Valentin Silvestrov

Valentin Silvestrov (Born 1937)
12 liturgical chants
4 Postludes for Piano & String Orchestra (2004)
Autumn Serenade (1980 ... 2000)
Bagatelle for piano (13 pieces)
Cantata for chorus a capella in the words of Taras Shevchenko (1977)
Cantata for soprano and orchestra on the words by Tyutchev and Blok (1973)
Classical Sonata for piano (1963, rev. 1974)
Concertino for Piano and Orchestra (2015)
Dedication J. S. B.
Dedication to A. Bazhenov, three pieces for violin and piano
Dedication to Franz Schubert, for piano
Dedication to Gidon Kremer, five pieces for violin and piano
Dedication to H. Mustonen, three pieces for violin and piano
Dedication, symphony for violin and orchestra (1990-91)
Diptych for chorus a capella (1995)
Diptych for voice and piano
Distant Music (1956 ... 1993)
Drama - Piano Trio in 3 parts (1970-71)
Elegy (1967)
Elegy and Pastoral (for A. Volkonsky in memory ...) for string orchestra and piano (in the depths of the orchestra) (2011)
Elegy for String Orchestra (2000-02)
Elegy, poem by V.Khlebnikov (2010)
Epitaph. Dedicated to Larisa Bondarenko (1999)
Exegi monumentum, symphony for baritone and orchestra on poems by Alexander Pushkin (1985-1987)
Farewell Serenade (Abschiedsserenade) for string orchestra (2003)
Five pieces for piano (1961)
For the birthday of Robert Schumann. for two cellos
Forest Music (1977-78) for soprano, horn and piano
Four Pieces Op. 2
Four Songs, poems by B. Pasternak and O. Sedakova (2012)
Hymn 2001
In memory of Mikhail Glinka for piano
Intermezzo for chamber orchestra (1993)
Intermezzo for piano (1956...2000)
July 28, 1750 ... In memory J.S.B. for solo cello
Lacrimosa for viola solo (2004)
Lullaby of Emilia-cat and a pianist (in the poems of Valentin Silvestrov)
Maidan-2014 for Choir a cappella
Meditation, symphony for cello and chamber orchestra (1972)
Melodies of moments, for violin and piano (Dedication Olga Reksrot)
Metamusica, symphony for piano and orchestra
Misterioso, for solo clarinet (with piano), 1996
Moments of Mozart, six pieces for violin, cello and piano
Moments of poetry and music for voice and piano
Monody for piano and orchestra (1965)
Mysteria, for alto flute and six percussions (1964)
Naive Music
Nocturne for Piano (1957...2000)
Nostalgia for piano
Ode To The Nightingale, for soprano and chamber orchestra on words by John Keats (1983)
Piano Quintet (1961)
Piano Sonata 1
Piano Sonata 2
Piano Sonata 3
Post Scriptum, Sonata for Violin and Piano (1990)
Postlude 1 DSCH - for soprano and piano trio (1981)
Postlude 2 for violin (1981/82)
Postlude 3 for cello and piano (1982)
Postlyudiya for piano and orchestra (1984)
Projections on the harpsichord, vibraphone and bells (1965)
Psalms and Prayers (2007)
Quartet-Piccolo (1961)
Quiet Ode, poem by S. Vakulenko (2009)
Quiet Songs, in the words of Russian and foreign poets (1974-77)
Requiem for Larissa
Serenade for Strings (1978)
Seven Songs, poems by A. Pushkin (2007)
Silent Music, for string orchestra (2002)
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1983)
Sonatina for Piano (1959)
Songs Without Words, for violin and piano
Soothe My Sorrows, Elegy. Poem by G. Guriev (2008)
Spectra, symphony for chamber orchestra
Spiritual songs
Steps, song cycle
String Quartet 1 (1974)
String Quartet 2 (1988)
String Quartet 3
Symphony 1 (1963, edit. 1974)
Symphony 2 for flute, percussion, piano and string orchestra (1965)
Symphony 3 for large symphony orchestra `Eschatophonia` (1965)
Symphony 4 for Winds and Strings (1976)
Symphony 5 (1980-82)
Symphony 6 (1994-95)
Symphony 7 (2002-03)
Symphony 8 (2013)
The Grey-Blue Shadows Have Moved
The last song of a Wayfarer (2002)
The Messenger ( Der Bote) for strings and piano (1996)
The Messenger for piano solo
Three Pieces for Piano
Three postludes for piano
Three Serenades for Voilin and Piano
Three Songs (on poems by Gennady Aigi)
Three Songs, poems by Akhmatova, Baltrushajtis, Blok (2007)
Three Songs, poems by B. Pasternak (2009)
Three Songs, poems by Blok, Mayakovsky and Ivashkevich (2003)
Three Songs, poems by Fet
Three Waltz
Triad, a series of three pieces for piano (1962)
Trio for flute, trumpet and celesta (1961)
Two Bagatelles Op. 173
Two Christmas Lullaby. 2006
Two dialogue with an afterword (2001-02)
Two Elegies for violin and piano (Dedication to E. Edelchuk)
Two Pieces for Piano
Two Pieces for Piano
Two Psalms of David
Two Songs, poems by A. Pushkin and B. C. (2003)
Two Songs, poems by Kharms and Mandelshtam (2006)
Two Songs, poems by Koltsov and Pushkin (2010)
Two Spiritual Songs (2010)
Verbal Music, two pieces for piano
Vespers Songs (2006)
Waltzes Op. 153
`Icon` for string quartet
`October 25, 1893` (In Memory of Tchaikovsky), for violin and piano
`The Ancient Music: Evening music` Four Pieces for Piano (1973)
`The Ancient Music: Contemplation` Two Pieces for Piano (1973)
`The Ancient Music: Dedication` Two Pieces for Piano (1973)
`The Ancient Music: Morning Music`, three pieces for piano (1973)