Vladimir Ponomarev

Vladimir Ponomarev (Born 1960)
25 Preludes for piano
Andante for Bassoon and Piano
Angel Cried
Ashche khocheshchi
August (Nine Choral Sketches)
Autumn Garden, madrigal, poems by V.Ponomarev
Autumn Rain, madrigal, poems by V. Ponomarev
Babie leto/Indian Summer
Before Thy Cross, everyday tune
Bless of the Greek chant, of Vespers 2
Choral cycle `Roads` in three parts on poems by Sergei Yesenin (2005)
Come now, the rich, verse penitential
Concertino for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
Concerto for Prince Vladimir (final)
Crazy Canons, Polyphonic Suite for two pianos
Deceber Sun, madrigal
Do not lose all the senses, madrigal
Dostoino est / It is truly from the Liturtgy No. 3
Everything Happens According to the Laws of the Century, for children and youth choir and chamber orchestra
Everything Went, poem by Tatiana Ogneva
Everything Will Be Different, madrigal, poem by V. Evrgrafov
Fields fell asleep, madrigal, poems by V. Bezduganov
Five passages from Lermontov, vocal cycle
Five Romances on poems by A. Demenyuk
Five Siberian Songs for choir
Four Pieces for Flute and Piano
Four Pieces for Violin and Piano
Four Poems about Love: a song cycle on poems by Andrew Demenyuk
Four Salon Waltzes for Piano
From Wilhelm Levik translation. Two Satires for baritone and piano
Fusion-Concerto for accordion and symphony orchestra, part 2
Gentle Light No.4
Gentle Light of Vespers 2
Go Back, from the serie Nine Choral Sketches
Hail, Hail, the Vigil, from Vespers of 2
I stood motionless for a long time
I want to, Romance
In Thy Kingdom of the Liturgy of 1
It is not August yet, madrigal, a poem by T. Ogneva
King of Heaven
Let`s go on the Milky Way
Love this Age, verse penitential
Love, for soprano and piano
Mathi (Mother) of the World. Sacred concert in the form of motet
Memorial Day Concert at St. Seraphim of Sarov
Mozart and Salieri (from Nine Choral Sketches)
Muse of Music, for the children choir and piano
My heart is beating a timid anxiety of the choral cycle on poems by A. Fet
My Irrevocable Sun, for soprano and piano
Now Lettest Thou from Vigil of 2
O human, verse penitential
Only-begotten Son of the Liturgy of 1
Piano Sonata
Praise the name of the Lord from Vespers 1 (concert work)
Prayer of a Blind Wanderer
Prelude for piano in A-dur
Prelude for Piano in As-dur
Prelude for Piano in B-dur
Prelude for piano in c-moll
Prelude for Piano in d-moll
Prelude for piano in g-moll
Prelude for piano in H-dur
Prelude for Piano in h-moll
Prelude for Piano without tone
Preludes in C-dur and H-moll
Presto for string orchestra
Rain was falling, madrigal, poems by A. Kyshtymov
Russian Choirs, a concert for string orchestra
Russian Concert (Concert No. 2) for accordion and string orchestra
September (from Nine Choral Sketches)
Shelter and the Intercession of, Virgin Concert
Sitting Angel
Six Pieces for Piano (2018)
Six Psalms of Vespers 2
Small Doxology
Sonata for Cello and Piano
Stikhira for Violin solo
Suite-Concerto Grosso for strings
The Album Prints, for a large symphony orchestra (fragment)
The Scottish Rhapsody for Accordion and Orchestra
The Withered Flowers, the Vocal Cycle on the Verses of Marina Savvinykh
Three Chorus, poems by N. Rubtsov
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano
Tropar by the Great Doxology from the Night Vigil No. 2
Tropar to all Siberian Saints
Troparion of St. Daniel of Moscow
Troparion of the Icon of the Sign. Concerto for a large choir
Two chorus on verses by Mikhail Lomonosov
Two choruses of the Vespers 1
Two Enisey Weddings
Valley of Dreams, madrigal, poems by V. Pchelkin
Vocal cycle on poems by Anna Akhmatova for soprano and piano
Vskuyu, O Lord
Winter Stanzas
Winter Stanzas, poems by A. Pushkin
Yes, perfect in Thy love. Spiritual concert on the text from the Prayer Rite `On the increase of love`
`Angelic Lyre`, choral cycle in five parts to verses by F. Tyutchev
`Autumn Landscapes`, choral cycle on verses by Nikolai Zabolotsky
`Month` on poems by Anatoly Kyshtymov, madrigal for vocal ensemble
`My Land` on verses by Yuri Astafiev, madrigal for vocal ensemble
`Night` from the cycle `Nine Choral Sketches`, verses by Vladimir Pchelkin
`Noise of the Trees`, madrigal on verses by Andrey Demenyuk
`Petersburg Drawings` on verses by Andrey Demenyuk
`Russian Song` on verses by Vl. Ponomarev, madrigal for vocal ensemble
`Snow is Falling Again`, madrigal on verses by Viktor Barkov
`The smell of night`, choir cycle on poems by Velimir Khlebnikov
`To dream`, madrigal on verses by Tatyana Ogneva
`You are just a dream`, madrigal on verses by Andrey Demenyuk
Le Paradigme de l`absurde (Paradigm of absurdity) for Oboe and Strings