Leonid Polovinkin

Leonid Polovinkin (1894–1949)
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2 Evénements for piano, Op.12
2 Evénements for piano, Op.5
2 Fragments from `Der Negerknabe und der Affe`, Op.31
2 Instructive Pieces for piano
2 Nocturnes for Piano (1931)
24 Postludes for piano (1938)
3 Chansons-Mazurkas for piano
4 Waltzes for piano
5 Children`s Pieces for piano
5 dances for piano
Berceuse for piano
Dance from comedia Sirocco for piano
Danse for piano
Danse 2 for piano
Divertimento No.1 for piano
Divertimento No.2 for piano
Dzuba, Suite pour Piano
Elegia e Allegro Fugato for piano (1938)
Evénement No.6 for piano
Evénement No.7 for piano
Foxtrot `Ski` . 9
Heroic Overture
Humoresque No.1 for piano
Humoresque No.2 for piano
Les Attraits, Four pieces for piano
Lyrical Dance for piano
Mazurka for piano, Op.2 No.3
Mazurka in F-sharp major for piano
Nocturne dansante for piano
Not the wind, blowing from above, romance for Voice, piano (1925)
Novelle Ironique for piano
Piano Pieces . 30
Piano Sonata No.4 (1926) op. 18
Podari mne na proshchanie. 1944
Rhapsody for piano
Sérénade Interrompue for piano
Seventh Element (1925)
Solar Flame, Music from the film
Symphony No. 9. 1944
Symphony 7
Telescope 2 (Suite for Orchestra)
The Last Sonata for piano
The Moon, song for Piano and Voice
Toccata for Piano (1937)
Troisième Evénement for piano
Valse for piano
`Let`s go to Paraguay`, satirical couplets from the movie `The puppets`, 1933
`Magnets` for Piano (1925)
`Native country - big country `, song from the movie` Intriguing` (1935)
`Seeing the pilot`, song from the movie `Intriguing `(1935)


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