Emil von Reznicek

Emil von Reznicek (1860–1945)
2 ballads from the Franco-Christian period for Bass voice, Piano (1912)
2 folk songs for Voice, 3 Violins
2 Phantasiestücke for piano (1876)
3 German folk songs from `Des Knaben Wunderhorn` for Voice and Piano (1904)
3 Mélodies for vocal and piano
3 poems by Karl Henckell for Voice, Piano (1905)
3 poems by Martin Drescher for Voice, Piano (1904)
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1905)
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1918)
3 songs of a vagabond for Voice and Piano (1904)
3 Stimmungen for Bass voice (or mezzo-soprano), piano
4 Piano Pieces (1881)
4 praying and singing songs for vocal and piano (1913)
4 Sinfonische Tänze for piano (1924)
7 German folk songs (2nd episode) for chorus and piano (1935)
7 German Folksongs (1st episode) for chorus and piano (1924)
7 Songs for Voice and Piano (1925-30)
A Comedy Overture for orchestra
A dream game, opera (1915)
Allegro alla Polacca for 2 Violins, Viola, Cello (1921)
Bourleske for piano
Carnival suite in the old style for Orchestra (1931)
Chanson de Mai for Voice, Piano
Concert piece for violin and orchestra (1918)
Declaration of love for piano (1943)
Denkes, o Seele!, song for Voice, Piano
Der Glückliche, song for Voice, Piano
Der Tumler for Choir (SATB), Piano
Drinking song for Bass voice, piano
Frühling, song for Voice and Piano
Game or serious, opera (1930)
Gruß aus der Ferne for Choir (SATB), Piano
Grunne-Marsch for Military-Band (1890)
Guardian song for Voice, Piano (1930)
How Till Eulenspiegel lived, Overtüre for orchestra (1900)
Im Maien for Choir (SATB), Piano
Im memoriam for Alto, Tenor soli, Mixed chorus, String orchestra and organ (1915)
Ironie, song for Bass voice, piano
Je veux fuir, song for Voice, Piano
Judith and Holofernes, opera (1923)
Kol Nidrey for Violin (or cello), piano
März, song for Voice, Piano
Madonna on the Rhine, Lullaby for Voice, Piano
Marienruf for Choir (SATB), Piano
Night piece for Violin or Cello and Orchestra
Notturno for Piano (1876)
Opera `Benzin` (1929)
Opera `Donna Diana` (overtures, arias, fragments)
Organ Fantasy
Pavierlied for Choir (SATB), Piano
Peace, cantata for Solo voices (SATB), Mixed Chorus (SATB), Orchestra (1914)
Prelude and chromatic fugue for Orchestra (1904)
Prelude and Fugue for Orchestra (1912)
Probszt-Marsch for piano (1892)
Raskolnikoff, Phantasy Overture for orchestra
Ritter Blaubart
Satuala, opera (1927)
Schelmische Abwehr, song for Voice, Piano (1915)
Scherzino for piano (1881)
Scherzo for Piano (1876)
Schlemihl, Symphonic Life Story for orchestra and tenor solo
Schmied Schmerz, song for Voice, Piano
Schwesterlein, song for Voice, Piano
Serenade in G-dur for string orchestra (1905, 1920)
Serious waltz for piano (1924)
String Quartet in B-flat major (1931)
String Quartet in C minor (1882)
String Quartet in D minor (1922)
String Quartet in E minor (1925-30)
String Quartet No.1 in C sharp minor (1921)
String Quartet No.2 in C-sharp minor (1906)
Symphonische Suite No.1 for orchestra (1882)
Symphonische Suite No.2 for orchestra (1895-96)
Symphony No.1 in d-moll `Tragische` (1902)
Symphony No.2 in B-dur `Ironische` (1904)
Symphony No.5 in fis-moll `Tanzsinfonie` (1904)
Symphony 3 in D-dur, Old Style (1918)
Symphony 4 in f-moll (1919)
S`il revient, song for Voice, Piano
Tantalus for piano (1881)
Tanz, Mägdlein, tanz for Choir (SATB), Piano
The fear of marriage, Operetta (1913)
The gondolier of the doge, opera (1931)
The shipwrecked, song for Voice, Piano (1921)
The stone psalm for Choir (SATB), Organ, Orchestra (1929)
The strange stories of Kapellmeister Kreisler for Orchestra (1921)
The victim, opera (1932)
The winner, cantata for Alto solo, Choir, Orchestra (1913)
Thema und Variationen for Bass-baritone voice and Orchestra
Till Eulenspiegel, opera (1900)
Traumspiel-Suite for Orchestra (1916-21)
Trio for violin, cello and piano (1921)
Vater Unser, Choral-Fantasie for Mixed chorus (SATB) + Organ (optional) (1919)
Verzweiflung, song for Bass voice and piano
Vier Bet- und Bussgesange. Four Songs and a Prayer of the Holy Scriptures
Violin Concerto in e-moll (1918)
Von rechter Lieb und Stätigkeit for Choir (SATB), Piano (1924)
Walzer for piano (1881)

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