Jean Sibelius

JEAN SIBELIUS (1865–1957)
Ten Bagatelles for Piano op. 34
Ten Piano Pieces Pensées Lyriques op. 40
10 Piano Pieces op. 24
Ten Pieces for Piano op. 58
Thirteen Pieces for Piano (1914) op. 76
Two rondinos for piano op. 68
Two male chorus a cappella op.108
Two Songs to the words by Shnibergson JS224
Two songs accompanied by guitar or piano for Shakespeare`s The Twelfth Night (1909) op. 60
Two Pieces for Violin and Piano op. 2
2 Serenades for Violin and Orchestra op. 69
Two Serious Melodies for violin or cello and orchestra op. 77
2 humoresque for violin and orchestra op. 87
Three Songs for American Schools (1913) JS199
3 songs for male choir a cappella op. 31
Three sonatinas for piano op. 67
4 Lyric Piano Pieces op. 74
4 pieces for violin (or cello) and piano op. 78
Four Pieces for Violin and Piano (1929) op.115
Four humoresques for violin and orchestra op. 89
Cinq danses champêtres (Five country dances) for violin and piano (1924) op.106
Five male chorus a cappella op. 84
5 songs for voice and piano op. 38
5 songs for voice and piano op. 37
5 Pieces for Violin and Piano op. 81
5 Piano Pieces op. 85
5 pieces for piano op. 75
5 Christmas songs for voice and piano op. 1
5 romantic pieces for piano op.101
5 characteristic impressions for piano op.103
Five sketches for piano op.114
Six Bagatelles for Piano op. 97
Six Treatments of Finnish folk songs JS 8
6 songs for voice and piano op. 36
6 songs for voice and piano op. 50
6 songs for voice and piano op. 72
6 songs for voice and piano op. 86
Six Songs for Voice and Piano op. 88
6 songs for voice and piano to words by Runeberg op. 90
Six songs for male choir op. 18
Six Piano Pieces op. 94
6 Impromptus for Piano op. 5
7 songs to words by Runeberg (1891/92) op. 13
7 songs to words by Runeberg, Tavaststjerna and others (1891-1904) op. 17
Eight Small Pieces for Piano op. 99
8 songs for voice and piano op. 61
8 songs for voice and piano to words by Ernst Josephson op. 57
9 Songs for Mixed Choir (1897?) op. 23
Allegretto in B flat minor (1888) JS 18
Andantino for piano (1919) JS201
Andantino in B major (1888) JS 44
Cantata for the University Graduation Ceremonies of 1897 JS105
Con passione, for piano (1919) JS 53
In memoriam, for orchestra (1910) op. 59
Largo in A major for piano (1888) JS117
Odlan (The Lizard), for solo violin and string ensemble, 1909 op. 8 op. 8
Allegro for violin and piano in D-dur JS 27
Andante-Allegro for Piano Quintet JS 31
Andante Cantabile for Violin and Piano in G major JS 33
Andante Cantabile in E major arrangement for harmonium and piano JS 30b
Andante Festivo for string quartet JS 34b
Andante Grazioso for violin and piano in D-dur, JS 35 JS 35
`Carminalia` (1898): ) version a cappella JS 51c
`Carminalia` (1898): b) version with harmonium JS 51c
`Carminalia` (1898): c) version with piano JS 51c
Suite `Florestan` for piano (1889) JS 82
Moderato - Allegro Appassionato cis-moll JS131
White as a Swan, the music to the drama of August Strindberg op. 54
`Storm`, the music for the drama of Shakespeare op.109
The Watersprite 2 songs with piano trio or Gunnar Wennerberg`s `Näcken` JS138
Everyman, Incidental Music for play Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1916) op. 83
