Carl Reinecke

Carl Reinecke (1824–1910)
op. 1 2 character pieces and a fugue for the left hand
op. 3 Romance for Violin and piano (1842)
op. 6 Andante and Variations for 2 pianos
op. 7 4 Fantasiestücke for piano (1847)
op. 11 Walzer-Caprice for piano
op. 14 5 Songs for Voices a cappella (SATB) (1847)
op. 15 Fantasy in the Form of a Sonata for piano
op. 17 15 Little Fantasy Pieces for piano
op. 20 Ballade for Piano 1 in As-dur (1850)
op. 22 Four Fantasy Pieces for clarinet and piano
op. 24 Variationen on Sarabande by J.S. Bach for 2 pianos (1849)
op. 26 2 Songs for vocal and piano
op. 27 6 Songs for Vocal and Piano
op. 29 4 Songs for Vocal and Piano
op. 30 String Quartet No.2 in F major
op. 31 Songs of the Night, 4 pieces for piano (1851)
op. 33 Concertstück in f-moll for piano & orchestra
op. 34 Piano Quartet in E flat major
op. 36 Valse élégante for piano
op. 37 8 Kinderlieder for vocal and piano
op. 38 Piano Trio No.1
op. 42 Cello sonata in a-moll
op. 43 3 Fantasiestücke for Viola and Piano
op. 45 Der vierjährige Posten, Operette (1855)
op. 46 Nutcracker and Mouse King, Incidental music for piano 4-hands
op. 47 3 Sonatinas for Piano
op. 47, 1 Sonatina in C major
op. 47, 2 Sonatina in D major
op. 47, 3 Sonatina in B flat major
op. 51 Ouverture zu Calderons `Dame Kobold` for Orchestra (1854-55)
op. 52 Variations on a Theme by J.S. Bach for piano (1855)
op. 54 Pieces for Piano 4 hands
op. 57 Old and New Dances for piano
op. 65 Präludien und Fugen for piano
op. 66 Impromptu for 2 Pianos
op. 72 Piano concerto No.1 in fis-moll
op. 77 House Music, 18 pieces for piano
op. 78 Te Deum laudamus for male chorus (TTBB) and Orchestra
op. 79 Symphony 1 in A-dur (1858)
op. 82 Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in D Minor (1864)
op. 83 Piano Quintet in A major
op. 86 Pictures from the South, 4 pieces for piano
op. 88 Girl Songs, 11 pieces for piano (1865)
op. 89 Cello sonata in D-dur
op. 92 Das Jahrmarktsfest zu Plundersweilern, Ouverture for orchestra
op. 93 Romance for Violin and Orchestra
op. 93 King Manfred, opera (1867)
op. 94 The beautiful Grisélidis, Improvisation for 2 pianos (1868)
op. 98 3 Sonatinas for Piano
op.102 Wilhelm Tell, Incidental music
op.107 A New Grade Book for Small People, 30 pieces for piano
op.110 German Triumph March for orchestra
op.111 4 Songs for Vocal and Piano
op.112 Notturno for Horn (F) and Orchestra
op.116 Sonata for Violin and Piano in E Minor
op.120 Piano concerto No.2 in e-moll
op.121 24 Études for piano
op.125 Improvisata on a Gavotte by Gluck for piano 4 hands
op.126 2 Serenades for piano trio
op.127b 6 Sonatinas for Piano 4 Hands
op.128 In Memoriam, Introduction and fugue with chorale for orchestra
op.129 4 Piano Pieces
op.130 12 Studies in a Canonical Manner for piano 4 hands
op.133 Snow White, 9 songs for soli, female chorus and piano
op.134 Symphony No.2 in c-moll `Hakon Jarl` (1874)
op.136 6 Sonatinas for piano
op.139 Sleeping Beauty, Incidental music (1876)
op.141 Violin Concerto in g-moll
op.144 Piano concerto No.3 in C-dur
op.146 3 Pieces for Cello and Piano
op.147 Fairy tale characters, 16 pieces for piano
op.148 Fest-Ouverture for Orchestra
op.150 Cinderella, cantata for soprano, mezzo soprano + female chorus (SSA) piano
op.152 Ländler for Piano (1879)
op.154 From Our Four Walls, 25 pieces for piano
op.155 Romance for Violin and Orchestra in A Minor
op.159 3 Easy Piano Trios
op.163 12 Canonic Chants for 2 female voices (or female chorus), piano
op.164 The Wild Swans, cantata for soprano, alto, baritone + female chorus (SSA) piano
op.165 A fairytale without words, 10 pieces for piano
op.166 To the celebration, Ouverture for orchestra
op.167 Sonata `Undine` for flute and piano
op.174 10 Easy pieces for violin and piano
op.177 Fortune Child and Unlucky, opera
op.179 Sonata for the Left Hand Alone
op.181 10 Little Fantasias for Piano 4 hands (1884)
op.182 Concerto for Harp and orchestra in e-moll (1884)
op.183 5 Serenades for the Youth for piano
op.188 Trio for oboe, horn and piano in a-moll
op.190 Of the little tree, song for soprano, female chorus (SSA), piano
op.200 Trauermarsch Kaisers Wilhelm I for piano
op.202 From the Cradle to the Grave, 16 pieces for piano
op.206 Musical Kindergarten, pieces for piano 4-hands
op.211 String Quartet No.4 in D major
op.212 6 Easy Duets for violin and piano
op.213 10 Little Pieces for violin and piano
op.215 Ballade for Piano 2 in e-moll (1850)
op.216 Wind Octet in B-dur
op.217 12 Songs for 2 sopranos and piano
op.218 Fest-Ouvertüre for orchestra and male chorus (1894)
op.219 3 Klavierstücke for piano
op.220 Biblical Images, 14 pieces for orchestra
op.226 Novellette for piano (1894)
op.227 Symphony 3 in g-moll (1895)
op.230 Piano Trio No.2
op.238 Cello sonata in G-dur
op.239 Children`s Symphony
op.242 Serenade for Strings in g-moll
op.249 String Trio in C minor (1898-99)
op.251 3 Sonatinas for Piano
op.254 Piano concerto No.4 in h-moll
op.256 Introduzione ed allegro appassionato for Clarinet in B♭ and Piano
op.263 Romanze for Cello and Orchestra
op.264 Trio for Piano, Clarinet, and Viola
op.271 Wind Sextet in B-dur
op.272 Piano Quartet in D major
op.274 Trio for Piano, Clarinet, and Horn (1905)
op.275 2 Sonatas for 2 Pianos
op.283 Flute Concerto in D-dur
op.288 Ballade for Flute and Orchestra
Piano Sonata in c-moll (for left hand)
Cadenza to Mozart`s Flute and Harp Concerto in C major, K.299/297c
Funerále for piano
Gigue in D minor for piano
The governor of Tours, opera
May Song for voice and piano
Scherzino for piano