Joseph-Guy Ropartz

Joseph-Guy Ropartz (1864–1955)
2 choirs with three equal voices
2 Pieces for Wind Quintet
2 Poèmes for Voice and Piano (1913)
3 Méditations for Organ (1917)
3 prières for Voice and Organ (1925)
4 Mélodies for Voice and piano (1907)
4 Odelettes for Voice and Orchestra (1913)
4 Poems of the intermezzo for Voice and Piano (1899)
5 Pièces Brèves for Orchestra
A Sunday prelude for piano (1928-29)
Adagio for Cello solo and orchestra (1899)
Andante and Allegro for Piano and Trumpet
Andante et Allegro Trompette et Piano
Autumn sketch for piano
Autumn Song for Vocal and Piano (1905)
Ave Maria
Ave verum
Bell of the dead, Symphonic Poem (1887)
Bell Sounds, Symphonic Poem
Berceuse for vocal and piano (1894)
Bourbourese jams for Piccolo, oboe, drum, and strings (1939)
Caprice Valse
Carnaval, Impromptu symphonique for orchestra (1889)
Cello sonata No.1 in g-moll (1904)
Cello sonata No.2 in a-moll (1919)
Check out, song for voice and piano (1902)
Choral varié
Dans l`Ombre de la Montagne
Divertimento for Orchestra (1948)
Divertissement for Orchestra (1915)
Entrata e Scherzetto for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon
Evening in the Meadows of Les Chaumes, Symphonic Poem
Fantaisie brève sur un thème unique sur le nom de Magnard (1916)
Fantaisie in D major for orchestra (1897)
Farewell Poem for Voice and Piano (1905)
First Love
Fisherman from Iceland, Drame (1889-91)
Fishermen of Iceland, Music for the play
Five Motets for choir
Five motets for choir with organ improvisations
Four short odes for soprano and orchestra (1913)
French songs for children for Voice and Piano (1916)
Fugue in E minor for Organ (1894)
Hic vir despiciens mundum
Holy Virgin, song for Voice and Piano/Organ
Hunting of Prince Arthur, Symphonic Poem (1912)
Impromptu for Harp (1927)
In memory of Paul Dukas, piece for piano (1936)
In the Shadow of the Mountain, suite for piano (1913)
Intermède for organ (1894)
Introduction et Allegro Moderato for Organ (1917)
It is raining, song for Voice and Piano (1907)
Jeunes filles - 5 esquisses pour piano
Jeunes filles, 5 pieces for piano (1929)
Kanovenno Santel for Voice (with harmonization)
Lamento for Oboe/Violin and orchestra
Le miracle de Saint Nicolas
Le Pays, Opera, 1910
Les vepres sonnent
L`Indiscret, ballet (1931-32)
Mass in honor of Sainte Odile
Mass Te Deum laudamus
Messe Breve in honor of Sainte Anne
Musiques au jardin (1916-17)
Near a Stream, song for Voice and Piano (1908)
Nocturne for piano No. 2
Nocturne for piano No. 3
Nocturne for piano 1
Oedipus at Colonus, Music for the play
Ouverture, variations et final for piano
Pastorale et danses for oboe and Orchestra
Pastorales for orchestra (1950)
Pastorales, Symphonic Poem (1950)
Petite Symphonie (1943)
Pièce for Trombone and Piano
Pièce in B minor for 2 pianos (1900)
Piano Trio in A minor (1918)
Piece On a Breton theme for organ (1894)
Prélude funèbre for Organ (1896)
Prelude, Marine et Chansons for flute, violin, cello and harp (1928)
Prière for Baritone and Orchestra (1893)
Prince Arthur`s Hunt, Étude symphonique for orchestra (1912)
Psaume 129 for bass, chorus & orchestra (1942)
Psaume 136
Quatre poèmes d`après l`Intermezzo d`Heinrich Heine
Requiem for soloists, chorus & orchestra (1937)
Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra
Romanza et Scherzino for violin Orchestra (1927)
Rural serenade for orchestra (1932)
Salve Regina
Scherzo for piano
Scherzo for Piano (1916)
Serenade for bowed instruments (ca.1892)
Small pieces for piano 4 hands (1903)
Soir sur les chaumes, piece for orchestra (1913)
Sonata for violin and piano No.1 in D-dur (1907)
Sonata for violin and piano No.2 in E-dur (1918)
Sonata for violin and piano No.3 in A-dur (1927)
Sonatine for Flute and Piano (1930)
Sortie in B-flat major for organ (1896)
Sounds of Bells, 3 pieces for orchestra
String quartet No.1 in g-moll (1893)
String quartet No.2 (1894)
String quartet No.3 (1919)
String quartet No.4 in E-dur (1933)
String quartet No.5 in D-dur (1940)
String quartet No.6 in F-dur (1948)
String Trio in A minor (1934-35)
Sub tuum praesidium
Summer Sketches, 5 pieces for piano (1918)
Symphony No.1
Symphony No.2
Symphony No.3
Symphony No.4
Symphony No.5
The bell of the dead, Breton landscape for orchestra (1887)
The dream on the sand, 5 songs for Voice and Piano (1913-14)
The Landes, Breton landscape for Orchestra (1888)
The right hours, 3 songs for Voice and Piano
The road, song for Voice and Piano (1913)
The sea, song for voice and piano (1893)
To Mary asleep, Esquisse symphonique (1911)
Un Prélude Dominical et Six Pièces à danser pour chaque jour de la semaine
Vespers of the Common Saints for Organ
Wish, song for voice and piano

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