Karelia music op. 11
Music for the play by Adolf Paul `King Christian II` (1898) op. 27
Kullervo, Symphony for soprano, baritone, male choir and orchestra (1892) op. 7
Kyllikki, three lyrical pieces for piano op. 41
`Lemminkäis-Sarja` four symphonic legends of epic Kalevala (1893-95, 1897, 1939) op. 22
`Islossningen i Uleå älv` (`The Breaking of the Ice on Oulu River`) Improvisation for a Narrator, Male Choir and Orchestra (compl. 1899) op. 30
Svartsjukans nätter JS125
O, om du sett (Oh, If You Had Seen) JS141
Ett ensamt skidspår (A lonely Ski-Trail) JS 77a
Pelléas et Mélisande JS147
Belshazzars Feast, complete incidental music (1906) JS 48
Belshazzar`s Feast, suite for orchestra (or piano) (1907) op. 51
`La Pompeuse Marche d`Asis` for piano trio JS116
Tulen synty (The Origin of Fire) for baritone, male choir and orchestra op. 32
Kuolema, incidental music to Arvid Järnefelt`s play (1903) JS113
Death, music to Arvid Järnefelt`s play op. 44
`Skolsång` (`School Song`, 1925) JS172
`Arioso` for voice and string orchestra to words by Runeberg op. 3
Scaramoushe, ballet (1913) op. 71
Scène de Ballet (1891) JS163
Valse triste op. 44/1
Duo Water Drops for violin and cello JS216
Duo `Malinconia` for cello and piano op. 20
Intrada for organ op.111a
Cantata (1911) JS107
Maan virsi op. 95
Cantata `Oma maa` op. 92
Sandels op. 28
Cantate `Snöfrid (Snefrid)` for narrator, mixed-voice choir and orchestra op. 29
Väinön virsi, for mixed choir and orchestra op.110
Vapautettu kuningatar (The Liberated Queen), ballad for mixed choir and orchestra op. 48
Cantata for the Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II (1896/1913) JS104
Death, canzonette op. 62a
Quartet for Violin, Cello, Piano & Harmonium in g-moll JS158
Violin Concerto in d-moll (1905) op. 47
Violin Concerto in D minor (first edition) op. 47
Valse lyrique (1921) op. 96a
Music for a Scene
Music for the Day of the press (1899)
Novelette for Violin and Piano op.102
Opera `Jungfrun i tornet` (`The Maiden in the Tower`, 1896) JS101
Song `Den 25 Oktober 1902` (`October 25th 1902`) - I version JS 60
Song `Den 25 Oktober 1902` (`October 25th 1902`) - II version JS 61
Song `Aamusumussa` (`In the Morning Mist`, 1898) JS 9a
Song `Ack hör du fröken Gyllenborg` (`Ah! Listen, Miss Gyllenborg`, 1888) JS 10
Song `Den höga himlen och den vida jorden` (`The Lofty Heavn`, 1927) JS 58a
Song `Drömmarna` (`Dreams`) JS 64
Song `Ej med klagan` JS 69
Song `Ensam i dunkla skogarnas famn` (`Alone in the Dark Forests Clasp`, 1888) JS 72
Song `Fridolins Dårskap` for men`s choir a cappella JS 84
Song `Heita, koski kuohuminen` JS 94
Song `Hur blekt är allt` (`So Faded Everything Is`, 1888) JS 96
Song `Hymn to Thais` for voice and piano JS 97
Hymn op. 21 2
Song `Isänmaalle` for mixed choir JS 98a
Song `Jääkärien marssi` (`The Jäger March`) for male choir and piano op. 91a
Song `Jone Havsfärd` for men`s choir a cappella JS100
Song `Kansakoululaisten marssi` (`March of the Primary School Children`, 1910) JS103
Song `Kotikaipaus` (`Homesickness`, 1902) JS111
Song `Koulutie` (`The Way to School`, 1924) JS112
Song `Kuutamolla` JS114
Song `Laulun mahti` JS118
Likhet JS121
Song `Min rastas raataa` (`Where the Thrush Toils`, c. 1898) JS129
