Giacinto Scelsi

Giacinto Scelsi (1905–1988)
12 Preludes for Piano (1936-40)
4 Illustrazioni for Piano, 1953
5 Incantesimi for Piano, 1953
Action Music for Piano, nine parts, (1955)
Alleluia for cello solo, 1970
Anahit (violin and orchestra, 1965)
Antifona [sul nome Gesu], for male choir and tenor solo (1970)
Arc-en-Ciel, for two Violins (1973)
Ave Maria (1970)
Ballata, for Cello and Orchestra (1945)
Canti del Capricorno
Capriccio for Piano (1940)
Coelocanth for viola solo, three parts (1955)
Dithome for Cello (1957)
Divertimento 3 for solo violin in 4 parts. (1955)
Divertimento 4 for solo violin, 4 parts (1955)
Folk song for an ensemble of voices.
Four Pieces for Trumpet Solo, 1956
Four Poems for piano (1934 - 37)
I Capricci di Ty, Suite No. 6 for Piano (1939)
I presagi (1958) fur 10 Instrumentalisten
IXOR for reed instrument (1956)
Ko-Lho (1966) for flute and clarinet
Ko-Tha - three dance of Shiva, for Guitar (1967), or Bass (version 1972) or six-stringed cello (version 1978)
Konx-Om-Pax, (1969) for orchestra and mixed choir
Krishna e Radha (1986) for flute and piano
La Nascita del Verbo, cantata for choir and orchestra, 1948
L`ame ailee (1974)
L`ame ouverte (1974)
Manto for viola solo / female voice (1957)
Mantram canto anonimo. Option for double bass
Piano Sonata No. 2 (1939)
Piano Sonata No. 3 (1939)
Piano Sonata 4
Piano Suite No. 5 (ten parts), 1937
Piano Suite No. 8, 1952
Piccola Suite (1953)
Pranam for soprano, 12 instruments and tape
Preghiera per un`ombra for clarinet solo (1954)
Preludes for Piano, Serie III
Preludes for Piano, Serie IV
Preludies for Piano, Serie II
Pwyll for flute solo. 1954
Rites funeral of Achilles, for percussion (4 artist) 1962
Rites: Burial of Charlemagne (814), for cello and percussion (1967)
Rites: the burial of Alexander the Great (323 BC.) for contrabassoon, tubes, electronic, percussion and double bass (1963)
Sauh II, Liturgy for voice and tape, 1973
Seven songs from the series `Canti del Capricorni` for voice and percussion, 1962-72
String Quartet No. 1, 1944
String Quartet No. 2, 1961
String Quartet No. 3, 1963
String Quartet No. 5 (1974/85)
String quartet 4 (1964)
String Trio (1958)
Suite for Flute and B flat Clarinet
Suite for Piano No. 9, 1953
Suite No. 10 for Piano (seven parts, 1954)
Suite No. 11 for Piano (10 parts, 1956)
Tetratkis, for Flute
Three Etudes for Solo Viola (1956)
To the Master, for Cello and Piano (1974)
Tre Canti di primayera per voce e pianoforte (1933)
Tre canti sacri, for mixed choir (1958)
Tre pezzi, for saxophone (1956)
Tre pezzi, for trombone (1956)
Tre studi (1954) for clarinet solo
Trio for vibraphone, marimba and percussion in 2 parts. (1950)
Twelve Minor Prophets. Suite 2 for Piano (12 parts, 1930)
Uaxuctum `The Legend of the Maya City which destroyed itself for religious reasons` for 4 vocal soloists, ondes martenot solo, mixed choir and orchestra (1966)
Un Adieu for Piano (1988)
Variations and Fugue for piano, 1940
Xnoybis (1964) for flute and clarinet
Yliam, for female choir (1964)
`Aitsi`. Option for an acoustic piano
`Aitsi`. Option for the synthesizer
`Alleluia` (1970)
`Anagamin` for twelve strings (1965)
`Duo` for violin and cello (1965)
`Elegia per Ty` for Viola and Cello (1958)
`Elohim` for string quartet, two violins, solo, two electric violins and two cellos (1965/1967)
`Ho` for soprano (1960)
`Hyxos` for alto flute and percussion in 3 parts. 1955
`In Nomine Lucis` for organ, 1984
`Maknongan` (1976)
`Natura renovatur` for eleven string instruments (1967)
`Okanagon` (1968) for Harp, Double bass and Tam-Tam
`Pranam 2` for an ensemble of strings and brass. (1973)
`Quattro pezzi` for orchestra
`Quays` for alto flute solo. 1954
`Rotative` for 2 pianos
`Rucke di guck` for piccolo and oboe in 3 parts. 1957
`TKRDG` for votes, sitar and percussion, three parts (1968)
`Yamaon` for a voice and five instruments in 5 parts. (1953)