Anton Schmoll

ANTON SCHMOLL (1841–1931)

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100 Petites Études for piano op.136-140
3 Chansons populaires for piano op. 27-29
3 Poetic Thoughts for piano op. 39
300 Préludes for piano op.131-132
4 Bluettes enfantines for piano op. 36
4 Morceaux caractéristiques for piano op. 51-54
80 Middle studies for piano op.116-119
Ave Maria for Voice and piano (or harmonium)
Brennus, Original Gaulish March for piano op. 45
Folies bachiques, Caprice brillant for piano op. 11
Venetian Gondaline, piece for piano op. 76
Springtime, Suite de valses for piano op. 30
Souvenir d`Inspruck, Varied Tyrolean for Piano op. 42
The double star, Valse brillante for piano op. 75
The country pleasures, 3 Esquisses de genre for piano op. 31-33
Complaints and regrets, Méditation for piano op. 15
Jocelyne, Valse brillante for piano op. 26
La cosmopolite, Polka for piano op. 48
The melodic setting, Paraphrases for piano op.111-115
The New Year`s Pianist, 25 pieces for piano op. 50
Nights of Tehran, Original Persian March for Piano op. 46
The songbird, Mazurka de salon for piano op. 44
Les Sylphides, Dances for piano op. 81-90
A tear, Élégie for piano op. 25
The union, Valses for piano op. 47
Marche Celtique for piano op.127
Small original fantasies and on famous themes for piano in 4 hands op. 55-58
Petit nocturne for piano op.147
Melody Pictures for Study and Recreation for piano
Tarantelle Napolitaine for piano op. 74
New theoretical, practical and recreational Piano Method op. 91-99
Berceuse originale for piano op. 71
Ronde Provençale for piano op.148
Sportmen-polka for piano op. 17
Alsatian Waltz for piano op. 41
Studies and Study-Pieces for piano
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