Josip Slavenski

Josip Slavenski (1896–1955)
6 folk tunes (1927): #4 `Autumn nights`
Ancient Greek dance for flute and piano
Balkan songs and dances, cycle of pieces for piano
Balkan Suite for Orchestra
Balkanophony, symphonic suite in seven parts, Op. 10 (1927)
Brass quintet
Chaos, for symphony orchestra and organ (1932)
Concert Suite `Pechalbari` for soloists, chorus and orchestra (by Anton Panov) (1936)
Concerto for violin and orchestra (1927)
Divine Twilight, for vocal and piano (E. Ruzmarin)
Eastern Symphony (Religiofoniya) 1934
Hero Tito, song of the Yugoslav partisans (1944)
Mass for male choir (c. 1919)
Music 36, for orchestra (1936)
Music 38, for chamber orchestra (1938)
Never, for choir (Z. Milkovich)
Nocturne for orchestra (1916-1920)
Piano Sonata, Op. 4
Religious Sonata (Sonata religiosa) for violin and organ (1919-25)
Serbia, suite for piano (1925)
Slavonic Sonata for violin and piano, op. 5 (1924)
String Quartet No. 1, op. 3 (1923)
String Quartet No. 2, op. 11 (1928)
String Quartet No. 3 (1936)
Suite for string orchestra (1927)
Symphonic Epic (1945)
Two Dances for Piano (1945)
Vocal cycle `Songs of my mother` (1940)
Youth, Four Songs for String Orchestra (1921-1925)
Yugoslavian song and dance
Yugoslavian suite for orchestra op. 2 (1921)
`From the Balkans`, a cycle of pieces for piano (orchestra) (1910-17)
`From the village`, quintet op. 6 (1925)
`From Yugoslavia`, cycle of pieces for piano (1916-23)
`Stars`, for vocal, violin and piano (harp) (Y. Rutsman)
`The Birdie Says He Wants to Get Married`, for choir and piano (1924)
`Water flows from a stone (Voda Zvira iz Kanena)`, for chorus (1921)