Josef Gabriel Rheinberger

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger (1839–1901)
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12 Character Pieces in Canonical Form for piano (1894) op.180
12 Characteristic Pieces for organ (1888) op.156
12 fuguettes for organ, Book 1 op.123b
12 fuguettes for organ, Book 2 op.123b
12 Vortragsstudien op.183
2 Antiphone for mixed chorus (SATB) (1894) WoO 71
2 funeral songs by Klopstock for male chorus (TTBB) (1864)
2 Romantic Songs for chorus and piano op.106
2 Small pieces for organ
2 Songs for chorus and piano (1876) op. 95
2 songs from Goethe`s Faust for vocal and piano (1859) JWV 124
3 Charakterstücke for piano op. 7
3 Duette op.103
3 Four-Part Men`s Choirs op. 44
3 Gesänge op.129
3 Klaviervorträge op. 53
3 Piano Pieces op. 5
3 Piano Pieces op. 78
3 Studien op. 6
3 Vortragsstudien op. 66
3 Vortragsstudien op.101
4 Epic Songs for male choir (1874) op. 86
4 German songs for chorus (1870) op. 48
4 Piano Pieces op. 1
4 six-part motets op.133
4 Songs for Vocal and Piano JWV 127
4 Songs of Memory for chorus op. 24
5 Lieder op. 4
5 Songs for Vocal and Piano JWV 131
5 Tonbilder for piano op. 11
5 Trios for Organ op.189
5 Vortragsstudien op. 9
6 charakteristische Stücke op. 67
6 Marian Hymns for vocal and organ op.171
6 Tonstücke in fugierter Form op. 39
6 Tonstücke in fugierter Form op. 68
7 Lieder op. 26
8 Gesangquartette (1854) JWV 26
9 Motets for Adventmixed chorus (SATB) (1893) op.176
9 Songs for vocal and piano JWV 136
Academic Festive Overture for Orchestra in the Form of a Fugue on six Themes op.195
Adoro te for mixed chorus (SSATTBB) (1879) WoO 52
Akademische Ouverture for Orchestra (1898) op. 19
Aus den Ferientagen op. 72
Autumn Song for male chorus (TTBB) (1882) WoO 58
Ave Maria for voice and organ (1901) WoO 34
Ave maris stella for tenor, bass; mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1854) JWV 161
Bohemian folk song for mixed chorus (SATB) (1857) JWV 98
Capriccio giocoso for piano (1864) op. 43
Carmina sacra, 6 songs for soli, chorus and organ WoO 7
Cello sonata in C-dur op. 92
Christmas Oratorio `Star of Bethlehem` (1890) op.164
Christoforus, cantata for soli, mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1880) op.120
Concerto for organ and orchestra No.1 in F-dur (1884) op.137
Concerto for organ and orchestra No.2 in g-moll (1884) op.177
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in As-dur op. 94
Course of the Contrapuncts (ca.1867/1868)
Die 7 Raben, opera (1869) op. 20
Die Wette, opera (1856) JWV 46
Drei lateinische Hymnen op. 96
Duo for 2 Pianos op. 15
Etude gis-moll WoO 28
Etude und Fugato for piano op. 42
Fantasie for Orchestra op. 79
Fantasie for Piano for 4 Hands es-moll op.179
Fantasiestücke op. 23
Far from the Rhine for male chorus (TTBB) (1884) WoO 19
Festival choir in C Major for mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1855) JWV 49
Fiery Love for male chorus (TTBB) (1874) WoO 42
Five Hymns op.140
For the name festival for 3 male voices (TTB) (1870) WoO 40
Forest Fairy Tale, Concert-Skizze for piano op. 8
From Italy, 3 pieces for piano (1866-67) op. 29
God bless me on this time, choral for mixed chorus (SSATTB) WoO 50
Gondoliera, piece for piano
Graduale in D major for chorus (1855) JWV 32
Graduale in F major for chorus (1891) WoO 68
Herz-Jesu-Hymne for male chorus (1872) WoO 41
Homesickness, song for 4 voices (1859) JWV 126
Humoresken op. 28
Hymn to the art of music for male chorus (TTBB) and orchestra op.179
I walked under the trees, song for 4 voices (SATB) (1858) JWV 106
In der Zechstube, 5 songs male chorus (TTBB) (1872) op. 74
