Andrey Popov

ANDREY POPOV (Born 1966)
Andrey Popov (multi-instrumentalist)

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Balletto for electric guitar and piano (2015)
Concerto domestico for Guitar and Harpsichord (2014)
Concerto domestico for dulcimer, guitar and piano (2014)
Concerto Italiano for electric guitar and piano (2011)
Concerto mistico (2019)
Dance On The Water , for Harp and Percussion (2012)
Highway concerto for flute, guitar and cello (2013)
Litania (2011)
Missa brevis (Kyrie et Gloria) for voice and organ (2003)
Night in an Imaginary City
Salve Regina (2012)
Szene am BACH (2012)
Tesla (Sonata 2 for Guitar) (2010)
Wind from the East, for termenvox and piano (2012)
`... no one hit the tom-tom ... `electronic music (2012)
3000 meters above the sea level (2019)
`Clipart` for accordion (2012)
Paradox1 for four cellos. 2001
Paradox 2 for Cello and Harp, 2001
`Perpetuum mobile` for computer and elektrofortepiano
`SON` electronic music for prepared violin
`The Story of the Fox Renard` - music for the radio play (2013)
In Gallant Style, a small cantata for soprano and guitar on poems by N. Agnivtsev (2012)
`Virosa` (2014)
Vozvrashchenie domoy (Back at home)
`Waves` for an ensemble of synthesizers
Rattenfanger von Hameln/The Pied Piper of Hamelin, for Guitar
Ghost Town, for 4 violins with scordatura, piano and phonogamms
Nineth Symphony - electronic music
`Day The Eighth` for a cello and keyboard or harp (2013)
Skylarks. Call of Spring, for two Violins (2019)
Suburban Highway for piano
Winter Twilight, Suite for Piano, four hands
An Incrustation for piano and three records
To the Stars, for Harp
`To the Sun` for solo cello
Space Travel, children`s music for synthesizer (2011)
The Wings for Cello solo
Microclusters. Electronic music
Music on the Bridge, for Cello and Guitar (2013)
Music by the River (2017)
Thoughtforms (2013)
Aurora Observation (2018)
Netochka Nezvanova
Dark Dark Forest, for theremin and tape
Pastoral for the Klavier (2017)
Plein Air Concert (2013)
`Wormwood` for soprano and FX-processor
The Last Autumn Leaf Went into Flight (2018)
Ghosts of Autumn, a chamber opera. 1988
Walking with Immanuel Kant, for harpsichord (2012)
Pulsar for electric guitar, synthesizer and piano
`Journey` for piano
Equinoxes and solstices, for two violins and cello (2012)
Saint Francis and the Birds, for solo violin
Happy Moscow, Music for radio play based on the novel by A. P. Platonov
Fog Mirrors for Violin and Harpsichord (2011)
The procession around the Maypole on Walpurgis Night for 2 guitars
Shuniata, for piano (2013)
Anagrams for Synthesizer (2011)
Waltz-Sonata for Harp (2006)
Imaginary landscape with lake and trees (2018)
Gravitation, for Harp and Piano (2019)
Two fragments of the collective Ballet Cherdyn (2014)
Double Concerto for violin and cello without orchestra
Quartet 2 in memory of Valeri Beluntsov
The Book of the Void - Part 1 (2011-2014)
The Book of the Void - Part 2 (2014-2018)
Kolybelnaya/Lullaby No. 1 for Flute and Piano
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in D minor, Op. 87
Concert- Bricolage
Space Strings, for cello and synthesizer
Kys. Music for radioplay, after T. Tolstaya novel. 2001
Small Suite in the Old Style (1995) for Flute, Violin and Cello
Slow quiet music for cello and piano
Melopeya (2019)
Mystification for Clarinet and Guitar
The Lords Prayer (2015)
Music for Harp
Easter Trio for flute, violin and cello (1996)
Songs, lyrics by K. Balmont
Songs About Birds (2010)
Flight of the paper bird along the edges of the Earth (2015) for harp and keyboard psaltery
Prelude and Fugue for Guitar (2008)
Walkings in the Garden of Eden for Cello and Piano (2015)
Simple Lullaby (2018)
Rare drops falling from a chestnut leaf in a glass of water, forgotten on the veranda (2013)
Christmas Music in Old Style for Two Guitars
Sarabande for piano
Gentle Light (1989)
Serenade for Cello, Guitar and Harp
Through the Clouds, for Harp (2013)
Sonata for Cello solo (1995)
Sonata for Double-bass and Piano
Piano Sonata No. 1. 1992
Piano Sonata No. 10
Sonata fo Violin and Piano No. 2
Piano Sonata No. 2. 1993
Piano Sonata No. 3 (1994)
Sonata-Fantasy 1 for violin and piano in E major
Tangla - Symphonic Suite of paintings by N. Perich (1993)
Quiet Concerto for Harp and Percussion (2015)
Trans-Symphony (electronic music)
Fantasia for Cello and Guitar B minor
Elegiac Music is 1 for Cello and Piano (1997)
Elegica Music No. 2 (after I. A. Bunin)
Casimir Effect for guitar (2015)