Song `När sig våren åter föder` (`When Spring is Born Again`, 1888) JS139
Song `Narsissi` (`The Daffodil`) JS140
Song `On lapsonen syntynyt meille` (`A Child is Born Unto Us`, 1929) JS142
Song `Rakastava` (`The Lover`, 1893/1898) JS160c
Song `Siltavahti` JS170
Song `Soitapas sorea neito` (`Play Pretty Maiden`, 189394) JS176
Song `Souda, Souda, Sinisorsa` for voice and piano JS180
Song `Tanke, se hur fågeln svingar` (`Thought, See how the Bird Swoops`, 1888) JS191
Song `Tanken` for two sopranos and piano JS192
Song `Työkansan marssi` (`The March of the Labourers`, 1893) JS212
Song `Uusmaalaisten Laulu` (`The Song of the Men of Uusimaa`, 1912) JS214
Viipurin Lauluveikkojen kunniamarssi JS219
Viipurin Lauluveikkojen kunniamarssi JS220
Song `Kallion kirkon kellosävel` (`The Bells of Kallio Church`, 1912) op. 65b
Song `Män från slätten och havet` (`Men from Plain and Sea`) for mixed choir a cappella op. 65
Surusoitto (Funeral Music) for organ op.111b
Romance in C major for String Orchestra op. 42
Death, romantic waltz op. 62b
Rondo for Viola and Piano JS162
Valse chevaleresque (1921) op. 96
En Saga, a symphonic poem for orchestra op. 9
Barden (The Bard), symphonic poem for orchestra op. 64
Spring Song, Symphonic Poem (Vårsång) (1894) op. 16
Luonnotar, symphonic poem for soprano and orchestra op. 70
Pohjolan tytär (Pohjola`s Daughter), symphonic fantasy for orchestra (1906) op. 49
Dryaden (The Dryad), symphonic poem for orchestra op. 45 1
Forest Nymph, The Symphonic Poem op. 15
Öinen ratsastus and auringonnousu (Night Ride and Sunrise), Symphonic Poem op. 55
Aallottaret (The Oceanides), symphonic poem for orchestra (1914) op. 73
Tapiola, symphonic poem for orchestra (1926) op.112
Symphonic poem for orchestra `Finlandia` (1900) op. 26
Rakastava (The Lover) for string orchestra op. 14
Pelléas och Mélisande (Pelléas and Mélisande), suite for orchestra op. 46
Symphony No.1 in e-moll (1898-99) op. 39
Symphony No.2 in D-dur (1901-02) op. 43
Symphony No.3 in C-dur (1907) op. 52
Symphony No.4 in a-moll (1911) op. 63
Symphony No.5 in Es-dur (1914-15, 1916, 1919) op. 82
Symphony No.6 in d-moll (1923) op.104
Symphony No.7 in C-dur (1924) op.105
Symphony No.8, unfinished JS190
Scherzo in e-moll JS165
Sonata for violin and piano in a-moll (1884) JS177
Sonata for Violin and Piano in F major JS178
Piano Sonata in F-dur (1893) op. 12
Sonatina for Violin and Piano in E major (1915) op. 80
String Quartet `Voces intimae` (Sacred Voices) in D minor op. 56
String Quartet in A minor JS183
String Quartet in E-flat Major JS184
String Quartet in B flat major op. 4
Suite for orchestra Scènes historiques I op. 25
Scènes historiques II, suite for orchestra op. 66
Suite for Violin and String Orchestra op.117
Suite 1 from the music to the play `Burya` (1927)
Dance-Intermezzo op. 45 2
Pan och Echo (Pan and Echo) Dance Intermezzo for orchestra (1906) op. 53
Overture in a-moll (1902) JS144
Piano Trio `Korpo` in D major JS209
Piano Quartet `Ljunga Wirginia` for violin, cello & piano, 4 hands (1885)
Piano Quartet in c-moll JS156
Piano Quintet in g-moll JS159
Fragments of cycles & parts of compositions
Cortège (1904) JS 54
The Language of the Birds: Wedding March (1911) JS 62