Ludwig Schytte

Ludwig Schytte (1848–1909)
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10 Histories for piano op. 70
10 Kleine Plaudereien for piano
12 Children`s Pieces for piano op. 33
12 piano pieces to class op.113
12 pieces for piano op. 80
2 Konzertstücke for 2 pianos op. 15
2 Piano Pieces
2 Valses for piano op.102
20 Caracteristic Pieces for piano op. 26
25 Melodious Studies for piano op.108
25 Modern, easy and progressive studies for piano op. 68
3 Albumblätter for cello and piano op. 47
3 Etudes de Concert for piano op. 48
3 Fairy-tales According to H.C. Andersen for piano
3 Musical Illustrations for piano
30 Easy and Melodious Studies for piano op. 66
4 Character Pieces for piano op. 12
4 Songs for Vocal and Piano
5 Albumblätter for piano op. 54
5 Character Pieces for piano op. 3
6 Brilliant Exercises for piano op. 99
6 Brilliant Lecture Etudes for piano op. 73
6 Instructive Lecture Studies for piano op. 90
6 Moderne Sonatinen for piano op. 76
8 Melodic Sketches for piano op.129
8 Sketches for piano op. 98A
8 Tone Sketches for piano op.121
A Dream, piece for piano
Adventure, piece for piano op.107
Barcarolle for Piano and Strings op. 60
Cantilena for piano
Caprices et Fantasies for piano op. 63
Easy characteristic Etudes for piano op. 95
Etudes-Poésies for piano op. 40
Fairy Tale, piece for piano
Five Piano Duets for two equal players
Forward, piece for piano
From Happy Children, 12 pieces for piano op. 69
Gavotte for piano
Kinder-Suite for Piano 4 hands, strings, toys, percussion, voice ad lib. op.142
Kinder-Symphonie for Piano 4 hands, strings, toys op. 81
Lyrical little piece for piano op. 55
Melodic Lecture Studies in All Keys for piano op.159
Melodic Special Etudes for piano op. 75
Melody for piano
Moonlight Walks, 6 pieces for piano op. 43
Morning serenade for piano
Musical Caleidoscope, 12 pieces for piano in 4 hands op.112
Musical Picture Book for piano op. 29
Musical Pictures for Little People for piano op. 94
Nature moods, pieces for piano op. 22
Noble Waltz for Piano (1896) op.101
Pantomimes, 7 pieces for piano in 4 hands op. 30
Petits Préludes for piano op. 65
Piano Concerto op. 28
Piano Sonata in B-flat major op. 53
Piazza del Popolo, Small Italian suite for piano op.110
Polonaise brillante for Piano op. 11
Rococo, 6 pieces for piano op. 45
Romance for Violin and piano
Small, easy suites for violin, cello, piano op.132
Staccato-Etüde for piano op. 57
The Magic Lantern, 8 pieces for piano op. 98
The Modern Art of Lecture for piano op.106
The Nightingale, piece for piano
The School of Modern Piano Playing (1910?) op.174
The Steadfast Tin Soldier, piece for piano
Youth Joy, 14 pieces for piano op. 97

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