potholes of My Way (Mein Weg hat Gipfel und Wellentäler), for 14 strings and percussion (1999)
Penitential Canon (Kanon pokajanen) for choir (1997)
Perpetuum mobile for orchestra op.10 (1963)
Pilgrim`s Song (Wallfahrtslied), for tenor or baritone and string orchestra (1984/2000)
Pro et contra, concerto for cello and orchestra for (Mstislav Rostropovich) (1966)
Psalom for string quartet (1985)
Quintettino Op. 13, for wind quintet (1964)
Reverend Agathon (L`Abbé Agathon), for soprano and four cellos (2004)
Salve Regina, for mixed choir and organ (2001)
Sarah was ninety years old, for three soloists, percussion and organ (1977/1990)
Sei gelobt, du Baum for baritone, violin, quinterne and double bass (2007)
Sequentia for violin, percussion and string orchestra (2014)
Silhouette (Hommage à Gustave Eiffel) for orchestra and percussion (2009)
Silhouette for String Orchestra and Percussion (2009)
Silouan`s Song for string orchestra (1991)
Solfeggio for chorus (1964/1996)
Solfeggio for string quartet or saxophone quartet (2008)
Song of the Spinning Wheel (Es sang vor langen Jahren), for viola (voice), violin and viola (instrument) (1984)
Songs of Ascent (Cantiques des degrés), for choir and orchestra (1999/2002)
Stabat Mater, for three soloists and string trio (1985)
Statuit e Dominus for two mixed choirs and two organs (1990)
Swansong (2013)
Syllabic Mass (Missa syllabica), for choir and organ (1977)
Symphony No. 1 (Polyphonic), op.9 (1963)
Symphony No. 2 (1966)
Symphony No. 3 (1971)
Symphony No.4 `Los Angeles` (2008)
Tabula Rasa - for Two Violins, String Orchestra and Prepared Piano (1977)
Te Deum for choir, string orchestra and tape recording (1984-5, ed. 1992)
The Deer`s Cry for chorus (2008)
The Shroud (ital. La Sindone), for orchestra and percussion (2006)
The woman with the alabaster box (on Mt 26:6-13), for a cappella mixed choir (1997)
Tribute to Caesar, for mixed choir a cappella (1997)
Triodion, for choir (1998)
Trisagion for string orchestra (1992)
Trivium for organ (1976)
Two lullabies (Zwei Wiegenlieder), for two female voices and piano (2002)
Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka for piano (1977)
Vater unser (Our Father) (2011)
Virgencita ( ) (2012)
Who Was the Son of (Which Was the Son of) (2000)
`Fratres` (2000)
`In Principio`, for choir and orchestra (2003)
`These Words...`, for string orchestra and percussion (2007-08)
`Veni creator` SATB (2006)
`Virgin Mother of God ...`, for chorus (1990)
` ...` (2018)

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