Giovanni Sgambati

Giovanni Sgambati (1841–1914)
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2 Pezzi for Violin & Piano op.24
3 notturni for piano: No.1 in B-dur op.20/1
3 notturni for piano: No.2 in G-dur op.20/2
3 notturni for piano: No.3 in c-moll op.20/3
Benedizione nuziale (Wedding blessing), for organ op.30
Cola di Rienzo, ouverture (1866)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in g-moll (1880) op.15
Deux etudes de concert for piano (1880) op.10
Fantasie alpestri
Fogli Volanti, for piano (1879-1880) op.12
Gavotta in as-moll for piano (1880) op.14
Impromptus I for piano. Allegretto in Es-dur op.29/1
Impromptus II for piano. Allegro moderato in B-dur op.29/2
Impromptus III for piano. Allegretto grazioso in Es-dur op.29/3
Impromptus IV for piano. Animato allegramente in E-dur
Impromptus V for piano. Andantino in A-dur
Impromptus VI for piano. Allegro appassionato in fis-moll
Introduction and Brilliant Etude for Piano
La Gondoliera, for violin and piano op.29 (?)
Lyric Pieces for Piano (1890) op.23
Melodies poetiques for piano (1903) op.36
Minuet by L. van Beethoven. Piano Transcription
Nocturne for Piano in D Flat Major (1897) op.31
Nocturne for Piano in E Major (1897) op.33
Nocturne for Piano in G Major
Nocturne in B Major per l`album di Bellini `Per l`album di Bellini`
Pezzi di seguito, for piano op.18
Piano Quintet 1 in f-moll (1866) op. 4
Piano Quintet 2 in B-dur (1876) op. 5
Prelude et Fugue in es-moll for piano (1876) op. 6
Requiem op.38
Romanza in A-dur for piano (1878) op.posth
Sérénade Valsée for piano op.posth
Serenatina for piano
String Quatet 1 in d-moll (1864)
String Quatet 2 in cis-moll (1882) op.17
Suite for piano in h-moll (1888) op.21
Symphony No.1 in D-dur (1880) op.16
Symphony No.2 in E-flat major (1885)
Transcription for piano of Melody from the opera of `Orpheus`
Transcription for piano of Serenata from the Sinfonia
Triumphant Etude for Piano op.posth
Trois Morceaux for piano(1909-1910) op.42

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