In the castle park, Romance for soprano and harp (1885) WoO 2
Ingeborg`s lawsuit, song for female chorus (SS) and piano JWV 114
Jagd-Szene WoO 1
Joke, cunning and revenge, opera (1854) JWV 28
König Erich, ballade for Mixed chorus and piano (1873) op. 71
Keep watch for male chorus (TTBB) (1882) WoO 61
King and Winzer for male chorus (TTBB) (1891) WoO 23
Klärchen auf Eberstein, Ballade for soli, chorus and orchestra op. 97
Kyrie for chorus (1854) JWV 8
Kyrie for chorus (1856) JWV 51
Liebesleben op. 55
Lockung op. 28
Love Garden, 5 songs for chorus (1874) op. 80
Marian song for soprano and organ (1864) WoO 84
Marienhymne for voice and piano (1899) WoO 30
Mass in A minor (1901) op.197
Mass in B-flat major (1892) op.172
Mass in C major (1891) op.169
Mass in D minor (1853) JWV 2
Mass in E-flat major (1856) JWV 57
Mass in Es-dur `Cantus missae` op.109
Mass in F-dur for male choir and organ op.190
Mass in g-moll for female choir and organ op.187
Mater illimi generasse partu for male chorus (TTBB) (1870)
Mayday, 5 Intermezzo for female chorus (SSA), piano (1872) op. 64
Meditationen, 12 pieces for organ op.167
Messe in f-moll op.159
Miscellaneen, 12 pieces for organ op.174
Miserere for mixed chorus (SATB/SATB) and organ (1854) JWV 11
Miserere for soli, chorus and organ (1878) WoO 7.4
Missa Misericordias Domini for Mixed Choir and Organ op.192
Missa Puerorum for voice and organ op. 62
Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis op.117
Missa St. Crucis for Chorus (SATB) a cappella (1881) op.151
Monologues for organ op.162
Moonlit night, song for tenor and piano (1857) JWV 82
Morning Star of the Dark Night, song for vocal and piano (or chorus) WoO 17
Mrs. Gertraud, romance for mixed chorus (SATTB) (1865) JWV 145
Nimm mich, o Herr, in deine Hut for mixed chorus (SATB) and strings (1879) WoO 51
Nonet in Es-dur op.139
O Lord, hear my prayer, motet for 2 mixed choruses (1857) JWV 163
O star of the stars for mixed chorus (1881) WoO 57
Offertorium for soli, chorus and orchestra (1854) JWV 20
Offertorium for soli, chorus and orchestra (1855) JWV 33
Offertorium in E-flat major for mixed chorus (1856) JWV 74
Offertorium in E-flat major for tenor; mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1857) JWV 7
Old German Minnelied for mixed chorus (SSTB) (ca. 1860) WoO 82
Oster-Hymne op.134
Our Father, motet for 2 mixed choruses (1854) JWV 14
Overture for orchestra to Schiller`s Demetrius op.110
Overture to Shakespeare`s play `The Taming of the Shrew` op. 18
Peace, vocal Terzett (1870) WoO 39
Piano Quartet in E-flat major op. 38
Piano Quintet in C-dur op.114
Piano Sonata for 4 Hands c-moll op.122
Piano Sonata No.1 in C-dur op. 47
Piano Sonata No.2 in Des-dur op. 99
Piano Sonata No.3 in Es-dur op.135
Piano Sonata No.4 in F-sharp minor op.184
Piano Trio No.1 in d-moll op. 34
Piano Trio No.2 in A-dur op.112
Piano Trio No.3 in B-dur op.121
Piano Trio No.4 in F-dur op.191
Pianofortestudien für die linke Hand allein op.113
Please, choral for voice and physharmonica (1856) JWV 125
Poor Heinrich, Singspiele (1863) op. 37
Praise the name of the Lord, cantata for mixed chorus (SATB) and organ (1853) JWV 4
Preis und Anbetung, Motette for chorus (1895) WoO 24
Prelude and Fuge op. 33
Prelude and Fugue in c-moll JWV 16
Prelude in C minor for organ
Prelude in E minor for organ
Preludes in Etude for piano op. 14
Reigenlied for female chorus (SS), piano (1900) WoO 76
Requiem in B-flat minor (1865/1870) op. 60
Requiem in d-moll op.194
Requiem in Es-dur op. 84
Requiem in F minor (1857) JWV 108
Requiem B-flat major (1877) WoO 46
Salve Regina for mixed chorus (SATB) (1873) WoO 54.1
