Frederic Rzewski

Frederic Rzewski (Born 1938)
10 War Songs for Piano (2008)
13 Studies for Instruments (1977)
16 Sneakers for Solo Viola or Several Violas (2012)
3 Piano Pieces (2011)
3 Pieces for soprano saxophone, trombone, piano (1981)
6 Novelettes for Piano Left Hand (2005)
96, Canon for 5 instruments (2003)
A Brief History of Summer for 3 flutes and orchestra (1983)
A Life (1992)
A Long Time Man for piano and Orchestra (1979-80)
A Machine for 2 Pianos (1984)
Aerial Tarts for Flute, saxophone, violin, cello, piano, percussion (1990)
Ages for piano (2017)
Andante con moto for piano (1991)
Antigone Legend for Soprano and Piano (1983)
Ballade No.5 for piano (1979)
Ballade No.6 for Harpsichord or Piano (1980)
Blah for 8 wind instruments (2009)
Blah for 8 wind instruments (2009)
Bring Them Home for 2 pianos, 2 percussionists and orchestra (2004)
Brussels Diary for Flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (2010)
Bumps for piano (1990)
Cadenza (con o senza Beethoven) for piano (2003)
Chain of Thought for piano (1953)
Chains for Narrator and 3-4 instruments (1986)
Coming Together (1971)
Crusoe for 4-8 singing instrumentalists (1993)
De Profundis (1992)
Dear Diary, 5 songs for voice and piano (2014)
Demons for violin and piano (2017)
Down by the Riverside
Dreadful memories
Dreams, 8 pieces for piano (2012-14)
Dust for piano (2003)
Egyptian Songs for Voice and Piano (1982)
Etude for Piano (2010)
Falling Music for Piano and optional sound sculpture (1971)
Family Scenes for 10 winds, piano and double bass (1995)
Fantasia (1999)
Flowers 1 for Speaking pianist (2009)
Flowers 2 for alto saxophone (E♭) + xylophone + piano (2009)
Fortune for 4 Violas (players also speaking) (2005)
Fougues (1994)
Four Pieces (1977)
Happy Birthday for voice solo (1999)
Hard Cuts for piano and any accompanying instruments (2011)
Histories for saxophone quartet (1993)
Holes for 4-8 Players (1993)
Honk for Tuba (2004)
Introduction and Sonata for 2 Pianos (1959)
Jefferson, song for Solo voice, piano (or organ) (1974)
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier for piano (2003)
Knight, Death, and Devil for Ensemble (2007-08)
Last Judgement for Trombone (1969)
Les Moutons de Panurge (To Behave Like a Lot of Sheep) (1969)
Les Moutons des Panurge for Any number of musicians or non musicians playing anything (1969)
Logique, song for Solo voice, flute/piccolo, cello, and piano (1997)
Lost and Found for Speaking percussionist (1985)
Love Song for Voice and any solo instrument (1987)
Ludes, Book 1 (Nos. 1-12) (1990)
Ludes, Book 2 (Nos. 13-24) (1991)
Main Drag for 9 or more players (1999)
Mary`s Dream for for female voice, contrabass clarinet, violoncello, percussion and piano (1984)
Mayakovsky for Speaker, String Quartet, and Piano (1985)
Mayn Yingele (My Little Son) (1988-9)
Michael Bakunin, Rentier for Piano (with speaking part for pianist) (2000)
Mollitude for Flute (2006)
Moonrise With Memories (1978)
Nano Sonatas, Book 1 for piano (2007)
Nano Sonatas, Book 2 for piano (2006)
Nano Sonatas, Book 3 for piano (2007-2009)
Nano Sonatas, Book 4 for piano (2007)
Nano Sonatas, Book 5 for piano (2008)
Nano Sonatas, Book 6 (2008)
Nano Sonatas, Book 7 (2009-10)
Nano Sonatas, Book 8 for piano (2010)
Natural Things for Ensemble (2007)
NIght Crossing with Fisherman (1994)
No More War for 8 voices (2005)
No Place to Go But Around for piano (1974)
North American Ballads (Dreadful Memories, Which Side Are You On?, Down by the Riverside, Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues) (1978-9
Notasonata for violin and piano (2015)
Nothing Changes, song for Voice and piano (1976)
Ode to the Deserter for SATB voices, keyboard or bass (2013)
Pennywhistlers for recorder (1981)
Pfi for 2 flutes, piano, cello, percussion (1963)
Piano Trio (1998)
Pocket Symphony (2000)
Poem for Piano (1959)
Reeds for 5 winds (2009)
Requiem for Male speaker, bass choir [at least 4 voices in unison], tubular chimes, wood block, and four drones (1963/1967)
Roses for 8 players (1989)
Rubinstein in Berlin for Speaking pianist (2008)
Saints & Sinners for piano (2016)
Satires for violin and piano (2015)
Schtick for Clarinet solo or soprano saxophone solo (1990)
Scratch Symphony for Orchestra (1997)
Snacks for for solo voice (1981)
Snaps for 2 violins, viola, cello, piano (2005)
Snippets No.1 for Speaker and piano (1994)
Snippets No.2 for Speaker and piano (1994-2006)
Sonata (1991)
Song and Dance for Flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone, and double bass (1977)
Songs of Insurrection for piano (2016)
Spells for piano (2004)
Spiritus for 4 recorders and percussion (1997)
Spoils for Various (2005)
Spots for open instrumentation for 4 voices (1986)
Steptangle for Piano and foot stamps (1999)
Stop the Testing, Canon (1995)
String Quartet (1955)
Study I for piano (1961)
Study II for piano (1961)
Tabakrauch for piano (1953)
The Fall of the Empire for Speaking percussionist (2007)
The Housewife`s Lament (1980)
The Liar, song for Solo voice and piano (1983)
The Lost Melody for Clarinet, Piano and 2 Percussionists (1989)
The Love of Money, song for Voice and Piano (1993)
The Price of Oil for 2 speakers, 2 instrumental groups (1980)
The Road (Tramps, Stops) (1995-7)
The Road (Turns, Tracks) (1995-7)
The silence of infinite spaces for any solo instrument, female (or children`s) chorus, 7 orchestral groups and tape (1980)
The Triumph of Death, music-theatre for any number of voices and string quartet (1987-88)
The Turtle and the Crane
The Waves for Speaker and a group of musicians (1988)
Tinkleberries for various (1980s)
To His Coy Mistress for Singing or speaking pianist (1988)
To the Earth for Speaking percussionist (1985)
Trio for Trumpet, Flute, and Pianoforte (1956)
Wails for ensemble (1984)
Whangdoodles for Violin, piano, percussion (1990)
When the Wind Blows for 2 pianos (1996-2002)
Which side are you on?
Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues (1980)
Winter Nights for piano (2014)
`The People United Will Never Be Defeated` - 36 variations on El Pueblo unido jamas sera vencido