Andrey Petrov

Andrey Petrov (1930–2006)
"The Creation of the World", suite 1 from the ballet
"The Master and Margarita", a symphony-fantasy.
A certain light, from the ballet `Pushkin`
And finally I say (arr. by D. Smirnov) from the film A Cruel Romance (Zhestoki romans)
And finally I would say, Romance
Brilliant St. Petersburg
Brutal Romance
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1990)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1983)
Cruel Romance, soundtrack
Gypsy Rhapsody for Violin and Piano
Humoresque (1964)
I`m walking down Broadway (1998)
Maternal love Song (arr. by F. Kozlov), from the film Sinyaya Ptitsa (Blue Bird)
Memoria for Violin and Chamber Ensemble (1987)
Nastenka`s Romance, from the film O bednom gusare zamolvite slovo
O bednom gusare... romance
Office Roman, Soundtrack
Pathetique Poem. Oratorio for high bass or baritone, two pianos and percussion (1969)
Peter the First, Opera
Petrov-Nagovitsin. Suite from the ballet Creation of the World. Transcription for Violin and Piano
Poem for four trumpets, organ, strings and percussion (1966)
Song Under caresses of an ivy Plaid
Street melodies in dinner jackets. Symphonic transcriptions of film music
String Quartet 2 `From the depths of memory `(2002)
Suite 3 from the ballet `Creation of the World` (1975)
Taming of the Fire, music from the film (1972)
The ballet `The Creation of the World`
The Creation of the World, Suite of Ballet
The orchestra has a new violinist
Think of me in the Spring Night
Time Of Christ, Symphony of six parts
`Garage` Music from the film (1979)
`Stars in a conductive bag`