Sanctus in B-flat major (1855) JWV 156
Sanctus in C major (1854) JWV 17
Sanctus in F major (1854) JWV 8b
Sea calm and happy ride for mixed chorus (SATB) and Orchestra (1855) JWV 38
Sechs religiöse Gesänge op.157
Sextet in F-dur for Piano and Winds op.191b
Six Hymns op.118
Six pieces for Violine and Organ op.150
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano es-minor op.105a
Sonata for Horn and Piano in Es-dur op.178
Sonata for organ No. 1 in c-moll op. 27
Sonata for organ No. 2 in As-dur op. 65
Sonata for organ No. 3 in G-dur op. 88
Sonata for organ No. 4 in a-moll op. 98
Sonata for organ No. 5 in fis-moll op.111
Sonata for organ No. 6 in es-moll op.119
Sonata for organ No. 7 in f-moll op.127
Sonata for organ No. 8 in e-moll op.132
Sonata for organ No. 9 in b-moll op.142
Sonata for organ No.10 in h-moll op.146
Sonata for organ No.11 in d-moll op.148
Sonata for organ No.12 in Dis-dur (1888) op.154
Sonata for organ No.13 in Es-dur (1889) op.161
Sonata for organ No.14 in C-dur op.165
Sonata for organ No.15 in D-Dur op.168
Sonata for organ No.16 in gis-moll op.175
Sonata for organ No.17 in B-dur op.181
Sonata for organ No.18 in A-dur op.188
Sonata for organ No.19 in g-moll op.193
Sonata for organ No.20 in F-dur `Zur Friedensfeier` op.196
Sonata for Piano 4-hands in C minor op.122
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1 in Es-dur op. 77
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2 in e-moll op.105
Song of praise for female or children chorus (SSA), organ (1865) JWV 143
Spring song for mixed chorus (SATB) (1859) JWV 117
Spring song in February for male chorus (TTBB) (1858) JWV 109
Stabat Mater for 2 mixed choruses and continuo (1854) JWV 12
Stabat Mater for soli, mixed chorus(SATB) and Orchestra op. 16
Stabat Mater in g-moll for choir and orchestra (organ) op.138
String Quartet No.1 in C minor (1876) op. 89
String Quartet No.2 in F major op.147
String Quintet in a-moll op. 82
Studien über ein Thema von Handel op. 45
Suite for organ, violin and cello op.149
Suite for Violin and Organ in C-dur op.166
Summer night for male chorus (TTBB) (1854) JWV 160
Sun and Moon for male chorus (TTBB) (1891) WoO 79
Symphony in F major `Florentine` (1874) op. 87
Tarantelle for Piano 4 hands op. 13
Ten Trios for Organ op. 49
The Daughter of the Jairus, Cantata for Children`s Chorus and Orchestra (1863) op. 32
The magic word, Singspiele (1888) op.153
The mother in the grave for mixed chorus (SSATTB) (1859) JWV 159
The Valley of the Espingo, ballada for male chorus (TTBB), orchestra (1869) op. 50
The Water Fairy for chorus and piano op. 21
Thema mit Veränderungen op. 93
Thema mit Veränderungen op. 61
Three Sacred chants op. 69
Times and Moods, 7 songs for vocal and piano op. 41
To celebrate the Charwoche for mixed chorus (SATB), organ op. 46
To Germany, Hymne for vocal and piano (ca. 1875) WoO 38
Toccata c-moll op.115
Toccata e-moll op.104
Toccata for Piano op. 12
Toccatina g-moll op. 19
Toggenburg, 7 songs for Soli (SATB), mixed chorus, piano (1874) op. 76
Trio in G minor for organ
Variations on Motives from ´Die Zauberflöte` op. 51
Vesper for mixed chorus (SATB), organ (1858) JWV 104
Waldbächlein for mixed chorus (SATB) (1885) WoO 14
Waldblumen, eight songs for choir on verses by Franz Alfred Muth op.124
Wanderers Night Song for alto, piano (1900) WoO 74
Wedding song for mixed chorus (SATB) (1896) WoO 18
White and Blue, Hymn for mixed chorus, brass band (1880) WoO 8
Zum Abschied op. 59
`Wallenstein`, symphonic paintings for large orchestra (1866) op. 10

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