Einojuhani Rautavaara

Einojuhani Rautavaara (1928–2016)
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A Requiem in our Time
Autumn Gardens, for orchestra (1999)
Ave Maria, gratia plena for mixed choir a cappella (1957/2013)
Canticum Mariae Virginis for mixed choir a cappella (1978)
Cantus Arcticus
Childrens Mass (Lapsimessu) for children`s choir and string orchestra (1973)
Come un sogno (1994)
Concerto for birds` singing and orchestra `Cantus Arcticus` (1972)
Concerto for cello and orchestra (1968)
Concerto for clarinet and orchestra (2001)
Concerto for Double Bass and orchestra `Angel of Dusk` (1980)
Concerto for flute and orchestra `Dances with the Winds` (1973)
Concerto for harp and orchestra (2000)
Concerto for organ and orchestra `Annunciations` (1977)
Die Erste Elegie for mixed choir a cappella (1993)
Evening Hymn
Garden of Spaces. 1971
Lorca Suite (1973)
Lorulei (1973)
Manhattan Trilogy (2003-2005)
Marjatta matala neiti (Marjatta the Lowly Maiden) (1977)
Missa a cappella (2011)
Missa Duodecanonica for a cappella female choir (1963)
Notturno e Danza for Violin & Piano (1993)
Our Joyful`st Feast for mixed choir a cappella (2008)
Piano concerto 1 (1969)
Piano concerto 2 (1989)
Piano concerto 3 `Gift of Dreams` (1998)
Playgrounds for Angels
Psalm of Invocation
Puusepän poika (The Carpenters Son) (1975)
Rakkaus ei koskaan häviä (Love Never Dies) (1983)
Sonata 1 `Christ and the Fisherman`
Sonata 2 `Sermon of Fire`
Song cycle for voce and string quintet (1958-59/arr.2000) (Rainer Maria Rilke)
String Quartet 1 (1952)
String Quartet 2 (1958)
String Quintet `Unknown Heavens` (1997)
Symphony No.1
Symphony No.2
Symphony No.3
Symphony No.7, `Angel of Light` (1994)
Symphony 4, `Arabescata`
Symphony 5
Symphony 6, `Vincentiana`
Symphony 8, The Journey
Variétude for Violin Solo (1974)
Viatonten valssi (Waltz of the Innocents) (1973/1982)
Vigilia (All-Night Vigil) for mixed choir a cappella (1971/72)
Violin Concerto (1976-77)
Wenn sich die Welt auftut (1996)
Whisper, for violin and piano
`April Lines` for Violin & Piano (1970/2006)
`Dithyrambos` for Violin & Piano (1970)
`Lost Landscapes` for Violin & Piano (2005)
`Pelimannit` (`The Fiddlers`) - Suite for Piano
`Summer Thoughts` for Violin & Piano (1972/2008)


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