Alexey Shmurak

Alexey Shmurak (Born 1986)
A Beaver Was Living (2013)
Babylon, for piano
But the Day is not the Day Gives Way To, for a voice, the words by Nick Skandiaki (2013)
Carrot Juice, for Flute (2013)
Chamber Opera, poems by Dmitry Averianov (2016)
Do not prompt, for a synthesizer (2012)
Elina, for wind and keyboard, 2014
Existing Voices for Piano and Keys (2013)
Farewell, for oboe, double bass and piano
Figaro, for Piano and Chamber Orchestra, three parts (2011/2012)
Four poems of Czeslaw Milosz (2011)
Fox, for Piano and Wind Quintet, 2015
Freedom, for Trumpet (2013)
Gloomy Lion, for piano (1993)
Greed, for Flute and Clarinet (2013)
Grey Concert for quintet (2013)
histerucal dog: pedestrian regiment of ninety three
Horcruxes for Violin and Cello (2014)
Hysterical Dog: An Empty Being
hysterical dog: army
hysterical dog: barmaglot
hysterical dog: cool station
hysterical dog: donuts
hysterical dog: evening
hysterical dog: freeze
hysterical dog: how horses are stepping slowly
Hysterical Dog: I Hate the Light
hysterical dog: insomnia
hysterical dog: sky
hysterical dog: somnambuas at ATV
hysterical dog: that today something happened
hysterical dog: the orange line
Hysterical Dog: The Secret Garden
hysterical dog: to be hurt
I Want (2014)
Intermezzo for Violin (2012)
Irony, for three melodics, 2015
It is Summer (2013)
Last peaceful hours, for piano (2014)
Light Entrainments, for nine performers (2014)
Mazurka for piano. 2001
New Year
Onegin`s Letter to Tatiana
Oscar, Album of Piano Improvisations (2017)
Penultimate Song, for Five Instruments (2016)
Piano Sonata. 2002
Poem (2001) for Piano
Polka for piano (1995)
Pre-action, for Piano, Timer and Acoustic Environment (2016)
Pure Glass (Electronic Track) (2019)
Resentment, for piano (2013)
Return, for piano, electronic records and an ensemble of nine performers (2012)
Scherzo (2004) for piano
Seven Sonets for voice and piano, poems by I. Mishutin, 2014
Short Film for piano. 2001
Six Irreversibilities, The project Bluk (2013)
Songs of Migrants, for Two Voices (2013)
Spring, for the Melodica, Piano, Gguitar and Keyboard Synthesizer (2016)
Strawberry Sonata for Violin and Piano (2014)
Tact, for one performer (2013)
The project Bluk. Symphony of machines (2013)
The project Bluk. The Glass Bead Game (2014)
The Seasons (2013)
The Siege (2012)
The Sun, for two voices (2013)
The War, for viola solo. 2011
Two Songs for string-string instrument (2013)
Two Transcendental Etudes for clarinet and piano (2012)
Variations on a Theme of Corelli (2017)
Variations on the theme by Prokofiev for piano (2006)
Wild Sonatina for piano. 2000
`A little more air` (2008) for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello
`Album` for Piano, three parts (2009)
`And all over again the words are actually beautiful` (2009) for flute and oboe
`And the time is going` (2005) for piano
`Bagatelle` (2012), as part of Alexei Shmurak`s Bagatelles of Our Time (2012)
`But not the scream` (2009) for woodwind instrument
`Demonology` for 6 instruments (2013)
`Disease of Doll for voice, vio`Dolls desease` (2011) for voice, violin and synthesizerlin and synthesizer
`Dragon` (2007) for piano
`Erlkoenig` for six performers (2012)
`Eve` (2010) for piano and orchestra
`Fire` for accordion or button accordion (2013)
`Forest and forest` (2010) for the performer on the flute piccolo
`Golem` (2011) for 9 Instruments
`Hunger` (2011) for amateur woodwinds, voices, piano and strings
`I grew up like a father` treatment of Ukrainian folk songs
`I lost Evridika`, four lost dances for eleven instruments (2014)
`In the chasm of ouzel` (2009) for flute, violin, cello
`It was the elephant`(2013)
`Itis kiti` (2011) for performer
`Kyiv suite` (2002) for piano, in 6 parts
`Night `(2011) for clarinet and three synthesizers
`No fate` (2011) for five performers
`nobles et sentimentales` (2011) for piano
`Portugal` for oboe (2013)
`Quintuplet` (2003) for violin and piano, in 5 parts
`Road wait` (2010) for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, french horn, trumpet, piano, violin, cello and double bass
`Sehr angenehm` (2005, rev. 2007) for clarinet and piano
`Stars` (2010) for 4 cello and double bass
`Urban Legends` (2011) for voice and cello, in 4 parts
Book of stability (2007) for viola and piano, in 3 parts
Concertino (2003) for string orchestra, in 4 parts
Control (2010) for any keyboard instrument, woodwinds and strings
Dream of the day (2011) for tape
Figaro (2011) for piano and chamber orchestra, in 3 parts
Fix (2010) for piano, 2 woodwinds and 2 strings
Foam (2008) for piano
Fragility (2011) for 11 performers and soundtrack
Micro-passaglia (2010) for oboe and piano
Nurses tail (2010) for percussions
Peace on Earth (2011) for french horn, violin, cello and piano
Sonata (2002) for violin and piano, in 3 parts
Soundtrack (2009) for string quartet
Steps under the snow (2008) for flute, bass-clarinet, violin, viola, double bass
The things` neighbors (2009) for cello
Transcription (2009) for flute, oboe, violin, cello and piano, based on Chopin`s 2nd Prelude
Tunnel (2008) for oboe, violin, viola and piano
TV (2011) for synthesizer, winds, strings and soundtrack