Alec Rowley

Alec Rowley (1892–1958)
2 Album Leaves for piano op. 16
3 Pieces for Violin, Cello and Piano
3 Quiet Preludes for organ
30 Melodic and Rhythmic Studies for piano op. 42
4 Contrasted Pieces for violin, piano
4 Pieces for viola, piano
4 Seasonal Improvisations for organ
5 Improvisations for organ
6 Impromptus for flute, piano (1919) op. 31
6 Poems for piano
6 Short Dance Impressions for piano 4-hands op. 41
7 Preludes on All the Intervals for piano
9 Hymn-Tune Voluntaries for organ
A Book of Voluntaries for organ
A Chinese Suite for piano op. 20
A Christmas Carol for piano (1921)
A Cycle of Three Mystical Songs for vocal and piano
A Flower Suite for piano op. 10
Adagio in E-flat major for organ
Album of Organ Pieces
Andante religioso for organ op. 64
Benedictus for organ
Choral Prelude on `Belmont` for organ
Choral Prelude on `St. Clements` for organ
Choral Prelude on `St. George` for organ
Choral Prelude on `St. Hugh` for organ
Choral Prelude on `St. Mary` for organ
Choral Prelude on `Surrey` for organ
Chorale Preludes Based on Famous Hymn Tunes for organ
Christmas Suite for organ
Concert Etude No.3 for piano
Concerto for Piano, Strings and Percussion 1 in D-dur, Op.49
Contemplation for organ
Contemplation on `Hawkhurst` for organ
Cotswold Love, song for Voice, piano
Early English Sonatinas for piano
Elegy by Ireland John (arr.) for organ
Elves for organ
English Dance Suite for piano (1910)
Evening Mists for piano
Fantasia on Veni Emmanuel for organ
Fantasy Studies for the 2nd Year for piano op. 13
Festal Prelude for organ op. 5
Festival March for organ
Fileuse for organ
First Rhapsody for piano op. 43
Heroic Suite for organ
How far is it to Bethlehem?, song for voice, piano
Keltic March for organ
Lyric Sonata for Cello (or viola) and piano
Meditation for string orchestra and organ
Meditation on `Conditor alme` for organ
Meditation on `Melcombe` for organ
Miniature Concerto for piano and Orchestra
Miniature Suite for Violin and Orchestra
Morris Dance for piano four-hands
Nocturne 1 in b-moll
Nocturne 2 in D♭ major for piano
Nocturne 3 in G major for piano
Nocturne 4 in E major for piano
Nocturne 5 in F major for piano
North Sea Fantasies for piano op. 15
Organ Sonata in A minor
Organ Sonatina
Organ Symphony No.1
Organ Symphony No.2
Outward Bound, Suite for Piano
Pastoral Elegy for violin, piano
Pavan for organ
Piano Sonata No. 2 in D major
Picardy for organ
Plainsong Preludes for organ
Poetical Studies for piano op. 41
Polka-Burlesque for piano
Polly Perkins, English Dance for piano
Postlude on `Regent Square` for organ
Rhapsody No.2 for organ
Rigadoon for violin, piano
Rivulet for piano
Rustic Suite for organ
Second Benedictus for organ
Selected Progressive Studies for piano
Shepherds Loud Their Praises Singing for SATB, organ
Solemn Adagio for organ
Soliloquy for organ
Song of Creation for organ
Suite for Organ
Tambourin for piano 6-hands
The Festival of Pan for piano (1916-19) op. 33
The Four Winds for organ
The Midnight Hunter of Dartmoor, Legend for piano
The Sixty-Fifth Psalm for organ
Toccata for Organ
Toccata for Piano No.2
Triptych for organ
Triumph Song for organ
Two Twilight Plays