James Hotchkiss Rogers


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3 Songs for Vocal and Piano
3 Organ Pieces
4 Organ Pieces
4 Pieces for Organ (1904?)
4 Pieces for Piano, Op.53
5 Quatrains from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám for Voice and piano
5 Organ Pieces
6 Short Pieces for Organ
In Memoriam, A Cycle of Songs for Voice and Piano
Moods, 4 songs for Voice and piano
Wonderland Folk, 5 pieces for Piano, Op.50
A Call to Worship, anthem for mixed chorus and organ
Be Ye Therefore Followers of God, anthem for SATB, tenor solo with organ
I Will Wash My Hands, anthem for soprano solo, SATB chorus, organ
Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies` Sake, anthem for SATB, soprano solo with organ
Sing, O Daughter of Zion!, anthem for soprano solo, mixed chorus and organ
Arioso in the Ancient Style for Organ
Great Peace Have They which Love Thy Law, Hymn for Solo voice and Organ
The Man of Nazareth, A Lenten cantata for soprano, tenor and baritone soli, mixed chorus and organ
Cantilène in A major for Organ
Berceuse in A major for Organ
Concert Overture for Organ in B minor
Madrigal for Organ
International Fantasy for Organ
Reverie for Organ in F major
Miniature Suite for Organ
A Prayer for Voice and piano
The Star, song for Medium voice and Piano
A Love Note, Song for Voice and piano
At Parting, song for vocal and pianoforte
Ecstasy, song for high voice and piano
Wind Song for Voice and piano
Preludes and Intermezzos for Organ
Prelude and Fughetta for Organ
Processional March for Organ
The Lord is my Strength, psalm for for SATB with organ
Out of the Depths, psalm for Solo voice and Piano
Lift up Your Heads, psalm for SATB with organ
Bridal Song for Organ
Organ Sonata No.1 in E minor (1909?)
Organ Sonata No.2 in D minor
Organ Sonata No.3 in B-flat major
Sonatina for Organ
Sonatina No.2 in F minor for Organ
Sortie in F major for Organ
Suite No.1 for Organ In G minor (1905)
Suite No.2 for Organ In F minor (1915)
Toccata No.2 in C minor for Organ
But - They Didn`t, Chorus (TTBB) and Piano
Some Reckon Time by Stars, Chorus for TTBB voices
The Snow-Storm, Chorus for SSAA voices and piano
This is She, Chorus for TTBB voices and Piano
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